In a 12 year olds head

By me, Cassandra

This is basically stuff I write in my free time

Or random ideas for stories

Or random shiz I have to say

Or poems I write when I'm bored

May have swearing

Most will be random

Some may be depressing

All written by me



Falling deep
Forever asleep

Not to wake up
Never in make up

That's who I used to be
Now I do see

Clothes and make up to wear
Pretty accessories for my hair

The boys stare
I am their care

I am knocked from behind
Why can't I rewind

To the time where I didn't care
About my dark brown hair

Make up running down my face
I look like such a disgrace

New friends walk away standing tall
Old friends help me from my fall

I see who I must be
I must be my old me

Clean off the make up
Time to wake up

Old clothes no make up to wear
Take the pretty accessories from my hair

Hanging with old friends
We will stay true to no ends

The new friends have dropped me
So now clearly I see

-'From make up to mud'

By Cassandra