I don't have much to say.

Aaron Garner, age 77. Ender of the Great Nuclear War.

I used to be somewhat famous. Maria passed a few years back. Hilksher's still in that confinement, trying to resolve his heartdeep problems. And I'm covered in the coats of new singers and such. I'm here, rocking in an armchair, thinking of what to do next. Not much happens now, tucked away under a blanket of thoughts. I pick up a leater bound book, with a hardy leather cover and take an carving knife. The Shadow Games-I stencil on the cover. I open the book and thumb the pages of the book.

"Hardy enough." I whisper. I pen in my best handwriting, by Aaron Garner.

Will you believe me, if I tell you the end of all wars?

Well even if you don't, here is the story of Aaron Garner, War Ender, and his partner Maria Sangers...