Was it possible for a prostitute to fall in love? Jewel started out his window to his lonely rundown apartment. One of his fingers ran over his bottom lip softly. There had to have been a catch. There was never any books about the prostitute getting out alive or having a happy ending.

Hell, there were never any romances for prostitutes in the first place. The silver haired teen growled at his window irritated. So why had that kiss felt so different from the others. A ringtone broke Zane's thoughts causing the teen to growl again before answering his phone.

"Hey hey," greeted his only friend happily. "What's up?" asked Zane moving over to his falling apart couch and laying on it to prepare for Kurogane's annual brag train. "Great news," said teen answered excited. "I just found out that some of that new pimp's whores died last night."

"How is that great news?" questioned the blue eyed prostitute feeling sympathy for the poor dead women or men. "You act like they deserved it."

"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that," said Kurogane sobering up now. "I" just mean that now that the pimp's getting threatened he'll most likely leave and leave us the hell alone. I mean you've been harassed by them too, right?"

Zane sighed and replied," Yeah, but I don't wish death upon them like you do apparently."

"I said I was sorry. Jeez, let a drunk guy off once, Jewel."

"I'm not working tonight, so it's just Zane, Caller."

"Ah, really? What happened to needing the money?"

"Got enough for a night off."

"Oh, was it Mr. Mysterious?"

"Shut up."

Kurogane laughed but congratulated his friend on his good fortune. "Just remember I'm here if he causes any problems for ya, z."

Zane smiled on his end of the phone and replied," Gotcha." "Oh, hey, I got a client, talk to you later," signed off Caller before hanging up and going to work. The silver haired sighed again and wondered if there was really any other job he could switch for this one.

The next day was hot. A weather person seemed to have predicted it up in the 80s because Zane felt like he was dying just in the bed. "Damn, some way to wake up," the prostitute groaned before getting up and throwing on some shorts with a tank. He ran around the house bare foot and was thankful for once about not have carpets in his dump of an apartment.

Zane even put his long hair up into a ponytail to keep the heat off. After doing some chores and paying the rent, he went back to pull on some shoes and head out for breakfast.

Sunlight gleamed on the city around him. His long hair shined back making the usual invisible teen start to stand out today. "I should call Kuro and see if he wants anything," Zane said to himself before pulling out his phone and calling his friend. There was no answer.

"Drunk again?" questioned the prostitute to the phone. He sighed and decided to just drop by with something. Kurogane always needed a lift when he had a hangover anyway.

Once over by Caller's apartments, the teen found Kurogane's apartment and knocked. There was still no answer. Zane sighed again before pulling out a spare key and opening the door. "Jeez, how drunk did you get last night?" asked the silver haired boy closing the door back and to receive silence. The place seemed clean and normal. Kurogane's apartment wasn't a crap hole like Zane's and looked normal and very comfortable to live in with two couches and a tv in the living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom in the back where they would sleep whenever he stayed the night.

"Hey, Kurogane," called Zane dumping the food on his friend's nice coffee table. "Get up." He walked over to the back and enjoyed the nice air conditioning on the way. The bedroom door was slightly opened making Zane wonder why the other had not replied back so far. "Kuro-," the blue eyed boy began stopping at the sight before him.