Ode to Music

Music, oh music

How glorious and sweet

You fill up the world

With your very

Whole being.

Uplifting and happy

To sad and depressing

You create and make

A very new feeling.

From crazy and wild

To calm and serene

You help form and define

Each and every person

Help make them unique.

From the beating

Of drums

To keep

Each rhythm

To the sad song

Of a bow

Across four strings

You stand at my side

Each and every day.

You always are

My very best friend

When no one else

Will be.

Your sweet singing voice

Fills my whole head

Takes me away

To a world

Of bliss.

You block out each sound

Erase every trouble

Help me forget

All of the world.

You're always there

You never betray m.e

I always know

You'll be there

When I need you.

Music, oh music

How I do love you.

You shall always be

And always hold

A place in my heart

As my first and foremost