Her eyes were a shining crystal blue. Her scales gleamed green-yellow, bathed in moonlight. The beautiful she-dragon smiled warmly, baring her bright pearl-white teeth. She was very familiar, yet somehow at the same time she was a complete stranger. She stood in a dense forest, surrounded by trees, shrubs, and a thick layer of undergrowth. her wings were folded, and she began walking towards Morana, calmly and slowly. Just seeing the she-dragon calmed Morana's nerves, yet frayed them as well. Who was she? Why was she so familiar? Why the heck was she smiling so much? Morana opened her jaw to speak to the green she-dragon, but she stopped as a loud clanking sound rang through the forest. The she-dragon's face was blanketed with fear, and she turned and took to the skies, leaving Morana behind, alone and afraid.

Morana's eyes snapped open, filled with regret and anger. The she-dragon had escaped her grasp again! The same dream, the same dragon, the same forest! Yet every time Morana had the dream, the she-dragon had escaped her grasp, unable to answer any of her questions. I can't beleive it! Every time, the same thing. I just wish that stupid coward would stop running away! She shook her head and stood up, stretching. She poked her blue-green head out of her cliffside cave, stretching her scaly, long neck to it's full length.

The bank of the lake lay not but a few meters away. The rocks around her large cave looked odd, to say the least. They had holes in them, making them resemble sponges. They were the perfect thing to have around her cave, as they were useful in three ways: as a way to scratch that one hard-to-reach itch; gathering small puddles when it rains; and sunbathing.

They were the most useful rocks that ever exsisted, Morana was sure.

The rest of her body followed her head and neck, until her entire body was out from under the rock/cave. The setting sun cast red light over the lake, causing it to look as if it were the Lake Of Blood, like in the legends Morana heard so often. She smiled as she watched the sun sink lower and lower, until it disappeared from the sky completely, and the lake was bathed in moonlight, as was Morana.

Her scales shone brightly, with an odd bioluminscent glow. Her scales lit up a pale teal shade, like a blue firefly.

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