Chapter 32-Epilogue (Yes, the last chapter.)

Third Person POV-(Denn=Dig)

In the backwoods of Leesburg, Georgia, Denn Martin looked down at his baby boy, wrapped in a light-blue blanket. Even in the Georgia summer heat, the premature boy shivered. Denn smiled as his baby, Chandler, wrinkled his nose slightly and tugged on Denn's thumb. Chandler opened his eyes and Denn saw his own, gray eyes, reflected back at him. The boys' golden locks belonged to his mother's, though.

"Denn? Where's Serena? I can't find her." Denn's wife, Skylar Martin, called as she walked onto the front porch, where he sat, on the swing. Denn took a swig from his glass of sweet tea and looked at Sky lovingly.

"I'm sure she's around here somewhere. Maybe playin' with Uley." Denn said, referring to the couple's five-year-old daughter, Serena, and one-year-old boxer puppy, Uley. "I wouldn't worry about it, Skylar. She's just like you. Strong and independent." Denn smiled.

Skylar rolled her eyes. "She's just a toddler, baby. She needs someone to constantly watch her." She explained. "Serena!" Skylar called, her voice vibrating through the woods. "Uley!"

Suddenly, the overly-hyper puppy shot around the corner of the house and up the steps. He leaped up and propped his feet on the swing that Denn sat upon, collar jangling about his throat. The dog stuck his snout in the bundle of blue and sniffed the baby boy. He licked Chandler's cheeks and wagged his tail. Uley loved Chandler, though why, Denn never knew.

"Mama!" A little girl's voice rang out in a sweet soprano. Serena Martin stumbled around the corner to her mother, smiling brilliantly. Her dark curls bounced all around her face and her sea-like eyes grinned wildly. Her too-long blue jeans skimmed the red dirt ground, her bare feet already turning red. She waved a bright purple flower with slender petals and a long stem in the air, her fist clenching it tightly. "Hey, Mama! Guess what I found?!" She exclaimed, as Skylar swept her up, onto her hip.

"What? What did you find, sweetie?" Skylar asked, walking up the steps.

"An agepantheus!" The toddler exclaimed, handing the flower to her mother.

Skylar scrunched her eyebrows together. "Do you mean agapanthus?" She asked.


Skylar fingered the locket around her neck at the memory of her first photograph. "Yes, dear. This is a beautiful flower. Do you know what it means? The name?" Skylar asked, pointing at the flower.

"No, what?" The little girls' eyes dilated with excitement.

"It means: Lily of the Nile. It's an Egyptian flower. It was your Auntie's favorite flower." Skylar told the little girl, taking her over to the swing, beside her father.

"Can you tell me about Aunt Serena again? What she looks like? You said she's really pretty. Why can't I ever see her?" Serena pummeled her mother with questions.

"I'll tell you what. If you're good for the rest of the day, I'll tell you about her right before bedtime. How's that?" Skylar reasoned.

"Yay!" The toddler screamed happily.

Denn stood and rocked the baby in his arms a few times before going into the house to put him down for his nap. Skylar told the little girl to go play in her room for a few minutes, Daddy needed to go put Chan to sleep. The little girl smiled and ran into the house with Uley on her heels.

Skylar looked out in their vast expanse of yard. Denn came up behind her and put his arms around her, chin on her shoulder. She smiled at this gesture and turned around so they were face to face. "I love you."

Skylar kissed him and it felt like forever plus one.

Denn kissed her and it felt like eternity times infinity.


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