There is one thing that just cracks me up about people. We silly humans are such a paradox, and we think we're all-knowing and invincible, but at the same time, that we are nothing. It's just funny.

We all build and destroy and expand, and for the sake of who? Each individual, seeing as the 'greater good' affects very few of us. We kill and manipulate and launch full scale wars...against ourselves... It seems backwards, then, that we assume we are the most powerful and right species. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have yet to learn about The Great Beaver War of 2015 or the sudden hostile invasion of giraffes by other rogue giraffes. It just doesn't happen.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, we're animals. Animals! And we just sit on this planet and spin around in a great vast frontier called 'space'. We don't really even know what it is, just the 'outer space' that occupies everything unknown. We sit here and argue, and cheat on our husbands and wives, and murder our neighbors for the sake of paper. Okay... so it is green paper with monetary value, but still, murder? Thievery? All we do is modify this big beautiful planet and strip away the nature to suit our fragile mammalian needs.

Oh, but don't you understand? We don't own this planet. This planet owes us nothing. We aren't the gods of all other species just because we trade coins for penthouses. We're all (all the bugs and plants and bacterium and birds and fish and animals and fungi and protists) along for this ride on a massive rock. Humans... they just crack me up.

On the other hand, I sort of love them. They're terribly frustrating. Actually, I can barely stand them half the time, and I am one.

In all those science fiction shows and movies, we humans are the underdogs. Generally we're swept up by aliens and monsters and only one of us survives (it's the pretty one, usually). And yet, we're not really the underdogs at all. Out of the 9 planets (alright, 8, if you're technical), we live on Earth.

I really love Earth. It's a comfort, and big orb of protection from all the terrifying unknown outside our atmosphere. It's absolutely gushing with water, water everywhere. Plants crawl over the entire thing, and seasons rush over us all without us stopping them. Sand storms rage across deserts, and hurricane crash into our carefully constructed shelters. It's a gorgeous thing, our planet.

We could so easily have been like our ill-fated twin sister, the burning hell of Venus. Earth and Venus were scarily similar in the beginning. Somehow, Earth became a beautiful organic dome of all the life we've ever known. Venus... beautiful in its own right, though horrendous as well. Think about the deep orange skies, the fields of volcanoes, and the rippling rocky ground. A heat so intense, most satellites burn up trying to snap pictures and take data. Pressure that bears down on the planet, and mountains that stretch far into the skyline. These mountains, capped with metallic snow, overlook the harsh landscape that Earth once could have been.

So, everyone, all of you humans who read this. Just remember that we've been so lucky to have this planet, and we really are brilliant creatures. But, not so brilliant that nature won't hesitate to crush us. And not so brilliant that we can keep polluting and destroying and still end up fine in the end. This world is one of the most heart-breakingly beautiful things I know, and I can't imagine a galaxy in which it is burnt up and gone. We humans need to stand out and be greater than that fate. We're hurtling through space, right now, this very second. A beautiful mess trying to right itself.