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Once upon a time, there was beautiful princess. She had luxurious, waist length, midnight blue hair that curled towards the end. Rare sapphire blue eyes that shimmer brilliantly through the night and day. A slender and feminine body every woman was envious of. Soft, milky white skin that none could compare to. Voice like a gentle melody. Her fair beauty was known throughout all the land and kingdoms. Every man desired to have her, but none has prevailed so far. Everyday, men after men would offer expensive gifts for her love, but all were rejected. Let's hear this sweet princess's story…

"Oh, Princess Aurora, please except my love! I will make you the happiest woman in all of the kingdoms," Lord Chyra exclaimed on his knees. He raised his present before my eyes, a box with emeralds, diamonds, sapphire, and rubies embedded in it.

I give him a sweet and beautiful smile and say, "My dear lord, I am very gracious for your generous gift, but with many apologies, I cannot accept your proposal. I am not ready to marry yet. I am truly sorry."

The lord's eyes were filled with hearts due to my smile. He stuttered pathetically, "O-oh n-no my p-princess. It is my f-fault. P-please a-accept this gift as my a-apology. I have t-tried to u-usher you into something you are not ready for. P-please accept my a-apology."

I once again give him my classic smile and say sweetly, "Thank my Lord. You are very kind."

His face grew red and stammered, "N-no. T-thank y-you. I-I will b-be on m-my w-way."

Lord Chyra rose from the ground and quickly ran out of the room love struck.

"Aurora, you will need to marry someday." I looked to the side to see it was my sister, Diane who was giggling as she said those words. She had mid-back hazel colored hair and emerald eyes. She had a slender and delicate body.

I crossed my arms and scoffed, "Can't those old farts get it through their thick-headed skulls I don't want to marry! How many men do I have to reject before they understand?"

My sister continued to giggle before she said, "They won't stop and you know it. You are the most wanted princess. Every man desires you."

I rolled my eyes and said, "I will never marry. Even if I marry, which will never happen, I can't bear children, you know that."

My sister started to snicker. "No one has to know. You have a sweet high voice and a nice body. No one has to know your secret."

I glared at Diane. Just because I have a high voice, like a woman's, a curvy, delicate body, and wear dresses, it doesn't mean anything! I am forced to wear dresses by Mother! Look underneath the dress! That's right, I'm male! Do you have a problem with that? As to why I have to act like a girl. Tell you later.

I said irritated, "They will know once they see underneath my dress. I have a flat-chest and male parts. What is there not to understand once they see underneath? I don't like men either! And also, no one ever sees past my so called beauty. Every man just lusts after my body. No one knows who I truly am nor will they love me for who I am." I finished solemnly.

My sister's expression softens and walks towards me. She places a hand on my shoulder and says, "First of all, you are truly beautiful. You are one of a kind. Your lovely blue hair and rare sapphire colored eyes are special. Second of all, not every man will be like that. There is someone out there who will love you for who you truly are. Believe that Aurora."

I smile gently at her. She is someone who you can run to with all your problems. I said jokingly, "How do you know it will be a man, not a woman? I am male after all."

My sister beamed at me and said, "You never know, but I still think it will be a man."

I chuckle and say, "Don't keep your hopes up."

Diane laughs and said, "Let us go to the Dining Hall. It is time for lunch." She grasps my hand and drags me towards the Dining Hall. Upon arriving there, my father, mother, brother, and my sister's husband were already seated and waiting for us.

My father, King Hael was sitting the farthest away as the head of the family. He has dark blond hair and sky blue eyes. He is tall and has a well built body. He is around his early forties.

My mother, Queen Elissa was sitting to his right. She and my sister are practically like twins, except Mother looks older. Hazel colored hair that was waist length and emerald eyes like Diane. A feminine body that was slender and delicate. She is around her early forties too. I know… my mother and father are young.

My brother, Crown Prince Kale is sitting on my father's left. He is the oldest of us siblings. He is 22. Diane is 20 and I am 16. Kale has light blond hair and sky blue eyes. Yeah… my father and he also look like twins… He is tall and well-built with lean muscles. He isn't married yet, but has a fiancée. Forgot what her name was. Anyways, Kale is rather protective of me. He tries to keep all the men away from me because he is afraid they will tarnish my purity. Seriously… He actually said that. The only reason he can't stop suitors from coming to propose is because my father threatened him after what happen to the first man who asked for my hand in marriage. That man was handsome, though he didn't interest me; I don't think he will look the same ever again… Let's just say, his face needed to be remade…

Lastly, Lord Aleyn Cyanth, who is sitting next to my brother. Aleyn has wavy forest green hair and dark green eyes. He has lean muscles and is tall, but not as tall as my father and brother. Aleyn is Diane's husband. They got married about one year ago for love, not arranged. We don't believe in arranged marriages, unless it is absolutely needed to keep peace with surrounding kingdoms.

Yeah… so this is my family. We, the Arynne family rule over the Kingdom of Eliseth, one of the most influential kingdoms. We have many allies that would never dare to betray us. We have a strong military that cannot be easily defeated and a powerful navy because one side of our borders is the Cerulean Ocean.

Anyways, do you want to know why I have to dress like a girl, even though I am male and my family seems normal? I have an older brother and sister, who don't have to cross dress like I do, so why? Well, okay. So my mother really wanted another daughter, not because she wasn't proud of Diane, she was, but because she liked having a daughter. Mother enjoyed dressing us up in frilly clothes and teaching us how to be a proper lady. So when she found out I was a male, she was disappointed, but she didn't care and announced to the whole kingdom I was female. Father just let her have her way since he knew he would never be able to unconvince her.

For years I thought I was female. I wore the dresses my mother prepared for me. I walked and acted like a girl. I grew out my hair. My body was even feminine in every way, except for the fact I have a flat chest and male parts. When I hit puberty, which didn't do anything because my voice is still high and my body is still delicate like a woman's, I found out I was actually male because I was finally told I was. I never showered or changed with anyone, so I didn't know the difference between the male and female anatomy. Since no one said anything in the past, I was mad for about a week before I got over it.

So when I found out I was male, what did I do? Just kept acting like a girl. I mean, it makes Mother happy and that is how everyone sees me, so what can I do, but keep being a girl. I don't particularly hate acting like a girl because I am used to it, but the one thing I hate about being a girl is all those dumb men who keep trying to marry me! Can't they just back off? I don't even like them!

As you can tell, I have a reputation as the fairest princess of the land and all kingdoms. Just because I have midnight blue hair and sapphire eyes, it doesn't make me any more special than the rest of my family or any princess…or prince. Whatever…In my whole family, as you can see, I am like the black sheep. I am different. I am the only one with my hair and eye color. I inherited these traits from my late grandmother, whom I miss dearly. I do like my hair, eye color, and body, but I also hate it because it makes me stand out so much. Everyone always talks about how beautiful and lucky I am, but can't they just shut up sometimes! Okay. Enough ranting. Time to eat.

My sister sat down next to my mother and I sat next to Diane. Lunch hasn't been served yet, so my family chats for a little.

Father asks, "Daughter, did you reject another suitor again?" His eyes twinkle with amusement because he already knew the answer.

I glared at him and responded, "Of course I did! Why would I want to marry him?"

Kale asked me frantically, "Did that bastard do anything to you? Are you safe? No injuries?" Same old. Same old. Asks me that every time.

I sigh and say, "Kale, nothing happened to me. It's not like I am going to get raped. Don't worry so much. I don't plan to marry anyways."

Mother gasps whenever I say that. She said, "Aurora, of course you will marry! You will marry a perfect man!"

I rolled my eyes and say the same thing I always do. "Mother, you know that even if I marry I will never be able to bear children. Also, what man will want to marry me once they find out my secret?"

Mother's eyes softened and she said gently, "Aurora. You are beautiful and have a good character. Anyone man who truly loves you will look past that fact."

I sigh exasperated and say annoyed, "Why does everyone think I will marry a man? I am M-A-L-E! Male! Who says I won't marry a woman?" Everyone looks away when I say that.

"Oh come on! Really, you all think I will seriously marry a man?"

Kale looks at me and says apologetically, "Even though I want my dear brother to stay pure, without a doubt you will marry a man."

"Ugh! You guys are so annoying!" Everyone starts laughing at my outburst. I give them my cute, puppy dog face and everyone starts to apologize because no one is immune to it, which causes me to laugh and everyone else followed me. Life is always like this and I never want it to change. It means the world to me because I know my family loves me.

Finally, we are served lunch and Father makes an important announcement.

Father says, "In about two weeks, we are going to the Kingdom of Aleawin. One of the princesses, I think her name is Princess Emilia is getting married. We have no choice, but to attend. After all, they are our allies and I have known their king and queen for years."

I sigh. Get ready for many men to flirt with me… Oh yeah! The crown prince… What was his name? Cian? Cian Adeavia… That's his name. He is said to be a notorious womanizer… I need ask Father if I am correct. I ask, "Father, the Aleawin Kingdom is ruled by the Adeavia family, right?"

Father nodded and asks, "Why?"

I make a disgusted face and responded incredulously, "Because I have heard rumors of the Crown Prince. He is said to be a womanizer."

Father makes a face of realization and said heartily, "Don't worry, Aurora. I am sure once you reject him he will leave you alone."

I scoffed, "He better. I don't want anything to do with him. I am pretty sure once we get there, I am already going to suffer with everyone staring and flirting with me."

Everyone laughs once again and Kale says protectively, "Don't worry dear sister! I will protect you from all those evil people." Because he said that, I also start laughing. With everyone, without a doubt I will be safe.

I just hope this trip won't kill me… All those men… A chill passes through my spine.

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