My inspiration: Creature Feature. No other words needed.

White. Everything, so white. The walls, the floor, the ceiling... White... Ah, but it is better, much better, than the darkness. In the darkness, the creatures return. And if they come back...

No, no, don't think of them! I'm in a safer place now... I'm in the light... They can't... They can't come back in the light... They can't... The lights... The lights... keep them away... Can't come back... Can't come back... In the light... I'm in the light... Can't come back... Can't come back...

Breathe, breathe Jeffrey... You're safe... Breathe...

Did the lights just flicker?

No, no! The lights are out! Help me! Someone help me! Please! Turn on the lights! Turn on the lights! Save me! Help! Please, someone help! They're coming! They're coming! Save me! Save me!

They're here, with their howls and cries, their growls and terrible shrieks! Save me! Save me! Is no one out there? Help me!

I feel them, clawing at my feet, up my legs -now at my waist! Growling, screaming my name! Save me! Good God, have mercy! Have mercy!

The lights! Oh God, give me back the lights! Chase away these monsters, these terrors! Free me from their control, from their obsession! Chase them away! Send your angels to free my mind, to free my soul! Cast these demons away from me, throw them back to the hell from which they came! Save me, dear Lord, save me!

They're coming closer, so much closer! At my chest, at my shoulders! Save me! Save me! At my neck! Someone save me! The lights! The lights! Good God, turn on the lights!

I feel them, clawing my skin, forcing their foul fingers into my mouth, forcing me to scream! Save me! Save me! Let this madness end! Take back your putrid ilk satan! They have no hold over me! Good God, drive out these beings!

Drive them out!

So... I don't know if that was really anything at all, but review it anyways if you don't mind :) This was really just a randomly thrown together story, so I don't really know how it is or not. Let me know and maybe I'll write some more!