I sat there in my usual seat and who happens to get on the bus?


I see him every single day and everything has changed.

He did so many things.

We're like strangers now.

But he suprises me by sitting down right next to me.

Just like old times...

I look over at him when he's not paying attention and realize that things are different.

He's ignoring me and it hurts.

The pain can't be real, but it sadly is.

The bus starts moving and I sit there awkardly.

I put my knees up and look out the window.

I would listen to my music but it's under my feet now in my bookbag and I don't want to accidentally bump him or anything to make things worse.

My heart falls when seats open up in towards the front of the bus and he gets up and leaves.

Okay, goodbye to you too... I think to myself and finally put my knees down.

I bend down and grab my bag.

Search quickly for my ipod and stick my earbuds in and slowly forget everything.

The world around me disappears and I'm just sitting there listening to the sound of my heart crying.

In each song I play, I see a lot of similarities... a lot of me.

I want to cry, but this time I won't.

It's not because I'm on a school bus because I've cried a few times before on here.

I don't know exactly why I didn't... strength, I think maybe?