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Chapter One: A New Beginning


Off in the distance you can see the formation of a mushroom. The mushroom of an atomic bomb. In the years past, the Nuclear War had started. That small thread of war was finally ignited. Horsham, England, where I used to live, has been destroyed. It's now the Asian Territory of Rein of the Dragon Weapon. No one actually knows what the dragon weapon is, but it's probably General Ui's nuclear reactor, a machine that could disable our bombs before they hit the ground.

"Fire a missile Sergeant!" I hear the voice of the General ringing above all others. "Stop staring! Fire!"

I load the missile and aim at a war center.

"Not that one, Seargant! That one!" He says pointing to the building on the screen. "That one's filled to the rim with bombs!" I'm stunned.

"You want us to be kamakaze?" I say nervously.

"You'd die for Britain, yes?" I nod, not meaning it. I wasn't sure I wanted to blow up the entire Russian Territory... I put in a timer unit password and aimed for the building. Twenty minutes. Enough time on a nuclear jet to get to Britain, now an island two hundred kilometers into sea.

"We have time to escape!" I yell over another bomb. The General's face is hardened-stern.

"That would be abandoning us!" he shouts. "Stay here Sergeant Aaron!"

I shake my head in disgust. I grab the lieutinet by the arm yank her on the ship. Maria Sangers, the lieutinet, is one of my good friends, since primary school.

"We can escape!" I yell. I set the jet to England, and a destiation map appears. We begin to fly. Maria doesn't really have a choice now.

"But they would kill us for abandonement, wouldn't they?" Maria says quietly.

"Not if we escape! Plus the General is a moron. All he follows are the rules, even if he'll get himself killed." I say. It's true. General Isaac has the brain equivalent of a doornail. Maria, a former Romanian army captain, had joined the British Army after the Romanian killed her family. It's every country for themselves.

There are so many secret weapons I can barely count them. The British are allies with Belguim, Germany, and Ukraine. The weapon we were after is the American's Secret Weapon. It is the most powerful. Or so they say.

"If we flee to England..." Maria wonders.

"No." I say having figured out what she's thinking. "They won't kill us. I programmed the jet to land in Horsham. The area around it for miles is barren. No one will see us."

"But where will we escape to after? We can't stay forever." I point to a map.

"We have enough fuel to make it to the outer area of Russia. It will be abandoned and bare by then.

I can tell Maria doesn't like my idea but she doesn't have a choice. Russia is only twenty square miles of land, right in the middle of the ocean, so everyone will be dead. We are almost in Horsham, just an inch, twenty miles away. In a split second, it feels like, we land on the bumpy, black land. The jet halts ricketedly.

"Can we go out?" Maria asks. I nod. She walks out and I follow her. I touch my fingers to the ground. It's silky soft like silt, but it smells like ash. There are bits of charcoal strewn across the landscape, buried in the ashen dirt. It stains my fingers. Someone comes out from behind a pole.

"You Aaron Garner and Maria Sangers are executed for-" he says holding up a gun, but he's too late. My bullet enters his chest and the gun falls.

"Grab the gun." I say to Maria. "We need to get moving."

The jet has just landed in Russia. Or what used to be Russia. We waited a night for the fire and air to cool down, because otherwise the radiation would kill us. The Russian atmosphere is hot and smells like fire. There is a small ember in the landscape, so we put a few rocks around it. The raw meat from the jet is cooking over it.

It is six o'clock in the evening when we saw him.

He emerged from a small crevice in a rock.

"Тень ребенка!" He says to us. He sits by the fire and shouts it until we go inside.

"Тень ребенка! Тень ребенка! Тень ребенка!"

He is some kind of Russian. We know that. By morning he's shouting someting else.

"Подождите, пока тень игр."

He keeps yelling. We walk outside and listen to him yak. We offer him a protein bar and he takes it saying,

"Спасибо." I'm guessing that's thank you.

He begins to tell a story. Maria knows some Russian, so she translates.

"Last night he said, 'Shadow Child' to you so, you must be a 'Shadow child'. He also said something about 'Shadow Games'."

"Много лет назад, был бог."

"There was a god a long time ago..."

"Мужчина убил его. Его дочь Ubora, было страшно с ума и убил этого человека. Больше мужчин прятались в тени, боится этой девушки. Она убила многих людей. Она хочет убить Тень детей. Она хочет тебя убить."

"Something about an angry woman wanting to kill Shadow Children and you too..."

"Well that's nice!" I spit at the man.

"Maybe he's not crazy." Maria says.

"Ha. Ha." I retort at Maria. Until there's a gunshot. Right through the man.

First chapter! I'm too lazy to translate, I'm not Russian at all I used Google Translate so, copy and paste onto Google Translate to figure out what the crap this guy is saying. Plus I know it takes longer than a day for the radiation to clear up, but it's a fricken story...


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