Rain hit against the pavement roughly as a nineteen year old boy with long silver hair and azure eyes watched cars speed by sadly. He was wearing a short pink frilly minishirt with a tight yet loose black shirt and matching accessories. Near him were girls with similar outfits talking amongst themselves. It seemed like a normal night for him. "Hey," greeted one with long blue hair and pink shining eyes. "You should hang with us. We promise not to hog all the costumers." The boy smiled and nodded walking over to them. That's right. He was a prostitute out to get some money since his family disowned him to the street three years ago. She introduced herself first saying," My name is Hikaru, though, most call me Bunny candy. What's your name?" Two other girls joined them now curious as well. The silver haired boy sighed answering," I'm called Jewel." "You really don't talk much do you?" asked one of the girls just joining, who had short green hair with hazel eyes and piercing all over her body. Jewel shook his head no not really understanding how this job could be any pleasurable to gloat about with the others. "That's ok. No one really gets used to it at first," assured Bunny smiling kindly before they all spotted a car pull over. A hand motioned for the last girl, with long blonde hair and shining brown eyes that compared to her dark skin. "I'll catch you guys later," she said getting in the car with the stranger, leaving. "Right," continued the blue haired girl as though her friend had just left with another friend for the night," well, that was Sugar and this is Mister Mister." The silver haired boy looked at Mister Mister confused by the name and the green haired girl laughed explaining," I'm called that because of all the misters I get." "Yeah, she's caused so many divorces in one month," bragged bunny with a laugh. Jewel stayed silent deciding to watch the rain while the other two continued their chat together. After a couple of hours two more prostitutes showed up joining them as two more left that had joined in the period of time. Azure eyes looked at familiar black ones causing the boy to finally speak," What are you doing here, Caller?" Another boy prostitute only smiled arrogantly at him greeting," Yo, Jewel, didn't know you were working tonight. I need some money for rent again." Jewel sighed but smile glad it wasn't just him with the horny girls now judging each other's breast sizes. Caller wore green shining pants with a black and white provocative shirt clashing with his bright orange hair. "I'm guessing there's not much business tonight is there?" asked the black eyed teen boredly watching the girl's fight over the winner. "Not really," agreed the silver haired boy stretching as another car pulled over. This one seemed to bother him, making said boy take a step back unsure of its intentions. A man around thirty stepped out and smiled to the group asking," Which three of you are good at parties?" It was like those were the magic words for the group of women that suddenly started running towards him excitedly. Caller laughed letting them fight which three before the man said," I need one boy if you have any." The girls complained and shot a glare at Jewel and Caller as if hoping they would suddenly grow boobs and make the man choose out of their group. Rain still poured, making the women become drenched as they headed back to the overhanging the boys stood under. "These two are," announced one, stating the obvious. The man smiled at the two boys deciding on jewel instead of Caller. "I'll catch you later then," commented the silver haired teen sitting in the car next to two really excited girls. One of them happened to be Mister Mister. Once they reached their destination, the man turned around and stated," Hope you guys don't mind booze." It was more of a statement then a question since all of them knew it didn't matter. That was the life of a prostitute after all. Fuck whoever and whenever as long as you get the money in the end. Blue eyes watched as the others practically raced each other inside before entering the building himself. Loud music and the smell of drugs made the boy want to run back out and barf but he needed the money so Jewel held it down and smiled to his clients. Three years ago, he never even thought about having to sit on a strangers lap and act like a horny bitch. Then all he wondered about was the release of a new video game or how in hell he was going to pass his exams for school. It was really normal back then. Normal was what Jewel craved now sitting on some man's lap trying to get tipsy so he could still count the money later. Some of the customers thought getting them drunk would give them a free round, but the silver haired teen saw through that quick making sure to never get drunk on the job. One of the girls seemed to forget that, now dancing with two men on the floor without her shirt on. It all made him sick, but that was life. Blue eyes looked around the room he was in seeing more men than women dancing around and playing with each other. The man he was sitting on burped making Jewel twitch. Oh hell no, not one of them. Bastards were his least favorite type of clients making the prostitute really regret accepting the job. Fuck, please pass out soon. I am not about to deal with your ass tonight. Azure eyes glanced around the room thinking of an excuse to leave before a hand grabbed his arm pulling him out of the man's lap. Said man fell asleep from the booze making Jewel even happier before he looked at his new client pulling him outside. What Jewel didn't expect was the man pulling him would be so hot. His new client had short spikey black hair and when he stopped outside and turned around showed his alluring red eyes. "Sorry, I know you were busy but I couldn't help but have to pull you away from that piece of trash you were on," spoke the man with a deep voice. Blue eyes blinked breaking the trance he was in and blushed. "No I should thank you for that, um," Jewel said covering his face with a hand. This guy was different from the usual clients the boy was used to catching him off guard. The man chuckled, his deep voice only becoming more alluring to the boy, and said," Right, I'm called joker. What's your name?" Joker? That doesn't really sound suiting for this type of guy. Jewel shook his head trying not to care and introduced himself using his pet name. "Jewel suits you," commented Joker with a small grin. "May I ask why you are here?" The silver haired teen sighed explaining his job. "You're a prostitute?" asked the man unbelieving. It was true Jewel had the body for it, but the teen's personality didn't exactly welcome that type of lifestyle. "Yeah, I need the money," the blue eyed teen sighed glancing back at the party. He had better hurry back, though, before most of the good ones passed out due to the beer. The man grimaced trying to imagine the boy he had just met fucking a complete stranger. "Well, do you mind if I become your client then for tonight, Jewel?" asked the man making the nineteen year old shiver. "Ah, sure," replied the prostitute with a shrug. He really didn't expect what happened next to be possible. Especially for a nobody he thought himself to be.