Life is strange. Some days you wake up and everything goes according to plan, other times, not so much. My first day at my summer job for instance, totally normal. I came in at 7 a.m., checked the book drop-in, and opened up the library. I took my lunch at 12, helped a few people find some misplaced books, and left at 3. Completely normal.

The sixth day however, not so much. That morning, I found a drunken man had crawled in through a left open window and decided that sleeping on the library couches was a great way to sleep off his intoxication. That led to a call to the police and me getting to take the day off due to "trauma".

I suppose I should attempt to describe myself. I'm Katherine-Elizabeth Rose Jennings. I go by Ellie, usually; Katherine just seems so stuffy to me. I'm fairly ordinary, I have two close friends, I live in a nice town, and have amazing parents. I work at my library due to a love of books, and its closeness to my house. It also is fairly close to Starbucks, which played a huge role in deciding where I work.

More about me later. Back to the sixth day. I came home and went to the kitchen to make some tea. While it was steeping, I undid my hair from its braid, and texted Georgie. I knew it would be too early for her to be awake yet, but I figured she would see it when she woke up and hopefully we could do something. I fixed my tea the way I liked it and sipped it slowly as I wandered around the house aimlessly. Once I was finished, I brushed out my hair and then pulled it back up into a ponytail. I pulled on my running clothes and headed back out.

It was when I was coming back that I noticed the black '67 Impala across the street from me. I live in a really small neighborhood, I'd notice a car like that, and I had never seen that gorgeous car before. If I had, I would have been best friends with the owner in an instant. It's my dream car. And that was when I noticed the guy gettingoutof the car.Holy shitI thought as I looked him over. This guy was gorgeous, I mean, god-like gorgeous. He had black curly hair that just dusted his shoulders, and he was a giant- at least 6'6 (a whole foot and four inches taller than me)! He had the start of a scruffy mustache-beard, and tanned skin. God, what a guy.

He looked up and noticed me staring. I blushed and turned away, jogging back up to my front door, but I could still feel his eyes on me.WeirdI thought, but I closed the door and took off my shoes. "Carol? Rebecca?" I called from the bottom of the stairwell.

Carol and Rebecca are my adopted mothers. They adopted me from an orphanage in Alabama, though I was originally from Russia. They adopted me when I was 7, and moved me to good ole' Arlington, where absolutely nothing exciting happens, but I can live with that. It was a nice city and but it was close enough to Washington D.C that Carol still made me be careful.

"Yes, Darling?" Carol called from the kitchen.

"I was just wondering if you were awake." I called back as I walked towards her.

"Donna isn't yet, but she should be up soon. I'm making coffee now. Can I get you anything for breakfast?" she asked with a smile.

"Um... Could I have a hard-boiled egg? I'm going to go and get a shower. I think I have plans with Georgie later on, maybe Lacey too." I said as I walked up the stairs towards my bathroom.

"Okay honey! It'll be ready in a few seconds." She called back.

I walked into my bedroom and went to grab a fresh towel and my clothes for the day. I decided on a simple black dress, and walked into my bathroom.

I showered and dried my hair quickly, making sure my hair was dried fully (Argan oil looks really bad when not dried fully... Trust me on this). I got dressed and went downstairs just in time. "I was about to call you. Here's your egg, and I made you some tea." I beamed at Carol before settling down to eat my breakfast. "Have you seen the Jones' nephew? He's moving here for his senior year. Isn't that exciting? I was thinking we could invite them over for dinner, so that he could get to know someone before school starts." Carol said as she sipped her coffee.

I nodded nochalantly. As attractive as he was, he seemed more like the type of guy for Lacey, or at least the type that would be attracted to her. Lacey had to be the prettiest girl I've ever seen, and she was also the nicest. "Maybe tomorrow night?" She asked, more persistantly.

"Yeah, sure. I'll get Georgie and Lacey to come too. Maybe James and Alex would come as well." I noted as an afterthought. James was head-over-heels in love with Georgie, and I knew she liked him too, so I was hoping to get them involved this summer. Alex was practically my brother. He, too, was adopted, and we had instantly bonded over that when I came to St. Stephen's in second grade. We all stayed close, even when I changed schools. I decided to come back for my Senior year, and I was hoping to have a somewhat fresh start. So far, it had seemed to be working, even though I had only run into a few people.

I finished my breakfast and put my plate and mug in the dishwasher and ran upstairs to finish getting ready for the day.