I wish I could text him again but he's out of minutes.

I want him back but it seems like he could care less.

I miss him but it doesn't seem like anything's going to change now.

I want to hug him but I'll never be able to have one from you again it seems.

I miss everything that happened but I guess I'd rather have all of these memories then none at all.

What am I kidding...I'm never going to get the things I wish or want!

I'm going to feel the same way day after day over and over again and never look at a guy the same way every again because all they seem to do is ignore and leave me.

I can't really see myself falling for anyone else; I just feel so attatched to him eventhough all of the tears and pain I've gone through and still going through because of him.

I can't let go, I've tried and it just hurts even more.

I remember when I confused him with pig latin and then he picked it up and started talking back.

I remember the time he asked me to sit on his lap on the bus and I said no...he had the cutest little pout on his face and I felt so bad I didn't say yes.

I remember the first time we held each other's hands; that feeling when he would just pick up my arm and move it around...idk why he did that but it was pretty funny.

I remember going to his house over winter break for the first time; it was pretty awkward and I didn't go in his house right away and actually stayed right outside with a friend and that's when I spotted him walking back to his house.

He was wearing his Call of Duty hat and...let me just say he looked different; he looked so cute, but he always is...

Anyway, his mom kept telling me that I was allowed back in his bedroom.

Sadly, the furthest I got to his bedroom was his bathroom...FAIL!

I really tried, but in the end I chickened out like usual and stayed out in the living room most of the time.

If only I were brave like I sort of am now and walked right in and waved at him with one of my awkward smiles, sit next to him on his bed, and watch him play video games...I love doing that and ugh, I just don't know why I didn't do it...

...So anyway, I feel like a failure and I wish I could just change something.

I hate having nothing left but memories... :c