Lucius and I

As the small streams of maroon dirt that clung to the sides of the two-way road rolled on, I quietly leaned back in the matte seat and hummed along with the pleasant tune on the radio. The streams of maroon dirt were accompanied on their sides by massive oceans and seas of mellow green grass and newly sprung up plant-life, contrasting decisively against the cloudless royal blue sky. The scent of fresh grass and the country swung through the open windows of the Camaro, robbing the Camaro of it's natural "manly" scent and replacing it with the smell of springing nature. Though a hint of masculinity still remained as the sound of the pounding heart of the Camaro gruffed on steadily as the main soundtrack of the drive as Lucius and I opted for the natural background music of country birds chirping and cicadas hopping about as we sped along our way.

"So, for the fifth time; why are we going to Breston?" a smooth and deep voice questioned me

"Because I want to." I responded with a small amount of attitude "Besides. It's Friday! Can't we relax a little?" I said with an innocent wink

"Well if you say so, but then why won't you tell me why you brought some big container wrapped up in a blanket? It makes me think we're transporting something "slightly" illegal"

"Oh don't worry about it! Just keep going for a bit longer!" I stuck my tongue out at him, seeing him look over to me to return the preschool gesture

It was Friday- the day where... Well... I'm actually not too sure what's going to happen today. It was already about three o'clock and we have been driving for quite awhile. I had to just about rush Lucius out of school- pushing him through crowds of people to the car because I was just so excited to start our date- of course, he knew nothing of it! Easily, you can tell he knows something is up with this "Because I want to" trip to Breston, but I don't think he's pieced together the whole puzzle yet, so for once, I will have the element of surprise. Which, to surprise Lucius, is saying quite a bit. He seems to have his brain working 24/7 just to decrypt these hidden puzzles that are everyone's social situations... He's yet to be tricked. Looks like I'll be the first to do that!

"Atleast tell me how much longer I'll have to keep my foot on the gas pedal... At the exact same position... Seriously, it's been this way for twenty minutes now, my foots falling asleep." a certain agitated someone whined to me


I flicked my head to and fro to look around at the scenery. We seemed to be landed in one of the hilly parts of Breston; and while it's majorly a farming town, it still had it's fair share of elevated peaks.

Though in this certain part patch of land that surrounded us, the maroon dirt that I grew accustomed to seeing as a constant companion to the road our car travelled on was missing, replaced by the most joyful shade of green the eye has ever seen; and it has not only replaced the streams of dirt, but also the oceans of grass. Before, there was certainly fresh grass, but now there is even fresher grass- newborns, just poking their heads out of the ground alongside their parents, shrouded overhead by the great oak trees that shared the same shade of green as the grass for their leaves. These large oak trees, easily a handful of men high in height, towered over the area, giving a sense of secludedness as the trees seemed to completely invade the land, giving the eye many distractions for anyone hoping to see a pair of individuals. To compliment this sense of privateness was also an air of... Seemingly nothing. There was absolutely no air pollution; nothing more than the odd disturbed tree as the gentle breeze washed up against the leaves, nestling it against the surrounding air to produce sound. The scene was simply perfect; not too hilly as to cause any slipping accidents, but not so flat that anyone could see us from miles away with the right pair of binoculars. This was simply; a nice, private slice of earth for just Lucius and I.

"Here. Let's stop here." my breath seemed to be taken away as I looked around at the surrounding landscape, making my words short and to the point

Just as I commanded, the Camaro slowly stopped accelerating and then entered a state of deceleration; trailing off the road at a slight angle. When the tires met the green natural carpet of our private slice of earth, they interacted in harmony. The car seemed to keep perfectly predictable handling, despite being on not exactly the surest and most stable material on earth. Nevertheless, the Camaro rolled on away from the road and up a hill that had a slight incline. The top of the hill probably had an altitude of no more than twenty or so metres, but oddly enough, it was more than adequate to give us a very nice few of the surrounding area, and we even had a few trees up here to call our own for awhile.

I looked over to see Lucius look at me with a curious face, trying to piece together what he was to do next. It seems he had not exactly figured out what I had scheming up in my head... He would find out very soon.

"C'mon Lucie, let's go!" I pushed open my door of the Camaro with a steady motion and climbed out of the car, reaching my arms out as if to take in the sight that was to be the setting of our first official "date"... Which Lucius doesn't even know about.

Promptly after I climbed out, I heard my- errr... Lucius walk around the front of the car to stand beside me; he too was impressed by the locale.

"Well..." he said with a gentle sigh "This is definitely what you'd call relaxing for a Friday afternoon. I never would've thought of Breston a good place to relax. Well look at that, learn a new thing everyday." he said with a goofy smile "Now c'mon, let's go get that "seemingly slightly illegal" thing out of the trunk" he stepped infront of me to walk to the trunk of the car

"It's not illegal at all! Just because I wanna keep it a surprise doesn't mean I didn't commit a crime! Oh hey, that rhymes! Surprise, crime?"

"No. No it did not." he said with a playfully serious tone, lifting up the trunk of the Camaro to reach in and pull out the large bundle of cloth that was the combination of a blanket that held a picnic basket filled with food that I prepared in the morning. Albeit, I had to get up early to prepare all the food, and it probably isnt as good as what Lucius usually makes me- and really... It probably would even be much better if I got help preparing it from Anne or my mom, but I still worked very hard preparing the food... Even if the food was really not that much and not that fancy. I was thinking that maybe a more simple palette to choose from for lunch would suit the occasion more, besides, the focus isn't on what we're eating. It's us. So I settled for just making some sandwiches; white italian bread, cut tomatoes, honey mustard ham and turkey, fresh lettuce and sliced pickles were the ingredients. Along with just some bottled water, and of course, lots of raw snack foods like swiss cheeses, extra cold cuts, and fruits.

Lucius handed me the bundle, again, with a curious face "So... What's in here? Are we importing some kind of illegal animal or something? Introducing some rare Asian snapping turtle to North America?"

"Yes, we're gonna release a snapping turtle in the middle of a farmland!" I said, snapping my hands up to the sky in exclamation

"Oh! Brilliant! The snapping turtle will do so well in this new environment- but seriously, what's in that thing?" he pointed to the bundle of blanket in my arm.

I kneeled down to the ground, placing the bundle on the grass. I unfolded the black and white blanket that was wrapped around the picnic basket and sprawled it out over the space to give us a comfortable place to sit.

"So it was your plan all along to get me drive you to the middle of a farmtown to let you have a picnic?" he joined me on the blanket and sat down next to me

"Sort of..." I thought about telling him what the whole aim of the "outing" was, but I felt like I could hold onto the secret just awhile longer- just to see if he'd catch onto what I was trying to do on his own without my help. He probably would. Lucius is a sharp guy; part of the reason I like him so much.

"Sort of, eh? Well if this is a picnic, hopefully you made some food, so let's get eating please, I'm starved!"

I reached into the picnic basket that sat on the blanket with me to my left and pulled out a homemade sandwich and handed it to Lucius- who reluctantly took it.

"What's wrong?" I asked, wondering why he didnt just take it immediately

"I'm having a hard tme accepting that you made this."

"Whys that?"

"I meant, having a hard time accepting that you made this without slicing your finger off or something" he turned to me with a wink and playfully poked my finger in a teasing way.

He poked my fingers? Maybe he is catching on. Just maybe.

"Oh shush" I could feel my face redden up slightly "Just eat it, will ya!"

"Alright alright, take it easy" he winked at me again, this time, doing as I say and actually taking a bite of the sandwich, to which, his face lit up in surprise. He must have actually been impressed by the sandwiches! That's great! There was no way I was gonna wake up two hours earlier than usual for a flat reaction! I know Lucius isnt the most expressive person to when he's impressed, so even if he accidentally lets a little surprise slip onto his face, it means a lot.

I decided to try a sandwich for myself; reaching into the basket to pull out a sandwich of my own. I took a bite to see exactly what Lucis was surprised about-! It actually didnt taste half bad at all! The ingredients were really quite simple, and even if they were transported over here by an unruly, grumbling V8, the contents seemed to have kept themselves in order and preserved well- keeping the taste as good as it's supposed to be! Which was dang good!

Lucius and I continued to eat for a little awhile longer. In silence. Sortof. This time around, the silence was not a veil of awkwardness that divided us. This hangout wasn't about how I found out the secret he's been hiding for years; that's he's loved me all along. This hangout was more about just letting go and relaxing. Relaxing with your best friend atop the hilltop of seemingly the most desolate, yet charming place in the Northern Hemisphere; and while that was far from the truth, it may as well be the truth. It seemed that, as long as I am happy and with Lucius, every place seemed to be just a like home. Comfortable, relaxing, and happy. Which is how Lucius likes to make me feel- atleast, when he's not teasing me. This relaxed atmosphere made it the perfect oppurtunity to strike.

I let my body drift over to Lucius' direction, where his shoulder and the side of my head met. I nuzzled my head against his shoulder a few times, to make him acknowledge what I was trying to do; and instead of just getting a cute smile, I got a full reaction. Lucius popped the last bite of his sandwich into his mouth and leaned back, making my head fall onto his lap. He grabbed underneath my arms and pulled me up towards him so that I comfortably lay in between his legs, in his arms, with my legs swung over his thigh.

"You know Celly, you're not the best at hiding things" he said, looking down to me from above with a warm, familiar smile.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I confess that I've loved you for years and you suddenly bring me to have a private picnic with you in a scenic and moreso romantic place such as this? Seems a little easy to guess, doesn't it?" he continued to look at me with his warm smile

"Err-..." so maybe this wasnt going to be the first time that Lucius was caught off guard. I'm sure the second he figured out that this was a picnic, he figured out everything, and frankly, at this point, the jig is up. I just plain want to be with Lucius. I've tried surprising him and it didnt work, so now I just want to be with him.

I swung my arms up to land my hands on either side of Lucius' neck. He reciprocated by putting one of his arms underneath my knees and one holding my upper back to hold me. It felt safe; like he could carry me anywhere. It was a nice feeling; soothing and simplistic.

"Can we... Just relax?" I asked, looking up to him, his face looking much better in my opinion with the addition of my arms around his neck

"You've been mentioning that word a lot lately, so sure." he leaned back and took me with him; he lay with his back onto the blanket and I was forced to extend my legs out so he could reposition me over him. I lay ontop of him as we lay face-to-face.

It was time, to relax.

I closed my eyes and turned my head so my ear lay comfortably in the middle of his chest. I could hear each one of his heartbeats pronounce itself as they grew more steady and familiar to their own rhythm. The cloth of his shirt was espiecally soft and it acted as a insulator to my comfort. Then, suddenly, I felt his arms grasp around my body, engtangling me in their grasp, pulling me close with no forewarned intentions of letting go... Part of me wished he would hold onto me forever and just never let me go... Scratch that, it wasn't part of me that wanted that, it was all of me. I want to be in Lucius' arms forever. I don't want any other guy's arms around me. There's one single guy in my life who knows me better than any other and has been there for me, and that's Lucius. "If there's one guy I know who I belong to, it's him. I shouldve seen the signs that he liked me earlier to be honest. It was my fault that this hadn't happened sooner. Though it's better to have it late rather than never. Besides, I'm sure one day, we'll be together. Officially."


"Ah!-" I was caught off guard in my thoughts "Yes?" I answered

"You're speaking your thoughts again."

"I'm... what?" Don't tell me that he just heard that I want us to be official... Oh please don't let that be it. That would be so embarassing and clumsy! Maybe I'm going about his too fast? Though I guess it's kind of too late to be making any sort of excuse now since the words are already out... Thought it just seems so embarassing. It's been awhile since I've accidentally spoken my thoughts, and now was such a bad time for that bad habit to suddenly pop up again!

I felt Lucius' hands shift from wrapping me up and pulling my close to have his hands on my sides, pulling me off of him to put me on his side so that we were side-by-side, facing eachother.

I felt like the air in my lungs was slowly leaking out of my body. I would hate for him to say something along the lines of "I know I love you, but this is just too soon" or something like that, but it almost seemed like he was setting everything up to say something exactly like that! Oh I really wish I didnt have that bad habit... I was not expecting things to turn out like this at all... Though in all reality, if I didn't say it by accident, I might've gotten too scared to say it consciously and then he would've never really known exactly how I felt-

"Celeste, will you be mine?"

The voice... His voice. It echoed out to me. It seemed like all sounds of the outside world had been locked away. No wind, no rustling of the branches, and no bugs. No scents of the spring and fresh grass. No visual distractions could deter even a single sliver of my attention away from what I had just heard. What I had just heard could seemingly be the question that changes the course of my life. It could send me into Lucius' arms forever, until I die. It could send me away from him, crushing him and... really... Not giving me what I want. Because in my heart I truly know that the guy for me has always been there and always will be there for me- so I should just go ahead and agree to be his. Agree to be his girlfriend, and to be the best girlfriend for him any guy could possibly wish for. It would be hard for me, but I'd do my best because he'd deserve it. Lucius has always taken care of me, always cheered me up and has always been a constant companion to me. Almost everything thinks we're dating already because of it- so I might as well just go and make it official. That is to say, I'm not doing it because of what other people think, but it's just to show how far the idea of Lucius and I being a couple has permeated. It's permeated the environment around us, but most of all, it's permeated me. I am as good as his. So:

"Yes. Will you be mine?" I tensely let out

With no more delay than a fraction of a blink of an eye, he responded decisively:

"I always was, and will continue to be." he said to me.

The feeling.

The feeling I felt at that moment. At this moment. In this split second in time. I wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever. Because this feeling would be more than enough to keep me happy for the rest of my entire life. No matter what hardships I will possibly go through, this feeling is such a potent mix of pure euphoria and happiness that a single whiff of it would set my world back to being positive. Unfortunately, that's not exaclty possible, but I have something even better than a bottle filled with a fiction-like feeling.

I have Lucius Cobalt. My best friend. My now, boyfriend. Mine. Just simply, mine. He is and always has been the difference between being sad and mopey and joyful and cheerful no matter what's happened in my life. I know that as long as I have him, everything will be okay.

As he always says whenever things arent going perfectly fine: Everything will be okay. And they turn out to be exactly as he says they will be.

Lucius is just simply... Mine-

"C'mere." he spoke softly to me; his face no more than a foot away from mine

His arms found themselves around me once again, though this time he was pulling me slowly and intently towards him. Slowly- until...

Until, a familiar feeling washed over me. My eyes closed and I felt as though I was not in control of my body any longer. As if my entire sense of life was removed from my body- only temporarily. Like a pleasantly warm shower that rained over me, I felt a calming sensation as I felt my boyfriend, the person who took gave me my first kiss many years ago, give me something I've been subconsciously craving for years.

A kiss.

Though not just any kiss. His were always... special. They were always simple in their own complex ways. Even this first one from him that I havent had in years. He gave me nothing more than just a joining of our lips and a lock... Though, it had a tinge of it's own personality to it. Almost like he was teasing me to want more than just a simple kiss... And yet, just as it came, it was gone. Unexpected, and satisfying... And yet I still craved for more. Though of course, he wouldn't give me it.

"It's been far too long since our last one of those, eh?" he said to me with eyes that spoke to me in a way that made me feel cherished yet also protected

"Yes... Far too long. I... I missed that first kiss... That time awhile ago."

"I know what you mean." he rested one of his hands on the side of my waist that was not pushed into the carpet, and used the other hand to gently stroke my hair in a relaxed motion "Though now we don't have to miss anything. I'm here, and all yours." he smiled to me, which gave me that euphoric feeling I had not too long ago again.

"Definitely... Definitely."

This feeling... Again. It all just seems so unreal. It almost seems like the second that I became Lucius' a huge weight lifted off my shoulder. It almost feels like I no longer have to be alone in this world. Truthfully, I was nowhere near alone before, but now it just feels anchored. It feels established, like he's not going anywhere, and plainly, I have no reason to believe that he is going to be going anywhere any time soon. It feels like I can take on anything as long as I have Lucius by my side, and in a way, I as always able to take on anything as he always was on my side.

Though again, now it feels anchored. Now it's established. Now it's official.

And what I'm feeling now is what I'd love to feel forever. There is nothing more I'd want more than to be able to wake up everyday and be able to call an amazing guy such as Lucius my own, and to be able to face the world with him. Luckily enough, that's exactly what I'm going to be waking up to every day.

"I think this is going to be quite the adventure for us. Just you and I. This is going to be fun." he seemed to be talking to me in a slightly different tone than when he usually talked to me.

Understandable since, as far as I am aware.

He had just got the girl he's been in love with for years to be his girlfriend. I'd be excited too for something so amazing- and the thing is. I am excited. For him and me. What he said is right. This is definitely going to be a fun adventure. Whatever this adventure of life is, wherever it takes us, whatever it puts us through, no matter who we meet, where we go, what we do- no matter what, this is going to be fun with him. I know this is going to be a very long adventure, possibly one that doesnt end. Because with Lucius, I know that's he's here to stay with me, and for us, we have an amazing adventure ahead of us.

Just Lucius and I.