When I met you
It felt like
You are the last one
The last one I will ever meet

New acquiantances, all of it
Are just familiar faces
They are now just duplicates
Of someone in my circle

I wanted to know you
I liked to get close to you
But I was too hasty
I messed it up, big time

A progress in a week
Was forced into a day
It was all craziness,
Impatience and Insanity

After several days, I stopped
I stopped talking to you, bugging you
Let time heal what needs to be healed
Let it erase the smudge of my mistakes

After several days
I saw you again
Yes, I did see you again
And I was stucked for a bit
In the trance of your smile

It all came back to me
All those happy moments
All those days that got me excited
I won't forget any of it

I will treasure those talks we had
Those times when I made you happy
I will treasure that single moment
When you had a fine day, because of me

That morning when you smiled
My day was already completed
It could really be the last
I couldn't care less

After several days
After just a few months
You are now leaving
In an instant, you are gone

I hope it won't take long
Until I see you once more
Until I meet you again
And start this all over
One last time