Matt Walker was sitting in the PMTA office playing pack-man on his computer, and pretending to listen to sergeant.

"Walker, do you want to take this case?" The sergeant said, making Matt jump. He nodded quickly. This case would promote him into a full agent for sure.

"Ok. Get your gear ready. Your going after a girl named…" The sergeant looked at his clipboard for a second, "Paige Harrison."

Matt stiffened. Paige Harrison? He had a niece named Paige Harrison. She would never do anything to get the attention of the PMTA though. Was there another Paige Harrison in the white mountain area of New Hampshire?

"Walker, hurry." The sergeant said, pushing Matt out the door. "Go to your car once your ready."

"Yes sir." Matt hurried down the hallway towards the locker room.

Matt pulled on a bullet-proof vest and a belt with several gun holsters. He slipped in three hand guns, then slung his machine gun over his shoulder. He then threw on a black jacket with his badge in one pocket. Matt shoved ammo in the other pocket.

Although this was mostly violent things, the PMTA hardly used them. They were required to be civil unless the person fought them. Before he left the locker room, Matt grabbed his agency phone with the information already loaded on it.

His shoes squeaked on the freshly washed linoleum floors and he rushed through the maze-like halls. Matt knew the halls by heart.

Matt pressed the elevator button. Once it came, he walked briskly in and pressed ground floor. The elevator shot upward, stopping in a small room.

The room was dirty with chipped tile floors. There was a single staircase going up, which Matt took. When he opened the door at the top, a bright light blinded him.

"Agent Walker?" A women asked, shaking his hand quickly. "I was assigned to take you to the violator's house." She motioned for him to follow.

Matt nodded and followed the women into a car. She told him to sit then sat herself in the drivers seat.

"Thanks." Matt said, laying his head back. The ride wouldn't be long. After all, they were only a few miles from civilization. "What's the address?" he asked, hoping it wasn't to far.

"ll hillcrest street. North Conway." The women started the engine. Matt couldn't process it for a moment. That was his sister's house. What did Paige do?

"Oh my God." Matt whispered. He had to take his niece into custody and let her be executed.

"It's about a fifteen minute ride." The women pulled onto a narrow road that snaked around the PMTA base. "My name's Agent Hawkins, by the way."

Matt just nodded, not able to pay much attention. What would Heather, his sister and Paige's mother, do to him? How would he get Paige, when her and her family all thought he was dead?

"Do you have handcuffs?" Agent Hawkins asked.

Matt shook his head, embarrassed. In his haste to impress the sergeant, he had forgotten them.

"I noticed you didn't have them. Here, I always keep some for the unlucky agent who forgets." She smiled and tossed him a pair of handcuffs and a key.

"Thanks." Matt said.

"Only a little while left now." Agent Hawkins said, still driving.

Matt decided to pass the time left thinking. Paige probably deserved this. The PMTA never went after someone unless they did something to get on their radar. What sis Paige do?

He spent a while trying to figure out what she had done, when Agent Hawkins shook his shoulder.

"It's the blue house on the end." She said. "Just call for back up and I'll come."

Matt nodded, and got out of the car, walking slowly towards the blue house. This was the house he had grown up in. Heather couldn't bear to leave it so she bought it once their parents died. Matt hadn't been there for five years.

He walked up the path slowly, and onto the covered porch. This was where he at after his mother's funeral, crying with his sister. That was when she planned to buy the house.

Matt shook the memory away. He was here on business. Hopefully, Heather wouldn't see him.

He pressed the door bell letting it ring. No one came to the door. He rang it again, and a sleepy looking women pulled open the door. "Sorry." it was Heather. "I was asleep."

"Hello, Heather." Matt said, wishing Paige had come to the door.

"M-matt?" Heather sounded strangled. "Is that you?"

"Yes. I need to speak to Paige please. It's important." Matt said. He was nervous.

Heather leaped towards Matt, hugging him tightly. "I've missed you so much! Paige!" She called Paige.

A few seconds later, a face appeared. "Yes, Mom? Oh my God! Uncle Matt!" Then Matt had two pairs of arms around him. One belonging to Heather, the other Paige.

"Hello, Paige. Can I talk to you alone please? Matt said.

"But you're dead!" Paige said, following Matt away from the house. "How are you here?"

"Look, Paige, I joined a secret team, branched off of the CIA. I had to 'die'." Matt said. "They specialize in, well, paranormal activity and… magic. I was sent to get you. What did you do?"

Paige's eyes widened. "You're a Hunter?"

"That's the slang term, but yes. I suppose I am. Anyway, they want you." Matt pulled out handcuffs. He snapped them on Paige, hearing the click.

"No! I don't want to go!" Paige hit Matt with the hand he hadn't cuffed. "Mom! Help!"

"Paige!" he heard running and Heather appeared. "What's going on?"

"Uncle Matt. He's trying to take me away!" Paige screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Matt, let her go now." Heather saw the handcuffs.

Matt sighed. "I didn't want to do this." He swung his machine gun off of his shoulder and pointed it at Paige. "Don't move, or I shoot her."

"Matt! Don't!" Heather screamed, freezing, "Please!"

"Mom!" Paige was crying, "I'm scared!"

"Don't hurt her, Matt!" Heather was crying now too. "Let her go! Please let her go!"

"I can't. My boss wants her." Matt said. He clasped the other cuff on Paige's other wrist. He pulled her towards the car waiting at the end of the block.

"Paige!" Heather ran after them.

Matt pointed the gun at her. "Don't move, Heather. I'm sorry I'm doing this, but I have too."

Matt shoved Paige into the car, and followed after. The car peeled away, and they disappeared.