By White-tailed Swift


After eighteen years of living under my parents' constant care, it is finally time for me to move out of my house.

Excuse me, my parents' house, now.

It was no surprise to my parents when I announced that I would be moving out- actually, they were expecting it. I was going to a college about a two hour drive away, and of course they didn't expect me to drive all the way there and back. So, during dinner one night I brought up the costs of an apartment over our meatloaf meal.

"They can get pretty expensive," my mother worried, and she shook her head a little at the word "cost". My mom saved all the money she found, from pennies to twenty dollar bills, and stuffing it into my savings account when she had the chance. It didn't help the idea of spending it.

"Don't worry, honey. We can look up cheap ones, maybe rent one out instead of buy one," my dad chided in. He looked reassuringly at me with the same hazel eyes that I had, except his crinkled when he smiled.

Of course, I nodded. Anything at this point would be better than wasting hundreds of dollars that I didn't have on gas money. I'd even sleep on the floor of a livingroom if I had to, as long as I had a place to stay that was close enough to the arts school that I was enrolled to.

"Mom, it's not that big of a deal," I got up from my kitchen chair and crossed the dining room to get the newspaper on the nearby counter. "Look, if it makes it easier I can just apply to one of these wanted advertisements."

I dropped the newpaper in front of my dad- the one in charge of this house- and he skimmed it over thoroughly while we finished eating dinner. My mom, with her golden hair flying away from her ponytail as she pulled it out with worry, kept looking up at me and smiling. I could see in her eyes that she would prefer if I stayed home; not just because of the costs, but because if I left, she'd miss me very much.

"Here," my dad stabbed a spot on the paper with his pointer finger, "'Cherry is looking for a roommate. Age eighteen to twenty-four preferred. Must be going to Magnolia Arts Academy. The apartment is three hundred square feet; two bedroom, one bathroom. Rent would cost five hundred a month.' It's perfect for Hazel, right Julia?" He looked at my mom when he said the last part, but she frowned, looking desperately confused.

"I don't know," she glanced at me, "Cherry sounds like a stripper name. She might not be the acceptable roommate for our little girl here."

"Mom!" I scoffed, and my dad just started laughing, breaking the unnoticable tension.

"Honey," he chuckled, "I doubt very much that she's a stripper." But he was still laughing, and my mom had gone from confused to not amused.

"Fine then, George, if you think it's a joke, then it's a joke!" She turned to me and scowled, "What about you? Do you think it's funny?"

"No," I said, "but I don't really mind either way. The rent seems reasonable." The rent was all that I cared about in the first place. Whoever Cherry was, I hoped that we'd become great friends, stripper or not.

"Fine. You can call up and apply for the position. But, I'm warning you," she said, "that once you step out of this house, you are a responsible adult. And once you become a responsible adult, we won't be there to pull you out of your messes. If Cherry turns out to be a wacko and you want to move out, you find your own place. If you want to move back here, you'll be paying your own rent. Right, George?"

My dad was in no condition to reply, since he was still cracking up. She looked at me, the change from doubtful to doubtless shrouding her features into the queen of the house, and all I could do was nod.

"Good," she got up from the dinner table with her plate and started heading towards the kitchen, smacking the side of my dad's head on her way out.

"You heard your mother," my dad smiled when he was done chuckling, and he followed her out of the room.

So that is what happened. After that fateful conversation, I picked up my cellphone and dialed the number on the advertisement. When Cherry replied- a high, musical girl's voice, my spirits lifted. Cherry seemed absolutely fine. She wasn't a stripper, or a wacko, or any other type of person that I should be worried about. At the end of the conversation, I was her new roommate.

This wasn't going to be too bad, I thought to myself.

It was about a week later that I realised that I was wrong.

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White-tailed Swift