Who Cares?

Who cares?

You most certainly

Do not.

You poke

And push me

Far past my limits.


You say it's all

Just a game

But no.

Not for me.

This game has

Gone on

Much to long


You say you care

But I can see

Your eyes


And lying

So don't try

To decive me.


You wouldn't care

If I dropped dead

Or tried to kill


You would just

Walk away

And find another.


Another toy

Another plaything

Anything you can


To do

Whatever the hell

You want.


Someone to

Feed your already

Far to large

Of an ego

To gloat over

Every one of

Your accomplishments.


To kiss the ground

That you walk

Worship your very


To be your very own

Puppet on strings.

A marionette.


Completely dependant

On you alone

So you can feel

In control

To feel like you have

Something that can

Do your will


But who am I

To judge

When I

Am the same way.

I like to


to have power


The ruse of


When their very


Is in your hands.

They are at

Your mercy.


Maybe that's why

We deserve

Each other

Because we both

Need power

Crave power

Feed off power


We both need

To be



The whole question


Who will break first?

A/N: To put it simply, it is from a girl's perspective. She and her lover/partner have an odd relationship. One of convince and need rather than love. Neither really care about the others feelings, as long as they get what they want (basically sex-only relationship). Both love to dominate each other. But the girl recolonizes that one of them needs to be broken. To be shown where their place is. That eventually, one will finally submit to the other. It's a weird poem, I know...