There comes a time in every young man's life, where his life unfolds, he gains and losses friends, he figures himself out, and he (for the most part) strives to become a better person. You suffer through every bully's fuel called puberty, and you get into a few fist fights, fall hard and fast for girls' way out of your league, and wind up kissing the ground as you get dumped flat on your butt, because you were trying to impress her way too hard. Well, try suffering that as a kid with a 4.23 GPA, going to a school with your father as a teacher, living on campus from ages 11-18, and being best friends with the kid who's top of the class. Oh, and being Autistic adds to it all. Not to mention that we're all training to be spies, so MI5 is begging for you to join them, but your father and mother are infamous spies with amazing careers over at MI6. Throw in the fact that my dad tends to be an obsessive, over protective, hotheaded moron, and that he treats my mother like dirt.

Yeah…my teenagehood was great. Especially after my brother left home…things were just jolly. Yes, the sarcasm is intended.

What, you mean you haven't heard about what happened with my brother? Well…it'll come out in time. It all has to do with my story.

As I sit here in my study, listening to my children play and my wife sing sweetly to her heart's content as she cleans our neighboring bedroom, it brings back a load of memories. Memories like my first girlfriend, who dumped me for my bully. My first kiss, where our braces got entangles, and we had to get help from a teacher (Remus never quite let me forget that one). From meeting Remus and Andy, who have always been there for me. I can remember the first time I laid eyes on my beautiful, sweet Alexa, who is now my wife. I remember the tears in her eyes as I scooped up our eldest daughter Lauren, pressed my lips to her forehead, and whispered "It's okay, Daddy's here, Daddy's got you," and she stopped screaming to stare at me in awe. I remember the time Remus told someone at the hospital I was his brother, just so I could see him in ICU, which touched my heart more than my own father has ever done. I remember my sister, so sweet, innocent, and pure, giggling and smiling at me, and loving to hang around me and Remus. I can remember the looks Headmaster would give a certain Foreign Language professor, and his really poor attempts at flirting, which she'd take in all because she thought he was sweet for trying. I can remember meeting my second daughter, and how excited Laruen was to meet her sister Jennifer. I remember the pride I felt the day Remus named me another Godfather for his son, James, who I suspect young Lauren has a little crush on (if he does anything, I will strangle the little brat). I remember the sorrows of losing Professor Miller, and my own father, a teacher alongside the late Professor Miller, going berserk, and beating the living daylights out of two teachers, who are close to both Remus and I. I remember the shock, and joy of my brother returning to me, and wanting reconciliation, and the furry I felt when my father openly refused to forgive him.

Hey, that reminds me, I have a lunch meeting tomorrow with him and some friends. That should be fun, seeing as I'm pretty sure he's friends with a drug cartel lord, a consulting assassin, and a serial robber. That'll be interesting, trying not to bust them right then and there.

Yeah…my brother keeps some odd company. He's not like that…well, he isn't anymore, at any rate.

…At least I don't think he is. He's been off of MI5 and MI6's radars for years. That's more concerning than I thought.

You're confused now, aren't you? Oh, dear, we must fix this.

There are a lot of stories here, yes, but there are so many more. So many I have to tell you all. Every second of every important moment of my survival as a training spy.

My name is Agent Seth Jones, and this is my account, of my life as a spy trainee, husband, father, son, best friend, and brother.

And I am an Autistic spy.