This is based off the ending of school and how almost everyone is happy to get out of school. I really did enjoy writing this and I hope you do to. R&R

I wasn't exaggerating the heat was unbearable, trust me if you were me you wouldn't want to be here. Plus I was stuck in this hot classroom with sweaty hormone filled teens, it was horrible. Yet I had one thing keeping myself from going insane, yep Summer Vacation.

Personally I enjoyed school but even a guy like me needs a vacation. I only had fifteen minutes before school ended; I just had to get through those agonizing minutes. Our teacher wrote something on the board; it looked like then sign but kind of looked like a % sign. I didn't really care though; the heat was probably getting to my head.

So my teacher drabbled on, about udder nonsense; trivial information I was never going to use. I usually accept a lot of what my teacher says but this I knew was useless. I think even the teacher knew it was useless but hey I was only speculating.

I take my eyes off the black chalkboard and look out the window. The sun was shining bright through the many windows. No wonder it was so hot, why don't we put those shades up or open the window? Complaining wouldn't do much except make me hotter.

Now that I realized it kids way younger than me were enjoying the outside. They were playing in the park only a block away from my school. Just running around, playing Tag or something. I wish I was them, enjoying my summer right about now, not a care in the world.

I take my gaze off the children and look on my desk. Our teacher assigned us a graded worksheet; it was probably the easiest work ever in school history. The teacher was probably giving us a break by giving us easier work.

I look at my watch and see that we had … one minute left until school ended. My heart felt like was skipping beats now. My palms had become even sweater and wasn't because of the heat. My eyes only focused on my watch. My Summer Vacation was almost here. Two months and a half of no school, I felt like screaming!

Suddenly, the bell rings and everyone's first reaction in the class is to get up. I on the other hand decided to savor the moment and look at the watch. There it was 12:00 on the dot. The end of a new school year. I was truly savoring this moment, savoring it like you're eating a deliciously creamy cake.

Another second passes and I quickly get up. I pass in my work to the teacher and head to the door. Only a few more steps and I'd be out of this classroom, out of school. Just as I take another step, I hear name called by the teacher. The teacher was probably going to tell me to have a good summer or something.

"You never finished the backside." I turn around and look to see an empty worksheet. Grief suddenly overcomes me. The door closes behind me and I head back to my desk. Great, more work to do.