Yesterday, Today

So many years have passed away

Some bright and full of joy,

While others bring ice to my veins

Widening the fissures deep in my heart,

Threatening to break it all apart.

Thousands of words fill the screen,

Spilling like blood from an open wound,

Hoping to stitch each broken seam,

Hoping to heal those broken dreams

That no one seemed to understand.

I look back at it all,

Marveling at everything I went through,

Cringing at the rawness,

The anger,

The pain

As I wonder,

Did it really hurt that much?

Was I really that broken and alone?

Despite it all, I got through

Stronger, braver, and truer to myself.

The anger dulled or was washed away.

Some old pains linger, as they are wont to do,

But it all seems dimmer now,

Not as intense,

Not as daunting.

I thank Him every day for getting me though

For believing in me when it felt like,

No one else did.