Hello everybody. My friend Kaylee came up with this song. Her 'Lover' she refers to in the song is her boyfriend. I'm also mentioning that she is quite twisted (hence the nature of this song) so you have been warned!

Warning: Cursing, mentions of hell, mentions of torture.

I am the demon,

Hellions galore,

I'll spill your blood all over the floor,

Come on I dare you,

Challenge my power,

You won't last through the hour,

I am the Demon,

I never die,

Death wants to stop me,

But he's to scared to try.

So take up your weapons,

Come knock on my door,

I'll show you why hell,

Won't take me anymore,

My loves just as bad,

No wait he's worse,

Before you come to greet him,

Call up your hearse,

Go buy a casket,

Say your goodbyes,

Only I can survive,

Those cold hazel eyes.

He'll take you below,

To the place of no life,

And give you a facial,

With the blade of his knife,

He'll cut and he'll carve,

So be sure to squirm,

He's the big hook,

And you're a little fucking worm,

But besides that,

Were good people I swear,

So take off your coat,

Step into our lair,

Were the dark is marked,

By only the moon,

Say hi to the devil,

You'll be seeing him soon,

Just tell him we sent you,

He knows us well,

We're the evil mother fuckers,

He kicked out of hell.

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