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Chapter III: Know Your Enemy

I felt a wave of energy surge through my glove and collided with his glove. There was a force of energy that I couldn't explain that was happening at this very moment. "Ah, so this is the kid that found Icarus" Nemesis snickered. I just followed his eyes trying to read what was this guys problem, why is he acting like an asshole he doesn't even know me. "So how about tomorrow night I put Dante in his place" he question looking at Ken. "Well show him respect first, that is not what a true brother of Limbo does to a new recruit" said Ken looking at Nemesis with daggers in his eyes. Nemesis look at Ken with the most serious face, laughed, and then rolled his eyes. "He doesn't show me the respect I want, then it's his own fate" I said with the mustered of confidence I could draw from my body. Nemesis looked at me like he had sense the weakness in my voice and just smiled. I looked at Alyssa she was looking at me, she look very worried like if I just sealed my fate. She mouths the word "we have to talk", I mouthed back "we need to". I looked at Ken his face he was hard as a rock, the mood that surrounded his veil was very cold. "Well then Dante tomorrow night will be a very good fight in the battle center, Dante versus Nemesis" Ken spoke very loudly and clearly so everyone can hear. "Ten o clock sharp" Nemesis said raising his eyebrow at Ken. "Yes perfect, who wants to train Dante" Ken question the room. The room stood silent, I felt like a failure nobody wanted to train me. "I'll train him" Alyssa said as she stood up from the couch. She took pride in what she said like she actually thought she can help me beat one of Limbo's best. "Hey babe" Nemesis said winking at Alyssa. Alyssa stood quiet and just look down to the ground. "Okay then Alyssa you will start to training Dante tomorrow morning" Ken said putting his hands up like he had giving up. Ken clapped his hands "meeting dismissed, I'll see all of you tomorrow at the battle center". Everyone walked past me giving me dirty looks or shaking there heads. I look back in the direction were Alyssa had last been, she got up waved her hand to tell me to follower her. I took one last glance at Nemesis he smiled back and walked away from the pole. I turned away knowing tomorrow will be the day I will died and I started heading towards Alyssa. I met her at the end of the hallway with all the B rooms. "This base was built under the old communications tower in the woods west from your house" Alyssa explained to me looking at the door. "How is the useful information" I asked her with doubt. She looks back at me and manages a smile and says "it's a place were I go to think when I'm alone but I want you to come with me". I nodded my head and follow her up the thirty five flights of stairs. "They really need to make an elevator" I said breathing heavily holding on to the side rail. "We are already at the top already, you're such a pussy" she said smiling and laughing. She opened the door and the sunset hit her, she looked beautiful with her red hair shining in sun, it made it appear as if it was on fire. We walked over to a bench on the platform, the view from the tower was fascinating you can see all of Underidge and my old high school. We sat down and we just watch the sunset start to go to bed. "So you and Nemesis, huh" I spoke very sad and putting my head down. "It's not what it seems, he just that type of guy that thinks he can claim a girl" she said rolling her eyes and playing with her hair. "Then don't let him call you babe stand up for yourself" I said facing her direction now. "Its not as easy as it seems Dante, he is the alpha wolf everyone in the guild looks up to him as the leader but Ken is like are father leader" she tried explaining to me and look at my face. "So your also like the alpha for the girls" I question her but I already knew the answer. "Yes and as you know the two on the top most be together its how the game is played or else you lose" she said with bitter disappointment cover her face with her hands. "I really don't like him Dante but its just I want everyone to look up to me" she said and started to crying. I leaned back on the bench, put my arm back and offer it to her. She looked at me and leaned in put one arm around my waist and the other on my chest. I wrapped one arm around her and started stroking her hair and put my head on hers. "Listen if he doesn't make you happy then he can go screw himself, who cares who is the alpha it's all about who you are and how people look at you" I said drying the tears from her check. She started to smile a little bit and she reached up and started fixing my hair. "What are you doing, loser" I asked her smiling as I start twirling her hair. "Just playing" she said sticking her tongue at me. I took a second to realize what is happening at this very moment, I was falling for a girl I just met this afternoon but she was perfect every way I every imagine. What I wouldn't give for this girl so far she was brilliant I could tell she had good music taste due to her blink-182 shirt and her Asking Alexandra bracelet. "Hey I like your Yellowcard shirt, there awesome" she said poking at it. I forgot I put it on when I was home but the fact she loved my favorite band just made me think how this girl is my perfect girl. We looked at each other both are brown eyes met and the moon was watching this moment but I couldn't kiss her yet it's too soon. "I don't want to go back my room tonight lets just stay up here" she said without a doubt in her mind. "Not even with the Dusk out and on the loose" I said and looked at her like she was crazy. "Take the risk, pussy" she said sticking her tongue at me. I lay down on the bench and she started to cuddle with me. For a night in June it was pretty nice not to hot or cold, just that nice October breeze. She already started to close her eyes and buried herself in my chest. I started to daze off wondering if tomorrow will be any better but I would be killed by Nemesis not unless Alyssa is a miracle worker. My eyes shut and I am finally set off to a better land. But my land soon is corrupted by Alyssa hitting me in the head telling me to wake up. "Wake up, Lazy Bones" she said with a huge grin on her face. "I like sleeping" I said trying to turn around but the heat had me awake already. "Well sorry to tell you we over slept, it's past noon" she said tapping her wrist. I jumped up and I started to panic, I only had less then ten hours to train. Alyssa jump back extended one arm back and a long scythe appeared in her hand. "I like you to meet Luna, but your about to meet her up close and personal" she said with a evil laugh. I stuck out my hand and Icarus appeared in my hand shining in the sun. Alyssa came running at me and sweep her scythe under me and I fell flat on my back. "Wake up or you die" she yelled at me. I jumped up and ran at her, my sword and her blade went face to face trying to see who would give up first. She jumped back and threw her scythe at me. I though this was the most idiotic thing to do but I'm always wrong her scythe changed into ninja stars and I reflected them all away with my quick reflections. They all scattered around the platform in many spots. I chuckled for a quick second I though I won but the ninja stars flew back to her now forming a chain whip. "Cheater" I said smiling at her. She smile back and winked she then tries to lash me with the chain I jump back and she tries to go for a second lash I raised my sword and time slowed down. I ran at her rammed her into the air with Icarus. Time resumed at normal speed, I cocked back my blade I felt an electric charge of chi through my body and as I swing it came out. A golden wave came at her and disarmed her. Her whipped change into a scythe and fell to the ground, I dropped Icarus and caught her in midair. "You call me the cheater" she questions me. I chuckled, she jumps out of my arms and grabs Luna. We practice for the rest of the day until there was an hour left before the fight. We started walking downstairs, Alyssa said she would show me where I had to go. She walked me all the way to floor ten. "Well you have to go one more floor down then walk through the doors" she said giving me a faint smile. "Think I am ready" I asked her looking at her very close. I was very nervous this would be the fight of my life and she would be watching me win or die very slowly to Nemesis. "I think you can take him, he is all talk" she says with a laugh. We just take a long look at each other. "Well bye and stuff" I said quickly and start to turn around. But before I did she gave me a long hug and said "Don't die out there loser and good luck". She lets go and runs for the door she gives me one last smile to tell me everything would be fine. I walk downstairs and find Ken there waiting for me. "You love birds done saying goodbye yet" he ask with his hands in the air. My whole face turned red but I could trust Ken he wouldn't start shit. "Well man good luck out there and try not to get killed" he said so positively which I though couldn't be accomplished but Ken did it. He opened up the door and told me to wait in the station tell he announces the gates are open. He closed the door and the room was dark it gave me sometime to think about what was about to happen. The rush of fear was going through my head, the fact that Alyssa would be cheering me on in this fight. But Nemesis is way stronger then me, he would probably play with me before he kills me. There was no backing down now, it is now or never, I will change the future for me and all of Limbo. I hear Kens voice on the loudspeaker and the gates start to open up and stadium lights flood the station and I hear people chanting.