It's one in the morning
and I had a vision.
This vision led me
to my final decision.

I visioned a pain free life,
I visioned gun.
I visioned a blade,
and a night filled with fun.

I visioned my blood,
pooling on the bathroom floor.
I visioned the blade in my hand,
only cutting more.

I visioned the smile
that would grow on my face.
I visioned the pain
sending me to my happy place.

I visioned the pills
that I would take.
I visioned my life,
nothing but a mistake.

I visioned the gun
sitting in my hand.
I visioned my death,
going exactly as I planned.

I visioned my determination,
helping me complete my task.
I visioned my final moments,
finally taking off my mask.

These words I'm typing
will be my last.
Being alive
was my past.

I've been hurting so bad,
and now it'll be done.
Killing myself should be
quite fun.

I opened the box,
I'm holding my tools.
I'm so happy to be leaving
all of you fools.

First I'll cut,
than take the pills.
Than I'll use the gun,
the thing that really kills.

As I sit in my bathroom
plotting my death,
I get a little more determined
with every breath.

The words I've said now
are my last.
Being alive
is my past.

It's 1:18,
and soon, I'll be dead.
This isn't negotiable,
I'm already laying on my deathbed.

Goodbye, world.
That's all I have to say.
I'm not even the tiniest bit sorry
I'm leaving this way.

(By the time you read this,
I'll be dead.
Killed myself.
Put a bullet through my head)

Status: Deceased.