Wicked Plot Of The Incubus

The room was cold, damp, and dark. She couldn't even see the frothy breath escaping her quivering lips. The only cloth that protected her body from the freezing air was her exquisite dress, layered in lavender and white silks. Her long brown locks were undone from its previous style, but her crown still remained on top of her head.

"Where am I?" The young woman wondered out loud.

She was a princess. Captured and thrown into an ominous dungeon. Frigid chills served as her blanket, causing her whole body to quiver something fierce and teeth to chatter. Numerous tears stained her petite cheeks.

Her back throbbed, being as she had been laying along her side on the stone floor for hours on end. Her bound wrists and ankles were bruised and chafed by the coarse rope rubbing her skin raw.

Needless to say, there was no hope left in her bones. No faith to keep her attitude on her predicament positive. She was alone. All alone.

Suddenly, the doors crept open with a loud screech. She heard the hiss of a torch being lit and it automatically illuminated the whole dungeon. Her ears picked up the sound of footsteps as they came ever nearer.

Once they stopped, she lifted her head slowly, eyes squinting, attempting to dim the brightness of the flame so she could take a glimpse at who was standing in her line of vision.

"No, it can't be!" she gasped, her heart pounding with a mix of hurt and anger.

The person in front of her was a twenty-nine year-old male with blonde chin-length hair and envious green eyes. His tall height resulted in his well built physique to tower over her tiny frame. A sinister grin lifted the corners of his mouth.

She couldn't figure out for the life of her why he was there, in such an evil realm; and she knew for certain that she was indeed in Dark Realm. Her gut instincts had told her so many hours ago.

He let out a light laugh and ripped the crown from her head, examining its precious jewels. "Princess Adela, my dear cousin. How are you coping with your accommodations? Are you quite cozy?"

"Malek, what is the meaning of this?" she questioned, her throat a bit scratchy.

He tossed the item behind him, disgusted. "I bet you are wondering why, aren't you?"

Adela cried out. "How could you betray us like this?"

Malek sneered at her, "How?" He grasped a handful of her hair. "How? I'll tell you how." She winced, tears lining her lower lashes. "Your father is an abomination to the crown. And, after I put him six feet under, I plan on ruling Mortal Realm."

"No! You wouldn't do that to your own uncle." The look on his face told her otherwise.

Her eyes were wide, frightened. "Even after all he's done for you?"

He tugged on her hair, forcing her to raise her chin and look at him. "He is the reason my father is dead. It should have been him on the throne of Mortal Realm."

Malek dropped her soft tendrils and turned his back on her. "But, no, your dear ole' daddy got in the way by murdering his own brother."

"Liar!" Adela became hysterical and yelled. "My father has never had a cold or murderous bone in his body. He is not a barbarian."

She seethed, completely outraged at the audacity of her cousin's words and accusations. "Since you have such a vendetta against him, then what was the purpose of kidnapping me and bringing me here to Dark Realm?"

He faced her again, smirking. "Ah, so you do know where you are. Let's just say that my master has a certain interest in you." Malek stormed up to her and grabbed her bound hands.

Adela gulped. "Who is your master, Malek? Whose castle is this?"

"You're about to find out." he told her, using a knife to cut the ropes around her wrists and ankles.

Malek gripped her hand in his, hoisting her up, and jerked her out of the damp cell. They moved through the grimy dungeon and up the cement steps.

Adela tried to pull free, shouting at the top of her lungs for him to let her go. But he would not budge. He only laughed at her frailty.

Down countless number of hallways they went, taking lefts and rights, going straight through this and that doorway. She really began to question if they were ever going to find her cousin's master. That is, until they came to a dead halt in front of a massive set of metal doors.

Malek knocked on the door only once with the sides of his knuckles. "Enjoy your new room, cousin, because you're going to be here for a very long time."

Adela didn't have a chance to retort as one side hurled ajar of its own accord, smashing into the wall. She turned her head away in shock. The thundering sound echoed through her ears, taunting her, telling her of the horrors she was about to witness as soon as she entered.

She again faced the opened doorway, her eyes tearing up. Adela expected someone to be in the doorway, waiting for her.

There was no one.

But who opened it? She questioned herself, silently fretting if it was Malek's master.

Adela had such an awful feeling in the pit of her stomach. She felt the first stage of a panic attack and her heartbeat quickened. There was no way in hell that she was going in there.

Desperately, she raced away from the door, intent on escaping. Malek restrained her before she had the chance.

He twisted her right arm behind her, her bones popping slightly. The amusement in his eyes sickened her as she cried out in pain. With great force, he shoved her into the room.

Adela skid to a stop before she fell flat to her face. What a bastard! She exclaimed in her thoughts. She would have given him a good thrashing if he hadn't already shut the door and locked it behind her.

A light breeze rushed passed her. Adela shrieked, nervousness gripping her heart instantly.

Not knowing what was in store for her, Adela ran to the door. She tried to open it.

Nothing happened.

She was indeed in a heap of trouble. Her mind was running rampant and she sucked in a deep breath as she spun slowly around, wondering if it was Malek's master or some other relentless creature in the room with her.

She saw no one.

It didn't help matters that it was pitch black in that spacious room. Regardless, she was still petrified.

Adela instantly felt a strong evil presence in there with her. Her eyes darted from side to side, attempting to find that demonic source of power.

When she looked in front of her, terror-stricken for what seemed the fortieth time that night. Two red orbs shined brightly and hungrily. And, to make matters worse, that hunger was directed towards her.

The entity chuckled nefariously in its throat as a red candle flared to life. The being's laugh was very masculine, confirming that it was a male.

He lifted the blazing stick to his face, unveiling his identity to the frightened princess. The daunting identity of Malek's master.

Aghast, her hand flew up to her lips to hold back her screams. She shook her head in disbelief, pressing her spine hard against the metal door.

She recognized that face very well. It was her greatest fear. The being who plagued her dreams for years. The most wicked demon to ever exist for all women. The master of seduction himself - Ephialtes, the most perilous incubus ever known.

"No! You aren't real." she cried out.

"Welcome to Dark Realm, Princess Adela." His voice was deep, sultry, alluring. He was clothed in black dress pants, that rode low on his hips celestially. His crimson shirt hung open, exposing his robust body.

She could only stare transfixed, her eyes roaming, finally ending to gaze into his magnetizing amethyst eyes. They were glimmering at her beguilingly.

"Wait a minute!" she spoke loudly. "His eyes were red a moment ago."

The stories she had heard about him were true. He was very bewitching. Absolutely captivating.

"You're correct, your highness." He meandered over to her, resembling a prowling wild animal stealthily stalking its victim before the kill. "My eyes change, depending on my mood."

"And just what mood were you in for them to have been red?"

Ephialtes grinned slyly, running his tongue along one fang. "Hungry."

Adela gasped, spinning around and banging on the metal door once more. "Let me out of here! Please, someone help me!"

But her entreaties only reached deaf ears.

Seeing that nothing was working, she pounded on the door with the sides of her fists harder, until bruises appeared.

Ephialtes was behind her quickly, seizing her wrists into his palms. His virile abdomen pressed into the middle of her back.

She sharply drew in a breath, feeling his arousal harden against her rear. The innocent princess became apprehensive at that, as well as the suppressing heat of his body. Everything about him was easily overpowering her senses.

He was hugely tall and had to lean down to whisper in her ear. "No one will save you here, princess." He moved her to face him.

"And why is that?" she questioned, her cleavage pushing against the front of her dress, due to her heavy breathing.

"Because," his baritone voice was husky, sensuous, "You belong to me now." He glanced down at her heaving breasts and again his eyes changed to a hungry red.

Her breath got caught in the middle of her throat. She almost sighed in pleasure by just hearing him speak in such a lustful tone. His whole persona screamed sex.

And why wouldn't it? He was the demon of sex and seduction.

She began wondering what he looked like, all over. But, in haste, before he could read her mind, she shook the thoughts from her head. She pushed against him and wrenched her hands free, her frightened eyes turning hateful.

"Never!" she hissed.

Ephialtes gave her a knowing grin, "Oh no? I would beg to differ, my sweet."

He slyly pulled out a small black crystal and pointed the anterior end at the wall. "Watch closely."

A small light hit the wall and gradually grew in size. It manifested into a golden ring and inside this ring was misty blue-gray fog. As it cleared, what Adela saw made her scream in horror.

Her two brothers were being held in captivity. She watched in remorse while they were beaten to a bloody pulp by lower and grotesque demons.

Not able to take anymore, she fell to her knees and put her hands over her face. Tears built up along her lashes and streamed down her cheeks.

Adela uncovered her eyes and called out to her brothers, hoping that they would hear her voice. However, she soon realized that they could not.

He stepped over to her and knelt down. "You see, here's the deal; if you agree to hand your soul over to me, they will live."

"Both will be brought safely back to the castle in Mortal Realm." he stated, running his hand through her hair in comfort.

"And if I refuse?" she sobbed.

"Refuse and I'll have them killed right now." His tone was dangerous. "They will suffer in Hell for all eternity. It's your choice."

Adela was speechless. "I-I.."

"Would you condemn them to death and torture, princess, just for your own freedom?" he whispered in her ear, nipping at it for emphasis.

The vision disappeared. She lowered her head in defeat. He had won.

Her tears still cascaded down her face, marring it with depression. This was her tribulation. Yet one thought remained. I have to save my brothers.

Adela would do anything to keep her flesh and blood siblings alive. She would die for them. They had always been very close to each other. She was willing to do whatever it took, even if it meant making a deal with the demon in front of her.

"I-It..Alright, it's a deal." she mumbled shamefully.

"Perfect!" He grinned and stood, gliding the pads of his fingers against her cheek softly.

Adela smacked his hand away from her face. Rage burned in her eyes to very depths of her soul and laughter shined brightly inside his.

"My father will send his best to come for me. So be prepared, incubus."

Ephialtes' triumphant smile turned sinister, malicious. He hauled her up by the hair on her head, lowering his mouth to the side of her neck.

His teeth gnashed one time close to her throat, not clenching her skin just yet. He inhaled her scent and placed a lingering kiss along her rapid pulse, chuckling against it in amusement.

"You think I am scared, precious?" he declared softly. "Obviously you have no idea what I am capable of. No idea how strong I really am."

Adela gripped her cross necklace and held it in front of her. "God is stronger."

He huffed out a laugh. "Holy relics do not faze me. Prayers do not keep me away."

"You know, maybe I should give you a taste of my powers, dearest Adela." he suggested. "Someone needs to teach you a lesson about my kind."

After the last words left his lips, his grip left her hair and he vanished in plain sight causing her to fall to her rear.

The room turned pitch black once again. No light remained.

Adela lifted her hands up to her face to check if she could even see them. When she couldn't, her body shook with terrifying chills that drifted up and down her spine. She had a bad feeling about this.

Her breathing increased tremendously. Adela had no clue whatsoever how he was going to prove his powers to her. She didn't know how far he would actually go, or if he would take her virtue.

She spun around in every direction, desperate to find him. He was nowhere. And there wasn't even a single hint of his power, or his magic.

Adela ran to the door. As soon as she touched it, the whole thing melted away and in its place was the wall. There was no escape.

"This is an illusion." she told herself out loud. "It has to be."

Adela felt against the wall for some form of exit. She found nothing and immediately began to break down.

"Please, let me out of here." She slammed her fist gently against the stone wall.

Adela heard a deep chuckle come from behind her. Her heartbeat stopped for a split second and she held her breath. She sensed his presence then.

"Leave me alone." she sobbed, releasing the air from her lungs.

She realized her hair was being lifted from her neck. Her thighs quivered as she felt soft lips searing her skin. His touch left such a tingling sensation in her already throbbing clit.

It was maddening.

She turned around to chastise him for getting so close to her. Too close. Again, no one was there.

Her stomach churned in nervous knots. She was so nauseated from her fear and anxiety.

Gusts of wind whooshed passed her in every direction. She shivered, though not from the cold. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end. She could hear his quiet laughs echo throughout the room.

"Are you scared?" he whispered behind her.

Adela didn't bother to answer. She couldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing she was terrified of him, of his power over her, especially since it was just a little taste he was giving her and not the whole thing.

Nevertheless, there was one thought running through her head. She did not want to experience the true power of the incubus.

Adela carefully moved around the room, looking for any sort of weapon to defend herself with. There had to be something; and once she found it, she would find her own way back home to Mortal Realm, after she freed her brothers.

Out of nowhere, a shiny object glimmered in her sights and she grinned. A bit of confidence as well as adrenaline rushed through her veins.

On top of a little nightstand was a sharp knife. It seemed to have materialized from thin air.

Adela sneaked it into her hands with a firm grip and held it behind her back. Let him try anything now. She thought.

Ephialtes appeared merely inches from her face. She jumped sky high, startled. He chuckled.

A predatory glint flickered in his red eyes, surveying her every move. He had to stifle a laugh once she pulled the weapon out and pointed it at him. He heeded her courage and couldn't get over how irresistible she seemed to him.

A burst of energy shot out from his hands, hurling the dagger away from Adela. When it skid across the floor, it reminded her of the shrill one causes when fingernails scrape a chalkboard.

"Nice try, pet, nice try."

Adela ran to retrieve her weapon, sliding on her knees and scuffing the first and second layers of skin. She constricted the silver handle. A sense of victory lit up her eyes.

Her bravery was short lived and she became paralyzed as Ephialtes' long sword poked into her chest. The blade wasn't penetrating through her flesh, but it was enough to make her blood run cold and drop the hilt of her dagger.

The incubus glided the tip of his blade up her neck gently, stopping at the bottom of her chin and uttering a simple command. "Stand."

Her breath got caught in her throat. "Please, no.."

Ephialtes growled. "Now!"

Adela nodded and rose to her feet slowly. "Ephialtes, I.."

The blade followed her every move. "Not a word, sweet, not a single word."

She cried out when he motioned her forth. She strained in her pleading to make him see reason.

Incubus' eyes glowed angrily at her refusal. He pierced her skin a little deeper to get her to obey.

He did have to admit, she was making his cock throb the more she defied him. He loved a challenge.

She felt a tiny trickle of her blood run down her flesh and she shook violently, like a magnitude 9.5 earthquake. There was no other choice, she had to obey him.

"Forgive me, Ephialtes. I'll be better, just don't hurt me. I.."

Ephialtes lifted up his other hand to quiet her. Once she was within reach, he grabbed her wrist and spun her body into his, holding the sword against her neck.

The grip on his weapon slackened and it fell out of his hand, clattering and clanking as it hit the floor. He immediately wrapped his arm around her mid-drift, confining her against him.

Ephialtes kicked the sword from him and turned her to face his wrath. He gazed into her alarmed eyes and chuckled, his fangs prominent. He took great delight in her dismay.

He grasped her by the shoulders and guided her to the wall. They came to a halt once he felt her back touch the stone barrier. He shifted her long hair to the side and out of his way.

Ephialtes kissed her pulse, slithering his tongue against it and the small cut caused by the blade of his long sword. Her blood was simply divine.

The incubus soon felt her relax in his hold and lean her head to the side more, silently surrendering to his fascinating touch. He grinned against her fragile throat, hearing her sigh in innocent pleasure.

His hands roamed down her arms and secured her wrists. He was not rough in any way and raised her arms above her head. His fingers laced with hers, holding her hands to the wall.

Slyly, he placed both into one palm, running his digits through her hair. So very soft. He thought, clutching a handful possessively.

"Damn, I want you so fucking much."

Her heart beat erratically at his words. "Why?"

Ephialtes did not answer; it was obvious. "Oh Adela, do you even know the extent of my want for you?"

"No, tell me," she finally said.

"How about I show you." Ephialtes brought his lips to hers and kissed her with every ounce of passion within him, muffling her moan.

There was no other word to describe it. It took Adela's breath away.

He knew she didn't realize what was happening. She was too caught up in her own fantasies, wanting his expert mouth sucking at her neck next.

Ephialtes hastily obliged. He suckled at her flesh until he saw a faint bruise.

"Do you want me, as well, sweetheart?" he lured her.

Adela's mind was all fuzzy. She couldn't think to save her life. All she could do was feel. And he was making her do exactly that.

"You don't have to reply," he whispered in her ear. "I already know."


He chortled a bit. "I can hear what you're thinking. Every little thought that passes through your mind."

She broke the spell over her quickly. Her eyes caught his, trying in vain to read them. The intensity inside them brought forth a rosy blush.

Adela turned her head and cleared her throat. "You're bluffing. No one has that kind of power."

This time he laughed. "You are asking yourself why you feel a connection with me."

Ephialtes snatched her chin up, his eyes capturing hers. "You, my dear, are scared of losing your innocence to me at this very moment."

Her eyes widened. "That's impossible."

"You are terrified that I will make you submit to me, willingly." he told her and slipped part of her elaborate dress off of her right shoulder.

Adela held back a moan, feeling him kiss her bare collarbone. "Please, tell me, why me?"

Ephialtes ventured toward her ear. "I have watched you for a long time, love." He licked her earlobe; she sucked in her breath. "Your beauty captivates me."

"It's true, isn't it?" she inquired. "You're the incubus who's been haunting me in my dreams."

He challenged her stare with his own tempting gaze. "Indeed, I am he."

He clasped her hair and tenderly pulled her head to the side again. "We are mistaken as vampires, you know."

"Why?" she breathed out the question, giving in to his temptations.

Ephialtes' mouth connected to her pulse for a brief second. "By the method we use to mark who is ours."

The meaning behind his words dawned on her before Adela could say anything and he plunged his fangs deeply into her vein. She opened her mouth to scream yet nothing would come out. Her blood leaked down her back and chest as he sealed her fate.

She felt herself getting weaker and he still denied her any remorse, or her freedom. Her arms drooped almost lifelessly, dangling at her sides. She was about to pass out. Another second more, she would be trapped in oblivion.

Ephialtes pulled as much blood as he could into his mouth. He had to weaken her. Her will was too strong for him to conquer her.

He had never tasted life's essence as sweet as hers though. It was intoxicating. He was in such bliss and he knew he'd never get enough. His thirst would never be sated.

In a lustful frenzy, his hand grappled the front of her dress. He instantly ripped it open, exposing her supple breasts to his keen sight.

In her vulnerable state, she let him tear her clothing. It wasn't like she was able to stop him.

Bravely, and at a snail's pace, she slipped his shirt off. Adela gasped at his god-like features and he removed his incisors, blood dripping from his chin.

She was amazed at how attractive he really was, even though her blood stained his lips. She could only imagine what his actual naked form looked like. And she desperately yearned to find out.

"You're beautiful." she stated, her tone loving.

He was handsome, sexy, mesmerizing, gorgeous. It was no wonder that he easily attained any woman he wanted. Just one look at him would make any female eager to tear their clothes off themselves and spread their thighs, begging for his invasion.

His black spiky hair looked so soft to the touch. Adela ran her hands through it and leaned his head down to her throat once more.

One would think they were lovers. She almost wished they were. Yet was it even possible for an incubus to fall in love?

Although it was painful when he first struck, it had changed to a mind-blowing experience as he bit her a second time. She cried out, passion dulling her senses and serving her helpless.

Ephialtes acknowledged her heart fluttering slowly and pulled his incisors from her flesh for the final time. He had to refrain from taking all of her blood, for she was extremely weak, to the point of no return.

He couldn't have her dying on him, especially since he assuredly had Adela in his seductive web. And she would never escape him. She would be his for all eternity.

He released her, so she could get her bearings. Ephialtes laughed silently, witnessing her frail body sway back and forth. He knew she was about to black-out due to blood loss.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fell forward. He caught her in his arms, hugging her to his chest.

The incubus lapped up the blood from his lips and grinned. Despite the fact, there were many things he craved to do to his pet. And at that precise moment, he had to bind her to him by performing the last stage of his claim - sex.

It was imperative.

Ephialtes had heard every thought battle throughout her numerous times upon removing his shirt. And, honestly, he couldn't stop his mind from working overtime.

She was attracted to him, there was no doubt about that, and he loved the fact his appearance was helping with his achievement. He was definitely going to use it to his advantage.

His eyes, now a deep crimson, caught hers. He could tell she was confused, but spellbound. He had always made it a sport, a habit more-like, to play all sorts of sadistic games with his victims. Yet why didn't he want to do the same to her?

Again he manipulated her arms by raising them above her head. He predicted that no fight would commence.

The corner of his lips curved into an alluring grin. His eyes continued entrancing hers. He then lowered his head to her chest. His tongue performed its magic as he licked the dried blood from her cleavage.

Adela's heart raced. She was on an emotional roller coaster. The infamous demon of seduction was making her feel so many of them; fear, pain, pleasure, excitement, anger, awe. Her head was spinning out of control.

But the most forbidden emotion for her to experience was lust. And she was unquestionably lusting after him.

His hands traveled down her stomach to her inner thighs. He grappled both sets and lifted her long legs about his waist. One arm then crushed her against him.

Ephialtes cupped her breasts with a single palm, kneading them one by one. He easily pushed her back into the wall as he took one nipple inside his mouth.

His lips latched onto them and strongly suckled until he felt her body tremble with desire. Her resolve shattered instantly.

The stone was about to split her spine it seemed. However, Adela did not care. His seductions were her pains antidote.

She couldn't hold back any longer. A breath-like moan escaped her lips. She was losing her focus. Why am I allowing this? She wondered.

Ephialtes listened to her thoughts battle for control. He decided to take the temptations up a notch. His hand bunched her long dress up and ripped it in the center. With skill he slid his hand into the dress and gripped her naked thigh possessively.

He inched his fingers into the side of her undergarment. His lips curled into a smirk once he felt how moist she really was. Knowing that no man had ever touched her so intimately gave him more power over her.

Her guards were breaking before him so easily. He could take her at that very moment and she would not resist him. She was so perfect to him. And her body did things to the incubus that no other had.

Ephialtes made up his mind then and there that he would not doom her soul. He would keep her as his own. Was he falling for this mortal?

Ephialtes' finger spread apart her folds and his thumb massaged her clitoris. Again she moaned for him. He inserted a digit into her sex. She was so tight and hot. And so very wet.

He wanted Adela, but the time was not right. It was way too soon. The ritual was not yet complete.

Once his mark was upon her, he would seal the deal by taking her virginity. He'd make her yearn for his touch every night.

Beg, oh yes, she would beg. And when she could not handle it anymore, then and only then would he take her. He'd fill her vaginal walls with his cock to the brim. He would piston in and out of her like a damn jackhammer.

Ephialtes was gentle with Adela as his finger plunged into her petite hole deeply and unhurriedly. Her climax was close and building up to be an intense explosion.

He could not wait until her insides clenched around him. In his thoughts, he imagined what it would be like, feel like, to have her walls milk him for all he's worth.

He was going to savor every minute of her release. Every moan that slipped passed her luscious lips. The looks of rapture on her beautiful face. The ecstasy in her innocent eyes. She was even more beautiful to him when seeing her as such a victim to seduction.

The marking ritual would be complete in four steps. The first he had already fulfilled. Taking her blood.

The second was almost finished. Drinking her sexual fluids during her orgasm.

The third, exchanging saliva. That would be easy as pie. All he had to do was capture her lips in a searing kiss.

After those three were accomplished, the last step would be performed. Her blood would stain the sheets as he slammed into her, breaking her hymen.

"You yearn, don't you?" he questioned her, his voice husky. He added another finger, stretching her a little more.

"Oh, yes." she replied breathlessly.

Ephialtes was close, so very close, to his achievement. But he couldn't resist any longer.

He dropped to his knees, hitching her legs over his arms. He could feel the heat of her sex through the barrier of her silky undergarment.

Ephialtes growled, clutching the cloth tightly. With one swift jerk in the front it ripped in half. He peeled the torn pieces to the side, like peeling a banana, and took an appreciative glance at her body.

Adela was too enthralled by her lust to even care that she was entirely naked. Yet she blushed as his gaze crept down her form.

He raised her long legs again. This time securing them about his neck. His resolve was quickly faltering.

Ephialtes caressed her bare, damp vagina. It was a custom for the royal females, over the age of eighteen, to be waxed every week.

He licked his lips and groaned, lowering his head to her beautiful warm center. He inhaled her musky scent and trembled with anticipation.

"Delicious." he sighed. "I am going to give your beautiful pussy a very long kiss, princess."

He wasted not another second as he buried his tongue deep between her moist folds. His appendage slithered against her vaginal walls, exploring every crevice.

He was intent on finding all her special spots. He strived to detonate her succulent juices, so that they exploded into his waiting mouth.

Adela cried out at the alien sensation. No one had ever kissed her there. But, God, did it feel fantastic. The beating of her heart sped up every minuscule of a second.

Ephialtes greedily lapped up her leaking desire. His lips slurped her clitoris inside his mouth and suckled.

Her insides were clenching, throbbing, readying for release. "So good. It feels so, so good."

By far, she was the best he had ever tasted. Like an exotic fruit. Sweet and tangy all at once.

He released her clit with an audible pop. His thumb took its place and rolled her pleasure button, the rhythm and pressure he used heightening her ardor.

Her legs tightened around him and she rubbed her sex into his face. At that moment, he affirmed that she had reached her precipice.

Adela was screaming in absolute pleasure. Whatever his tongue was licking against was the reason for her body convulsions. She never knew four-play could be so damn good.

Oh yeah, that's the spot. She moaned gratefully in her mind. His thumb rotated around her clit again. She mewled, praying he'd never stop working her swollen bud.

Ephialtes, rather content, groaned against her as mouthwatering fluids drenched his tongue and lips. She was sopping wet and so ready.

He flicked the end of his thumb against her bud one last time. But before she could catch her breath, he started licking her g-spot hastily.

Ephialtes surveyed the princess toss her head back. He loved the sight of her spine arching like a cat just as her climax ripped free and filled his mouth.

"Oh..uh..yessss.." she wailed, bucking her hips and grinding her pussy on his lips and tongue.

Ephialtes made sure not one drop missed his wanton mouth. He let her ride out her intense orgasm before he pulled away and lowered her legs to the floor.

His eyes traveled to her glassy ones and he stood to his feet amazed. His plans had changed yet again. I have to have her as my mate.

She looked like a goddess who had just had the best sex throughout her immortal life. He loved her, there was no mistaking it.

He grabbed her face with gentle hands and leaned down to collide his lips against hers, allowing her to taste herself. Ephialtes was reaching the last step of the binding ritual before he marked her as his mate.

He was just a breath away from her. Almost there. He thought joyfully. Their moment was suddenly interrupted once he heard impatient pounding on the door.

Ephialtes fixed Adela's dress to cover her slight nakedness. Along the wall were two clamps for her wrists. He confined her fast, moving away from her and rushing to the door.

"I am busy."

"Too busy for your brother?" The person asked with a voice even deeper than Ephialtes'.

Adela couldn't walk over to the doorway. Her bindings held her, keeping her immobile.

Her heart was still beating erratically. She caught herself yearning for that kiss; wishing for his lips, touch, seductions to return.

"Gallian, please, come in." Ephialtes stated and opened the door.

"Is he just going to leave me like this?" Adela whispered to herself.

The incubus laughed under his breath. "My dear, we wouldn't want you escaping." In a flash, he was in front of her. "Now, would we?"

"Who are you jabbering to, Ephialtes?" Gallian questioned and stepped into the room. He shut the door and immediately saw her.

If he had a heart, it would have ceased from beating. She was absolutely breath-taking to him. But he hid his emotions quite well and sauntered towards her and his brother.

"I am talking to this delectable woman, Gallian." The incubus answered. "Meet my concubine." He reached his hand out to touch her cheek.

"Do not touch me." Adela hissed, secretly heartbroken. She would never be his whore. "And release me at once."

Ephialtes chuckled. "And if I don't?"

"My father will have your head. That I can guarantee." she said heatedly.

Gallian moved closer to her. "And just who is your father?"

His close proximity was making her nervous. His long raven hair draped against his shoulders as it reached his mid-chest. It looked like it was woven from pure silk.

He had eyes unlike any she had ever seen. They were so hypnotizing in their dark blue-violet hue. He was taller than his brother. His complexion was very pale; his lips so smooth and full.

Before she could say anything, the incubus spoke up. "Her dear daddy is King Philip."

Gallian spun around on his heels and looked at his brother. "What? You brought a mortal to Dark Realm and a royal one at that?" He was furious.

"I did not. Malek captured her for me." Ephialtes replied nonchalantly. "I made him believe that I would turn him into an incubi if he did that one simple task for me."

"I do not care. She is King Philip's daughter. He'll send his sons after her." Gallian hollered.

"Speaking of my brothers, have you set them free?" Adela butted in.

Gallian's eyes widened. "You kidnapped all of Philip's children? This is going too far. You are going to cause a damn war."

"They were only a part of my plan." Ephialtes told him with a grin.

Gallian placed a hand against his forehead, exasperated. "What plan, brother?

Ephialtes played with a lock of Adela's hair, all the while never taking his eyes from hers. "I had to make sure the deal would turn out successful."

Gallian gritted his teeth together. "You threatened her brothers lives, didn't you?"

The incubus faced him and spoke in a raised, supreme voice. "So what if I did! Who are you to question what I do and how I do it? I made you and I can destroy you."

Adela heard a voice in her mind. I will free them and take them back to your realm, Princess Adela.

She gawked at Gallian in question. He nodded his head, silently telling her that it was him who was talking to her telepathically.

"Fine, do what you want. Don't come to me when the kingdom is in ruins." Gallian yelled and stormed out of his brother's room, slamming the door in the process.

Adela had to hold back a gasp. How did he know my name? It was never given to him. She pondered.

Ephialtes laughed loudly. "Insolent fool."

He turned and gazed hungrily at Adela. "Now, where were we?"

"No! Don't touch me." Adela shrieked.

Ephialtes smirked and roughly pulled her head to the side. His mark was still there. He traced it with a long finger. It was inviting him to take from her again, enticing his senses.

He watched a tear trail down her cheek. He lapped it up with his tongue and moaned.

"Salty, but delicious." he groaned in pleasure. "If I recall correctly you liked my touch earlier."

He lifted her legs and enveloped them around his waist. He pushed his clothed groin against her sex. His arousal was still very evident.

"You still crave my touch and so much more. Thoughts do not lie, my sweet. Nor does your body."

"It was a spell. Some type of dark magic you incubi perform on women." Adela knew after she said those words she would be eating them.

"By all means, let me show you an incubi's power, full force." he told her sadistically.

He jerked her legs away from him and stepped back from her. He watched her hungrily and started to chant in a different language.

Ephialtes wanted to make her regret mouthing off to him like that. He'd make her suffer - sexually.

Adela began to feel very strange. Her nether region was slowly pulsating. Her nipples hardened.

Someone was touching her everywhere; her breasts, her thighs, her clit. It even felt like someone was sucking on her neck.

Her back arched and she cried out. It was too much. Her sexual juices were dripping down her thighs. She needed release.

Ephialtes chuckled softly. He watched her writhe against the wall. His little spell was working wonders. And he loved it.

His tongue started to flick inside his mouth. He heard her scream in absolute bliss. She was caving so well.

He still remembered what it was like plunging his tongue deep into her. He reminisced about feasting on her nectar until she almost passed out from exertion.

But, even then, he still did not stop. Not until he'd had his fill and the second step of the ritual had been thoroughly completed.

Adela was wrenching, yanking against the clamps, wanting to hold, caress, whoever was doing this to her. Whoever was making her feel such a sexual hunger, an immense passion. It was driving her insane with lust. All she could think about was the incubus and that it was him physically handling her.

"Please, stop. It is too much."

Ephialtes could not take it anymore. He had to feel her. He needed to be inside of her.

With a sensual growl, he unlocked the clamps and picked her up into his arms. He brought her to his bed and laid her down. He watched her, listened to her moan out as his spell took control of her.

Dominantly, he shred her dress with long claws that grew from his fingernails. He positioned himself on the mattress and spread her long legs apart.

The incubus crawled between her slender limbs in anticipation. He gazed into her eyes and lowered his head to hers.

Even as he breathed against her lips she moaned. His mouth collided against Adela's in a mind-blowing kiss.

He dove his tongue in, flicking it against hers. Once the exchange was efficient, his hands gripped underneath her knees, forcing her legs to stay opened.

He left her lips, kissing her jaw, her neck, her breasts. She was a drug to him, so addicting. And she tasted like sweet candy. Every part of her.

Adela scrunched the sheets in her palms. Her spine arched upward. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

She panted and moaned, crying out each time his tongue performed its magic all over her. She did not even care that he was an incubus.

Her lust was spiraling out of control. Soon, she would not be pure if he kept up his ministrations. It took everything within her to not scream for him to take her. Make her his forever.

"Stop" was not a word in her vocabulary at the moment; for she definitely did not want him to cease what he was doing.

In an instant, his clothing was discarded. He saw her observe his erection.

Her eyes bulged out in amazement and fear. He was enormous.

He smirked and chuckled at her wonderment. Catching him off guard, she clamped her palm around him.

"How is this going to fit inside of me?" she asked, clearly worried.

He hissed as she squeezed him slightly. "Do not fret, love. It will fit. You were meant for me."

Ephialtes' thumb found her clitoris while she stroked him. He circled it; played with her pleasure button.

Finally, it was time. He, along with her, couldn't take the teasing much longer.

He kissed her deeply, prying her fingers away from his cock. Once it was in his own hand, he placed it at her entrance.

"And now, my love, you are mine." Ephialtes stated and shoved himself deep into her core, breaking passed her barrier.

Adela winced in pain. It felt like he'd ripped her body into.

Ephialtes let her get adjusted to his girth invading her before he slowly moved in and out. He used gentle thrusts.

Suddenly, her pleasure was replaced by the most horrendous agony she'd ever experienced. It felt like her soul was being taken out of her body.

"I am taking your soul, Adela. How else would you be able to become immortal and stay with me?"

She screamed and thrashed against him. It hurt too much.

"Only a few minutes longer." he whispered, kissing her head.

Ephialtes would normally bellow a dark, evil laugh as his victims wailed in anguish. He couldn't with her.

It was true that he had attained his prize. Adela, the Mortal Realm princess, and her soul was his for all eternity. But he hated seeing her cry.

Adela relaxed in his embrace. It was over. A question entered her mind. Does he love me, like I love him?

Gallian slammed his fist into the stone wall in his room. Indentations of his knuckles were left as he pulled them out. He could not believe his brother kidnapped her, especially knowing the feelings he had for her when he'd seen her a year ago.

He remembered it well. It was during the summer season in Mortal Realm. He had just come back from his nightly hunt and heard this beautiful voice from deep in the woods.

He followed his siren's call and it led him to Adela. She was singing, sat at the edge of a large fountain.

Gallian watched her twirl her fingers in the water. Her laugh was even musical as the little golden fishes suckled at her fingertips.

He moved to her slowly, trying not to make a sound. Eventually, his foot stepped on a twig and it made a loud snap. He disappeared in the shadows once more, before she could catch him.

Adela spun around quickly with a gasp. Her eyes searched the area for any perpetrators. She saw no one.

She breathed a sigh of relief upon realizing it was safe. Her smile returned. She said goodbye to the fishes and ran hastily back to the castle.

"He knew damn well." Gallian hissed under his breath. "I have to stop him from ruining her. She does not deserve such treatment."

After those words, he heard her pitiful wail. His heart fell and tears of blood angrily burst forth from his inhuman eyes. Gallian beat into the wall even harder. He lifted his head and let out the most horrifying roar.

His own brother had stolen his love from him. He felt betrayed. And he knew Ephialtes was set on making her his. He hadn't a clue how he was going to fix this or how he was going to stop him.

"No!" Gallian rushed through the halls, mind intent on reaching her in time. He had to stop his brother from taking her soul. Her screams were traumatic.

He didn't have much time as he could feel her soul slipping from her. Just the energy of it was like an eletric current flowing throughout his body. Her soul was pure, in every sense of the word, that he could tell. He opened the door and burst in.

Ephialtes looked up with a malicious smile. "You are too late, dear brother. She's mine for all eternity."

Gallian dropped his head in shame. He had failed her. He had let the love of his life down.

He growled deep in his chest and looked up at Ephialtes in hatred. His fists clamped tightly along his sides.

"You bastard. You knew I loved her." Gallian seethed.

Ephialtes chuckled. "Of course I did. Let this be a lesson to you. Once you are an incubi, brother, you cannot fall in love. Claim them, yes. Fuck them, yes. But love?"

"I was a vampire once. They are capable of loving, as am I; unlike you." Gallian countered.

"Then you are weak." Ephialtes hollered. "As punishment for your stupidity, Gallian, you will watch as I fuck your love and she cries out my name in pleasure."

"No!" Gallian yelled.

His body was trapped in its place. The lust demon was too powerful for Gallian to break his hold.

Ephialtes grinned and lowered his head to Adela's blood covered vagina. He flicked his tongue against her sore opening, his saliva healing her raw cunt.

She moaned out and pushed herself against his mouth. He chortled in his deep seductive voice and ate her pussy ravenously.

"Oh, my sweet incubus, never leave me." she worshipped him. "Never stop..uhhh..fucking me with your tongue...yeahh.."

It was so hard to watch her submit to him. Gallian cried silently to himself. Her words were tormenting him. This was his own personal hell.

It was all Ephialtes' fault. He did this to him. Nevertheless, he felt responsible, as well. If only he had never told his brother that he had fallen in love with the princess.

Ephialtes groaned. "Tell me who you belong to. Who is your master?"

"You are." she hissed in bliss.

"And what does my princess want her master to do to her? Tell our guest."

Adela's spellbound eyes stared directly into Gallian's. "I want my master to fuck me. I want him to eat my cunt. I am his. I belong to the incubus. I belong to Ephialtes."

The incubus laughed in victory. "Such a good girl."

"Always, for you."

"You deserve to be rewarded," he praised her. "What does my bride want her master to give her?"

"I want to feel you inside me." she declared with a moan. "I want you to take me, love me, want me."

"Consider your wish granted, my precious." Ephialtes lifted her spread legs and bent them to her sides, slamming his hard cock into her dripping hole.

"Love me." she screamed, over and over, tormenting Gallian.

Ephialtes continued to fuck her in front of his brother. He was delighted to see the anguish on Gallian's face and sense his heart breaking.

"That's it, my princess, come for me." And she did, hollering that she loved the incubus. That she loved Ephialtes.

Ephialtes spilled his seed deep inside her womb. He embraced her tightly. She let her head fall to the side, inviting him to drink from her.

He lowered his mouth to her throat and sank his fangs in. His mouth curved in a grin once she sighed in ecstasy as he drank her blood. The way she held him to her proved him triumphant in every aspect.

Ephialtes ceased from taking anymore and released his incisors from her neck. He laid her down on the mattress and covered her naked body with the silk sheet. He felt territorial with his mate.

Gallian seen this and was outraged. He used his telepathy to talk to him. You mated with her? You damn hypocrite. I thought that incubi could not love?

Ephialtes growled. I did not intend on loving her, Gallian. But, yes, I do. And, yes, I made her my mate.

Why? If you recognized you could love, why did you take her from me? Gallian was appalled.

I am selfish, Gallian. Ephialtes told him. I have always known, since the beginning of time, that an incubus could not love. At least, that's what I have been told from Lucifer himself. However, my brother, I give you free reign to find a mate after my unforgivable deceit. Find whoever you want. I will not stop you, or take her. You have my word.

"I will hold you to that, brother." he hissed in disdain. "But if you are lying to me, I will find a way to eradicate you. Are we clear?"

Ephialtes cuddled next to Adela, clutching her to him. "You are free to try, but I am not lying. Now, leave, Gallian. Your presence is no longer needed here."

Gallian lowered his head and turned around. "Just, please, be good to her."

He moseyed his way out of the bedroom, his heart in pieces. He had lost her. His first love. He only prayed that he would find his one true soul-mate. Maybe one day.

Adela felt content. Sure, everything she had said to Gallian had been the incubus speaking through her. And she was very confused as to what conversation the two were having. Other than that, she was happy.

"Ephialtes, do you even love me?" she asked, her voice hopeful. Or am I just a prize to you?"

Ephialtes kissed the top of her head while stroking Adela's soft hair. "Yes, my sweet, I do love you. And I always will."

She smiled and cupped his cheek. "I love you, as well."

After their confession, they embraced one another, enjoying the feeling of being wanted and cherished. And they knew that it would be like that for all eternity.

The End

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