I watched as a young girl came into the shop. Her shoulder-length light brown hair bounced as she skipped in. She was alone, which was unusual. The shopkeeper, Rosana, came out of the back room to greet her.

"Why hello, miss," she said. "What brings you here?"

The little girl, who I guessed was around eleven or twelve, replied simply: "A familiar."

Rosana laughed and began her usual tour of the cages, including mine. Me, the toy-sized white dragon hatchling. As they walked past my cage, the girl stopped and stared at me. "What is this?" she asked. Rosana turned and looked at me.

"Oh, that," she said. "Is a toy white dragon hatchling." I snorted. The girl giggled.

"She doesn't look like a toy!" she said. Her bright green eyes continued to be locked with mine.

"Yes, well, she certainly is the size of one!" And with that, Rosana went back into the back room.

The little girl looked at me and asked, "I'm Emerald, what's your name?"

I cocked my head to the side, curiousity in my eyes, then let out a low shrieking noise in attempt to speak. It didn't work.

Emerald stepped back. I let out a lower shriek, trying to comunicate with her. She walked back to the back room. A few moments later, her and Rosana came out. Rosana was carrying the keys. She walked over and unlocked my cage. I stood there for a few moments, stunned and shocked that she had opened my cage. Emerald walked closer and picked me up. I wriggled and squirmed, but she held me tight. She cradled me, like a baby. I soon grew acustomed to this as she carried me out of the shop, out of the village, and into the forest beyond.

As we walked, I thought about what had just happened. I had been picked to be a familiar. I desparately wanted to show Emerald what I could do. I began squirming, hoping she would let go of me. She looked down at me and stopped walking.

"What's wrong, girl?" she asked. Again, I tryed to talk, shrieking in a lower tone than last time. She must have understood, because she carefully set me down on the ground. I scratched behind my ear with my left hind foot, then looked at her. Her bright green eyes twinkled with happiness. I turned slowly, and took a big breath of air. Please work, please work, please work... I thought desperately.

I let out the breath. In a about one foot circle, the grass in front of me froze as my cryogenic attack was let out. I panted, and flopped onto my side. That...was... tiring...

Emerald looked mesmerized. Amazed. Dumbfounded. I couldn't exactly find a word to fit her exspression. When I flopped over, she knelt down quickly and picked me up, cradling me gently. I decided that she would be a good loyal.

She carried me all the way back to her cottage like that. Past mushrooms and clovers, oaks and willows, ferns and moss. I made mental notes of everything I saw as we walked. I've never even seen anything that looked remotely close to what that is! I thought as we walked by a sycamore tree with a flowering vine creeping up it's trunk. It amazed me how much stuff there was in this world that I had never even heard of. A cool autumn breeze ruffled Emerald's hair as we walked.

Soon, a small but cozy looking cottage came into sight. It was built of stone, with a smoking chimney on top and two windows, one on front and one on the side. It had a sturdy, wooden roof. Beside it was a smooth-trunked sycamore tree, it's branches weaving to and fro, making it look great for climbing. The soft scent of burning wood came from inside the cottage.

Emerald carried me inside, shutting the door behing her. Inside, the smell of baking bread was a bit overwhelming at first. The front door opened straight into the living room, where there was a lovely fireplace, alive with burning wood. There were also two tree stumps seated around the fireplace, not to mention a basket lined with a soft blanket. Is that where I'm going to sleep? I thought, hoping it wasn't. Thankfully, a dark orange tabby cat padded up and plopped herself down in the basket. Emerald gently put me down in front of the basket.

"Hello," The tabby meowed to me.

"Hello," I shrieked back. "Who are you?"

The tabby licked one paw and looked up at me. "I'm Snydel," She replied.

"I'm Buriza," I introduced myself. "Wait, how do you understand me?"

The tabby gave a yawn and rested her head on her paws. "I can speak the language of every animal known to man." She meowed, then her eyelids began to get droopy, and I realized she must be tired. It was getting late, after all.

I looked around the cottage once more, and saw that Emerald had disappeared from sight. "Emerald?" I called. Outside, the sky had begun to darken. I yawned. "Emerald?" I schreeched again. Emerald's head popped out of a hallway to my left. (or was ot my right? I can't remember.) She came up to me and bent down. "What is it, little dragon?" She asked.

"Where am I going to sleep?"

Emerald still couldn't understand me. I sighed. I wasn't old enough to read thoughts, and until I was, I had no way of comunicating with Emerald.

She suddenly stood up, scooping me up into her arms. I was too tired to protest. She carried me into a different room of the house, and the scent changed from baking bread to herbs, plants, and cinnamon. I inhaled deeply, letting the smell through my entire nose. She walked past a room filled with potions. Potions on the shelves, potions on the floor, potions on the desk. I hissed at the stench of potions. Then Emerald walked into the last room. The room smelled of wildflowers and willow trees. I sighed contentedly as she bent down, releasing her grip on me. I jumped out of her arms, and the first thing I noticed from the floor was a hole in the wall, near the floor. I walked closer to it, realizing this was where the smell of wildflowers and willow trees was coming from. I padded an inch closer to it, and saw it was not a perfect circle, and it looked as if something had gnawed it's way through.

A/N: Again, this was from a couple years ago, I was just beginning writing...so I know it wasn't very good. And no, I never finished it. xD Anyway no flaming me, because it took about ten minutes just to separate this, because it started out as one giant blob of text. I was like ten when I wrote this, so cut me some slack. Hope you enjoyed though ^^