You know how humans have always used horses? Horses pulled carriages, horses pulled farm equipment, horses got rode around by police officers. Horses were used for a lot.

But now, we have cars, tractors, motorcycles...horses aren't needed as much.

Except for competition...

Now, people use horses for competing, for winning money and fame. They tell the horses to run around in circles or specific patterns or to jump over stuff to get fame and fortune.

That's what they want you to think.

In reality, its the horses who are in charge.

So, this may sound odd. But here's the thing: Horses and Humans have connections. Like...soulmates, in a way. Every single horse in this world is tied to a certain human. When the two are together, they have an unspoken yet some how telepathic relationship that only they share. They are, in a way, one being separated into two forms.

However, it is not often that that one horse will find that one human. Just like soulmates, the horse and the human may not be close together. The horse could be in Mexico, on the brink of death, while the human is living it up in London as a millionaire.

There's a simple reason for this: The God, who you may worship as a loving father, is really a heartless entity who does not care much for His creation. He ties the horse and the human together because He is bored. He does not care if they never meet, if the horse dies without ever meeting her rider.

And another thing: Destiny. No, it does not exist. He has no plans for us. You control whether or not you ever meet that one special horse. You, and only you and your actions.

But, when they do meet, they become one. Like me, and Jack.

Captain Jack Sparrow is a gorgeous American Quarter Horse/Arabian. He is a dapple grey with appleseed markings. And he is smart.

We are tied to one another. We are one.

Here's how our day would normally go:

He comes up to the gate, wanting attention. I let him in, halter him, and take him to the round pen. He says he wants to be ridden for a bit, but without a saddle or a bridle. I go along with it, tying one end of the lead rope to the side of his halter and clipping the other end to the other side. I let him walk me to the part of the fence that's quietest, and he stays still while I carefully get on his back using the fence. He tells me which way to walk him around the pen, tells me when he wants to trot. I cue him depending on what he tells me. Really, the cues are only a show. Just meant to make the other humans think that I'm in charge. But I'm not.

He tells me when he gets tired of trotting so that I pull on the rope. He slows down. And when he tells me that he's done, I get off him and walk him out of the round pen. He tells me that he wants to go to the arena, so I hook the trailer up to the truck. He says he wants the middle door of the trailer shut, so I shut it. He loads into the trailer and allows me to tie him. He tells me not to drive to fast, and I promise to go slow.

When we get to the arena, he tells me to let him eat before I tack him up, so I do. Once he has his saddle and bridle on, I get on and walk him into the arena, because that's what he tells me to do.

The night goes on. When he tells me that he wants to go faster, and nudge his sides with my feet. When he wants to go slower, I pull back on the reins to cue him to go slower. But it's all a show. I have no control over him.

And when I do something wrong, he punishes me.

My coach doesn't get the relationship, because she's never met her horse. When Jack is telling me to slow him down, because he's tired, my coach tells me to make him go faster. Torn between the two, I choose to obey my coach and spur him onward.

He isn't happy with this, and when he eventually does speed up, he bucks and tosses me onto the ground. When I look up at him with tears in my eyes, the only thing his expression says is, "You disobeyed me. Now you have learned your lesson."

And I have.

See? The human race thinks that they're the smartest, while in reality there are many species smarter. Horses, for one, and cats as well. But cats don't share the bond that humans and horses do.

The cues, the commands, they're all a show. Nothing but a veil to hide from the humans that they aren't as smart as they think they are. Because if they knew, they'd wipe out the horse population. Because they aren't smart enough to realize that the horses have a purpose in this keep us humans in check.

Now, you may be thinking, Why would the horses let themselves be worked like this? To be used?

Well, as I said before, I am the one being used. Not Jack. Horses have their own reasons, but Jack's is because he knows that exercise keeps him fit, good-looking for his mare-friend, Lucky Penny. Another reason is that he knows that if he can get fast enough, with my help, he will become famous. Fame, fortune, the things humans use the horses for, really it's the horses using the humans.

Humans aren't supposed to know about this...

So if anyone asks, you did not hear this from me. Got it? Good.