So I had this really weird dream a couple days ago and I decided to make it a story. I'm awesome, I know.

September 13, 2011 - 1:30 p.m.


I stood up shakily and walked to the front of the gym as Mrs. Sorino called my name. She was our Health Class teacher, and we were being put into pairs for some project that we had no idea about.

"Ian." I watched the brunette-ish boy's dark eyes widen as he heard his name. Mrs. Sorino directed us to stand in one of the 9 circles that were drawn on the floor. "Each circle is one pair. When I call your name please stand in the circle I tell you to.

"Rhiannon. Jack.
Shaylee. Daniel.
KC. Matthew.
Enola. Spencer.
Naya. Toby.
Bianca. Aaron.
Honor. Ryder.
Charlotte. Derek."

I watched as my six best friends shuffled to their circles. Mrs. Sorino had picked up a tray that had eighteen little cups - you know, the little paper one's they hand out at the nurse's office - set on it. As she passed them out, I noticed that each cup had different contents. Mine had one little red pill in it, and Ian's had two white pills in it. Mrs. Sorino instructed us to swallow our pills, and sent all of the boys into a separate room.

"So, your probably not going to like what I tell you girls, but the pills you all just took are a new experiment that the hospital has made that simulate a pregnancy."

We all stared, too shocked to comprehend what we had just heard.

"But we're only thirteen!" I exclaimed softly, not understanding why they had chosen us to be guinea pigs.

"I know, but, after seeing so many young girls come to the hospital in labor, they decided that we needed to take action, so to speak."

"Then why'd the guys have to take those pills?" KC said, a thoughtful yet distracted look on her face.

"Um, well, you see... In order to simulate a pregnancy, we need the eggs from you, and the sperm from the boys."

"Ew! Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew! Why'd you have to tell me?"

"Okay, well then. That was odd. I'll be right back in about 10 minutes, and then we'll get started!" she chirped as she left the room.

"Wait, what? What did she mean get started?" Rachel screeched. She has the most annoying voice ever; high-pitched and she sounds like a wild banchee. I swear, that girl must have swallowed a squeaker or something.

"I don't know!" Shaylee groaned, squatting on the floor with her head in her hands. I fell backwards too, on my back with my dark brown hair spread out like a halo around me, loose curls falling across my face. I could hear the shuffling of feet around me, the rustle of someone fidgeting with clothes, tapping of fingers on the rubbery floor.

I crawled out of my circle and over to Honor's tape border. I smirked at her, "Happy with your partner, Honor?" I winked and nudged her playfully.

"Oh shush." she said, a blush creeping up her neck. Hey, I'll admit it, Ryder is sexy in a weird kinda way. He has bright red hair, freckles on his cheeks and nose, and playful blue eyes. Okay, so he's cute, not exactly sexy - except for the fact that he's got abs - but cute. He and Honor would look absolutly perfect together. Her pin-straight platinum blonde locks and light green eyes totally complemented her tan skin.

My five other friends all tapped their feet or did something completely random. Shaylee was drawing a mustache on her finger and wrist, KC was writing things on the floor in Sharpie and trying to pull them up with tape. Charlotte and Naya were braiding their hair, and Rhiannon was face down on the floor tapping her fingers and feet nervously.

The boys were starting to shuffle back in with uncomfortable looks on their faces. (You know, the look where you look like you're constipated and you ate bad seafood, like Jasper from Twilight, that look) I looked at Ian, and he was shifting around and had that look on his face. After the last boy shuffled in, Mrs. Sorino walked in with another tray that had a lot of opaque containers and a bunch of needles. I instantly tensed up; I have a strong fear on pointy sharp things that can stab me.

She passed out a little pamplet on this whole situation and ushered us girls into the back room. Once we were all gathered, she looked at us and said,
"So, girls, I really hope you don't have a phobia of needles. Tomorrow, when you wake up, you will find that you will be more or less 1 month pregnant. Mandy, you're first, please come with me"

I swallowed the lump that was forming in my throat and braced my self for what was to come. When I shuffled behind the thin white paper curtain that seperated the room into two, I sat on the paper covered bed that is mst often associated with doctor's offices. Mrs. Sorino gingerly handled a large syringe and looked at me, waiting for the OK. I bit my lip and nodded my head, causing my bangs to fall in my eyes, gripping the edge of the bed. The forty-something year old woman lifted my shirt so that my stomach was exposed to the cool air-conditioning. Slowly, she pushed the needle against my skin until I felt the soft pinching and the pain after she had already pulled it out and pressed a band-aid over the puncture.

September 14, 2011 - 10:11 a.m.

The sound of wretching was the first thing that reached my ears when I entered the bathroom the next day. I walked down the row of stalls before I found the source of the noise.

"Naya?" The Latino girl looked up at me through tear-filled eyes.

"I hate this. I just want it to be last week again, when we were all walking around at the beach remember?" I remembered. There where dolphins swimming near shore that day. "Everything was perfect that day. Now I'm starting to look fat and I'm puking my guts out every day. I hate it."

"I hate it too. The worst part is that we have to do this by ourselves. Ian hasn't even acknowledged me today."

"I know. Toby was in the courtyard this morning and I said hi and he was like: 'Starting to look a little fat there Naya.' I just couldn't believe he was going to treat me like that. I'm carrying his child for Christ's sake!"

"Ugh... Boys," Ew, I could smell the vomit in the toilet and my stomach was churning. I shoved Naya out of the way and gripped the sides of the toilet, emptying the nonexistent contents of my stomach. "Disgusting," I groaned, getting up and stumbling to the sinks. I washed my hands and rinsed out my mouth, checked my makeup in the mirror and fixed my bangs. Exiting the bathroom, I spotted Ian walking down the hall. "Hey, Naya I'll be back later. See you soon okay?"

"Yeah, whatever. Do what you gotta do."

"Hey, Ian, why are you ignoring me?"

"I didn't think I had to be with you 24/7."

"You don't. I would just appreciate it if you showed a little concern instead of treating me like I don't exist."

"Look Mandy, can't we have this conversation in private?"

"Fine. Come with me." I led him to the now deserted courtyard, sitting on one of the many benches.

"Look," he started, "I'm scared. I've never even taken care of a baby, much less been responsible for one. I don't even have a younger brother or sister. I just don't know what to do." I could hear his voice start to crack, and his hands were shaking.

"Hey. I'm scared to if it helps. I feel like the world's gonna end, even though this isn't real, but it feels real." I grabbed his hand, "But we have each other to get through this, and we can be scared together."

October 23, 2011 - 11:58 a.m.

Two minutes 'til lunch, two minutes 'til lunch. C'mon, I want lunch. I glanced at Rhiannon and rolled my eyes, nodding at the clock.

'I know,' she mouthed, looked down at her slowly but surely expanding abdomen, and traced circles on it with her thumb. I placed a hand on my double-sized bump and angrily glared at the clock.


Oh thank god.

"Move," I mumbled as I shoved a few select people out of my path, "Food food food food..."

"Wait up Mandy!"

"Never Rhi!"

"How are you walking so fast?"

"I got skills bitch! I use that in a totally endearing way though. Urban-like."


On the way to the cafeteria I turned to watch Rhiannon power walk behind me, and ran into a very tall someone when I turned back around.

"I'm sorry." I said and I looked up and saw Ian's smiling super happy face looking down at me.

"No problem. Can I escort you to lunch so that you don't run down tiny sixth graders?"

"You can." Ian looped his arm through mine and I resisted the urge to laugh, he was trying to be helpful. "So, Ian, my man, bro, homie, what are your big plans for Halloween?"

"Sit at home, hand out candy to the unlucky children who knock on my door, eat the leftover candy. I'm really going all out this year." He smirked at started to chuckle. I would say giggle, but I don't think boys giggle, do they? So he chuckled (that still sounds weird).

"Yeah, I can that. Life goal right there. But seriously," I pulled a dead serious face, "you should come trick-or-treating with the rest of us. And by "the rest of us" I mean Rhiannon, KC, Naya, Charlotte, Honor, Shaylee, Jack, Daniel, Matthew, Toby, Ryder," I took an overdramatic deep breath, "and Derek. Bianca is super Christian and thinks Halloween is the Pagan way of worshiping Satan, so she's not coming. And Rachel's being shipped off to her aunt's because her parent's think she needs "a change of scenery," whatever that means."

"Mmm... Sounds great!"

To Be Continued...