Really all they are, are burning balls of gas

Dense, containing mass.

And really all this is, is the way it's supposed to be

Pure instinctual gravity.

And truly all you are, is blood, skin, and a beating


Everything I see can be explained


Everything I know, proven


It's Revolutionary.

Love, is just necessary, just biology

An illusion to maintain what is


And stars and time are fact.

And war is an attack

On humanity.

Everything we do or say must have

Some explanation

We are one human race

Separated by the nation.

Two people alone, just chemistry.

The magnet of you and me.

An animal attraction

The action to reaction.

And all that friendship is, is

Alliance for survival,

Deflect the social rival.

And really all I am, is a girl that's sort of strange,

A repeating oxygen exchange

Called life.

And really all they are, are burning balls of gas,

Dense, containing mass.

Really all we are, is the future of the past.