Well here's my first story. I hope you like it.

I can't stand her. She has everything. Everyone loves her. And worst of all she's my best friend.

I don't get what so different between us. Why do people have to choose which is better?

Get rid of her!


You heard me!

But she's my best friend.

Oh really. Well let's review shall we. Who won the art show with your painting?


And who always has to cheat off you?


And who always gets to go to parties while you stay home because they didn't think you were as good as her to be invited?


And let's not forget who is on a date with Jake Miller?


That's right!

But I can't. We've been friends since fourth grade.

Yet that's not stopping her from making out with him is it!

Yeah they would be kissing right now. She always was a tramp.

That's right so get rid of her. I will.

I was Annabelle's front porch. I grabbed the spear key under the door mat. I walked in seeing all the family photos. I stopped at one. It was a picture of Annabelle and me. We were both of us holding hands. And on my tiny wrist was the friendship bracelet I had saved up for. I remember that day.

I put on the bracelet. I studied it. It had pink little hearts with pictures of baby ducks. On the biggest heart were the words "best friends forever". The hearts were attached to white plastic balls all attached to stretchy string.

"Cassandra come on my mom is taking us to the park."

Annabelle came in the living room at her house. She was wearing a pink shirt with unicorns on it, a white jean skirt that stopped at her knees, pink flip flop and to top it off a little silver tiara on her braided blonde hair.

"Where's your bracelet?" I asked.

"It didn't match my outfit."

"But it has pink" I said.

"Yeah but it also has blue and I hate blue. I told you you should have gotten the pink rings."

And it was true. She never wore it. Kids would think I was lying when they asked who had the other bracelet. Because she was just too popular.

Next to that picture was another one of us but different. We were thirteen and just started the seventh grade. Instead of smiling and holding hands, I was trying to give a small smile with my red puffy eyes. Annabelle was smiling wide, trying to take as much room in the picture as possible.

"Annabelle wait up!" I shouted while trying to catch up with her.

"Well move faster!" she yelled back. We were on our way to P.E. I tried talking Annabelle into taking athletics but she refused and said "and ruin my manicure. No way!"

We were in the locker room changing.

"Gosh Cassandra way to put on some weight this summer!" shouted Rebecca.

I wouldn't listen to her. She thought that anyone that didn't starve themselves was fat. I looked at my stomach. Well maybe I have gained some wait.

"What about her hideous hair" said Belinda. I touched my brown hair. It was a little messy. But I was in a rush this morning. I didn't like what they were saying, not at all.

"Girls, Girls, let's not put down Cassy because of her looks" said Annabelle.

I was happy she was coming to my rescue. I smiled.

"It's not her fault she was born ugly" she said with a smile.

Rebecca, Belinda, and Annabelle laughed on their way out. I stayed with my smile gone and my face wet.

Tears were running down my face. I heard the front door knob wiggle. I ran to the kitchen. Annabelle walked in with her hair in a high ponytail. She was wearing a lime green long sleeved V-neck, a pink mini skirt, and green high heels.

"Yeah Belinda it was great."

She was talking on her cell phone. She was walking towards her room upstairs. I grabbed a knife and followed her.

"He took me to a drive in" she said while kicking her shoes off. I stepped closer to her.

"Like I care! It's not like Cassy had a chance."

Okay that's it!

"I'll call you later, bye."

She hung up and turned towards me.

"Cassy? What are you doing here?"

She looked frightened. I swung the knife and stabbed her in her flat tummy. She screamed falling back to the wall.

Do you still think I'm ugly!

"Please stop! Why are you doing this?"

Maybe because I'm not good enough!

I stabbed her one last time. Annabelle slid down to the floor. Her outfit ruined with blood.

Maybe now I'll have a chance.

Sorry if it was a bit creepy. I have a sequel to this if you want to see it.