Entry Number 1


Okay, this will be a bit awkward for me, and don't be shocked if it gets weird or anything…
Well, to start off, my (nickname) is Jackie. You're not getting my last name (because it is extremely uncommon and I don't feel like random creeps messaging me on Facebook…)

Well, I have a few reasons I want to make this…

To get my feelings out. I bottle tings up way too much and need to get it out, so I don't burst one day like I've done.

I want to make friends. I need people to understand my life, and I feel people online understand me better than family and school friends and everybody.

It will help boost my writing skills! Huzzah~

Yes, if you wish, PM me and I will (most likely) PM back. If we become good enough friends, maybe we could go on Skype. Cool? Cool.

Not sure where to start so…

Here's a bit about my personality, which will lead into my life story (SOME of my life story)

I am very quiet at school. It's just who I am. I honestly hate most of the people there, and I have good reasoning.

When I was in elementary school, I was a terrible kid- I had ADHD and Bipolar, which lead to a lot of problems with work, and my mom refused to put me on meds. Because of this, I was transferred. Not expelled, say it with me, transferred, to another school until second grade. I was there for emotional support, because in the other school emotional support didn't start until third grade. I made my first friend there! His name was Alec; he's an autistic boy. He was amazing, and we played together during recess and talked during lunch. He was one year below me, though, so our lessons were separated a lot.

The school was pretty far from my house, so I rode in a private car. Alec did, too. He even lived in my community, so one day I had my mom drive up to where his house was and we became best friends. Well, we don't hang out anymore (his parents are dicks, to be short).

In third grade, I was transferred to my original school. Alec was, too, but he was put into regular classes with a student aid. I guess they thought that didn't work for him so they put him in emotional support with me.

It was fine, really. I was a little brat and always had tantrums and all. The teachers were honestly terrible, when I think about it. I was the only one who knew how to calm Alec, and whenever I tried to help they would yell at me saying, "Don't interfere!" But them threatening him made it worse, and those dunderheads didn't seem to realize leave him be and he will calm down. I would talk to him and he would calm right away.

I learned nothing, really, in elementary school, so when I went to middle school I knew nothing. I was only in regular-Ed classes for social studies and science, the rest was special-Ed. And, of course, anyone in special-Ed is 'the retard'.

I started all regular-ed classes in eighth grade. I didn't do well, because I have a problem procrastinating. But other than that, I'm mostly ahead of everyone, ad more mature (when I want to be).

Anyway, you're almost caught up! (Sorry if it's so long!)

Over the past year I've been picked on and teased and treated like shit as always.

I'm starting tenth grade when school starts again. Oh joy.

I started my love of books in sixth grade, when I started being quiet and less social. I now want to become an author, and have many books in progress.

Okay, now for the real reason I am starting this journal!
In the next chapter, this is getting long, and that will lead into my daily entry.

Thanks for reading, whoever has! PLEASE PM ME AND REVIEW :)