Roger had regarded his cat, Frankie, to be his best friend, so much so in fact that when the cat died he cremated the body and retained the ashes, stipulating that they be put into his coffin upon his own demise. In accordance with his will this was done following his death, and as his own mortal remains deteriorated over several centuries his dust mingled with that of his cat, together forever as he had wished for them to be.

Well, in the distant future who should happen to be passing along but the Creator, who discerned the dust of the human and the feline, and was strangely touched by their union! Desiring to bring about a new heaven and a new earth at that time, the Deity found inspiration in the mingled remains, and decided to take action.

"Behold, I make all things new!," declared the Creator. "Not all new things, but all things new!- - Ain't I a stinker?," he added, pleased with his own cleverness. Being omnipotent can get to be a drag at times, and you need to always find new ways to keep busy.

And so in the twinkling of an eye, the ashes of the long dead feline and the dust of the equally deceased human came together in a way that nature never intended, but should have. From this swirling union of dust infused with divine energy arose an anthropomorphic feline, flexing his supple spine and focusing his slitted eyes upon the new Earth that the Deity had thoughfully created. Roger's reconstituted body was at once both new yet familiar, and even the new elements were somehow known to him, and very much loved! Roger regarded his paws, and involuntarily a purr came from deep within his being. It was his cat, Frankie, now literally a part of him and he of the cat; he was truly his own best friend! Roger hugged himself, embracing both his feline essence and the unique individuality of his beloved cat. The purring increased as the Roger-Frankie fusion realized that they had finally been made whole.

"Nice work, Dad!," said the Cat-Man to the Creator, beginning to groom himself.

"Well, I am God, after all!- -Would you have expected anything less?-Just don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me!," counseled the Deity to his creation, wagging an admonishing finger.

"Now why didn't I think of this before?," mused the Prime Mover to the receptive audience of His Son and Spirit; being a Trinity means never having to say you're alone.

"World without end!," said the Cat-Man wonderously to the awaiting new universe which glowed before him. With remarkable agility and grace he leaped forth into it, feeling frisky and eager to play...

"Hey!- -What about my birthday?," asked the Son of His Father. "And do I get sent into [i]this[/i] world?," he inquired. "I wanna be an anthropomorphic being, too!"

"Patience, patience!," answered the Deity with a dismissive wave of His hand. These kids demanded the patience of a saint! Fortunately when you're a deity, you have plenty of everything, as well as all the time in the world to deploy them...