A part of him, a part of me,

The sum of our parts,

That no can see,

Already lives in our hearts.

For me it's a girl, for him it's a boy.

We'll never know now.

Never know the love or the joy,

If you think it's fair please tell me how?

My baby, my child, my reason to live,

Was growing inside of me.

I gave my body, my heart; I gave all I could give.

I'd have given my life, if necessary.

It hurts, my body and my heart,

My baby dies inside of me.

A life that never got to start,

A family we never got to be.

There's a pile of things still in the corner,

Booties and bottles and a multi coloured baby gro.

There they will stay, in their own little corner,

And one day they'll be needed; I know.