Most of my problems
come from my past.
Problems I'm sure
will always last.

In a car accident,
I hit my head.
Later that night,
I was pronounced dead.

But I was spared,
I'm alive.
I've been give many chances
to try to survive.

Once I was stupid.
I got too high.
So high, in fact,
that I did die.

I was pronounced dead,
but, again, I was spared.
It was sad, really.
Back from the dead, no one cared.

I had a brain tumor,
and no chance to live.
But, apparently,
live has more chances to give.

On the operating table,
they gave up on me.
I still had a chance,
and that they could see.

I came back many times,
and I also bled out.
This is what life
is all about.

Life gives you chances,
chances you need to take.
This is where I made
my fatal mistake.

I've been given so many chances,
and I've thrown them all away.
I've been pronounced dead three times,
and yet I still live this way.

I still cut, I still drink,
and yes, I still get high.
Sometimes I go too far,
and I almost die.

I hope someday I'll finally see
all that life has to give.
I hope that I'll finally have
the desire to live.

I know that I'm missing out
on this thing called life.
But how can I live
filled with so much strife?

It isn't easy
to think of my past.
All of those memories
will always last.

I've been given so many chances,
but they've all gone to waste.
I think these chances
have been misplaced.

They should have been given
to someone who had a desire to live.
Someone with cancer, or
someone who wanted to find all life had to give.

But they were give to me,
and it makes me cry.
I sit here and screw up
as my life passes me by.

I should have cared,
I should have tried.
I should have noticed that
the first time I died.

Three deaths gone,
and I'm still this way.
I don't think she's got another chance,
I hear people say.

I've wasted them all,
because I didn't care.
Having wasted all these chances
isn't fair.