Everything he says is true.
I mean, baby, Imma side with you,
but sometimes when it comes to me,
I think it's best to let him be?
You say I'm not bringing you down,
so I hope what comes around goes around.
Maybe it's masochistic but I
can't let something like this just pass by.
All you are since we met
is, in your words, a nervous wreck,
and baby, lovin' you's all I do
but that always turns into hurting you.
Really if I can't even get this out,
I don't know what the fuss is about.

A/N: How much do I suck at rhyming? . (Also, if you're reading this- you know who you are- don't freak out about it; it was just me being weird and self-hateful/pitiful the other night.)

Now I've got this in my mind
I can't help looking from the outside.
Am I the only reason for any of this?
Baby, is it wrong to ask for a kiss?
'Cause I'm falling, I'm drowning, barely hanging on,
but everyone else has seen the light of dawn.
Did you think I was done with that shit?
I don't think I'll ever be rid of it.
You're the closest thing but when you're so high,
I sink further. I wanna die.
It was always something that I'd done,
so I know it won't hurt; this is just for fun.
By the way, baby, this shouldn't make you worry.
You've just gotta know I'd leave in a hurry.