You're summering some other dream somewhere far away from me
But like an addict I believe I smell your skin and taste your sin in all the air I breathe
I feel a touch like every single one you've ever shared
And it carries me to you in my heart where all our love was aired

It's sick and sad that I've held on to you for all this time
But still I crave that touch that kept me gasping for our crime
I love your loving hatred that you love to give around
I sit on thorns and needles like a demigoddess crowned

These rasping breaths confess my sins in ways I never knew
And here I see the corresponding shapes come into view
Like puzzle pieces misaligned that slowly find their place
I'm seeing all the ways I found my sanctuary in your face

Your eyes that shone like sparkling onyx full of something dark
Spoke volumes to me of all the sorrow in your heart
I promised then I'd save you but I see I never could
No matter what I try to do, you're not meant for anything good

So love, you leave me wishing for the summer you held close
And every symptom sickened me and caused me to self-diagnose
I'm heartsick and I'm hollow and I'm golden in your eyes
But every single thing I knew in you became a vine of lies