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Sitting in a carriage for over two days is seriously tiring. We have been traveling for over two days. During the day, we just sit in the carriage and stop occasionally. At night, we would stop at an inn to stay for the night. I really hate inns… Too many men! The moment I step out of the carriage, many heads turn our way and stay on me. I am used to it, but I still extremely hate to be stared at, especially when the men are ravishing my body with their eyes! It is disgusting!

At the two inns we stayed at, I was attacked. Good thing there is Kale to protect my chastity. Too bad for all the men who tried to get all touchy touchy with my body. It was certainly an awful day for them. I wonder how disfigured their face ended up at the end of the fight… All well. That's what they get for trying to grope me. Molesters.

Soon enough we arrive at the palace and it is still morning. Father, Kale, and Aleyn exit the carriage first. Mother takes Father's hand and steps out of the carriage. Diane takes Aleyn's hand and I take Kale's hand to step down from the carriage. When I think about it, it is kind of degrading for me… I, a male had to take another male's hand to get of a carriage. Should I be feeling shame…? Whatever…

A male servant steps forward and bows. He asks, "Are you the Arynne family?"

Father nods in response and the servant says, "I shall take you to your rooms. It will be in the east wing of the palace. Your rooms will be next to or across from each other. Will that be alright?"

Father nods once again and addresses the servant to lead the way. Before the servant takes us to our rooms, he orders the other servants to take our bags and follow.

As we walk down the corridors of the palace, I can feel everyone's eyes on us, especially on me. People from other kingdoms tend to recognize me due to my characteristics. You know my blue hair and eyes. Honestly, you won't find anyone else with my traits.

As soon we are out of their sight and hearing, they start whispering about me. I don't travel out of Eliseth, so for me to go to another kingdom is rather rare. I prefer to stay home because it reduces the amount of men I have to deal with, so to see me at another kingdom must have surprised them.

Soon enough we arrive at our guest rooms. Mother and Father share one room. Aleyn and Diane share a room next to Mother and Father. I have the room across Diane and Aleyn's and Kale has the room across from Mother and Father and next to mine. I like this arrangement because that way if I scream; Kale will hear me and beat the snot of the person who is trying to harass me. I know it will happen! Don't tell me it won't!

Before any of us enter our rooms to freshen up, the servants that have our bags put them in our quarters.

The servant that guided us said, "Someone will come by in a few minutes to give you the tour of the palace. If there isn't anything else you need, I will take my leave."

Father asks, "When will we be able to meet the royal family?"

The servant answers, "After the tour, you are asked to eat lunch with the royal family."

Father said, "Thank you for your help."

After the servant bowed once again and left to perform his required duties, each of us enters our assigned rooms. My room was beautiful and matched me. In the middle of the room was a large canopy bed. The canopy bed had midnight blue blankets and pillows that were lined with gold. There were curtains on the front, left, and right sides of the bed. There was a bathroom on the right side of the room. A large dresser for all my clothes, make up, and accessories. There were two windows on both sides of the bed, but were covered by the curtains.

Before I have chance to do anything, someone knocked on my door. I open the door and saw that it was Adelia, my nursemaid from since I was a child. She was had straight, brown, shoulder length hair and gentle, grey eyes. She had a rather petite body, but it fit her. I asked her to come along because I need her to assist me in my everyday life. She helps me get dressed and does miscellaneous jobs I need her to do. Adelia knows that I am I man, even before I knew, but she doesn't mind. She listens to me when I need someone to rant to and gives me some good advice. I don't look at her as another servant, but a friend that I can depend on. If it weren't for her, I don't know how I can actually survive. That is how much I need her.

I say worried, "Adelia! Where were you?"

Adelia enters into the room and smiles. She says, "Sorry Princess Aurora." I always tell her to call me Aurora, but she says she needs to show the difference in rank and respect towards me. I can't change her mind, but at least she says my name rather than calling me "your highness" or something even more irritating. She continues, "Some servants took me, Celina, Liam, and Theal to the servant quarters to show us our rooms." Celina was Diane's nursemaid and came along to help also. Liam was Kale's and Theal was a servant Father and Mother trusted, so they asked him to come along to aid them.

Adelia looked around my room and walked towards my bags. She started taking my clothes out and placing them into the dresser.

I asked, "Adelia, what should I wear? I have been told we will have lunch with the royal family. I need to wear something appropriate for lunch, but comfortable."

Adelia took a few moments to think before she picked out a gown for me to wear. It was midnight blue with silver linings and lace on the edges. It had long sleeves that fluttered out from the elbow. The skirt was floor-length and puffy with many layers. In the middle on the top part of the dress, there were strings that made a row of criss-crosses over the chest area. Around the waist line of the dress, there was a silver ribbon.

Adelia handed over the dress to me and said, "Go to the bathroom and change into this gown. I will pick out your shoes and accessories while you are changing."

I go do what I was told and changed quickly. I came back out and Adelia already picked out everything. She was currently putting away all my clothes and shoes. When Adelia noticed I was done changing, she motioned for me to come over to her. She told me to sit down on the chair in front of the dresser and handed me a pair of soft silver slippers. I changed my shoes and waited for the next step.

First, Adelia brushed my hair gently to get rid of any tangles. Then she redid the very little make up I had on. I didn't need a lot of make up, just some to accentuate certain features. Then Adelia clasped a necklace around my neck. It was a silver chain with a blue rose hanging from it. She placed some blue and silver bracelets on my wrist and a ring that was adorned with my family's crest onto my right ring finger. Lastly, she placed a silver circlet on top of my long hair. The silver circlet had intricate designs with a heart shaped sapphire embedded in the middle of it.

Adelia smiled and said, "Perfect! Now you are ready. What is next on the agenda?"

I returned her smile and responded, "We are going on a tour around the castle, then having lunch with the royal family."

Adelia nodded and said, "Why don't we see if everyone else is ready?"

I got up from the chair and followed her to the door. When she opened the door, a female servant was already waiting outside of us. When she saw me, she bowed and said, "Good morning, your highness. I will be giving you the tour of the palace. We just need to wait for the rest of your family."

I nodded and asked, "May I ask what is your name?"

She looked ashamed and said, "Excuse me for my rudeness. My name is Latanya."

I smiled at her and said, "Thank you for taking time to show us around the castle Latanya."

She blushed and responded, "It is no problem. It is my duty as a servant."

I shook my head and said, "Servant or not, you are still helping us. I am certainly grateful. And also, just because you are servant, it doesn't mean you shouldn't have respect from people of higher status."

Her blush deepened and said shyly, "Thank you for your kindness."

Soon enough the rest of my family and the others come out so that we can begin our tour of the palace. We were shown where the dining room, throne room, garden, which was beautiful, and the servant's wing, just incase we needed to look Adelia, Celina, Liam, or Theal.

When the tour was over, it was about a quarter after 12. Latanya lead us towards the dining hall once again to have lunch with the royal family. Entering into the dining hall, the royal family was waiting for us, but not sitting. There were six people, three men and three women.

One of the men stepped forward, umm… I think he is the king. He had raven black hair, silver eyes, and a small goatee on his chin. He was tall and had a lean body. He said, "Welcome to Aleawin. We are the Adeavia family. My name is Darin. I am the king of Aleawin." King Darin turned towards Father and Mother. He continued, "Hael, Elissa, it's good to see you two after so many years."

My father and mother smiled at him. Father said, "It's good to see you too."

King Darin chuckled and said, "Let me introduce the rest of the family." He gestured to the women next to him. He said, "This is my wife, Shayla." Queen Shayla had wavy violet hair that went mid-back and azure blue eyes. She was slender and delicate, like most women were.

Queen Shayla said sweetly, "I am pleased to meet you."

King Darin then gestured to the young women next to Queen Shayla. He said, "This is my daughter Emile." Princess Emile had raven black hair like her father and lavender colored eyes. She also had a slender body.

My mother said, "Congratulations on your engagement."

Princess Emile smiled and responded, "Thank you. I am happy that great friends of my father are able attend my wedding."

King Darin introduced the next two. A boy and a girl. I think they are twins. They look like they are two to three years younger than me. He said, "These two are my twins. This is my daughter Aine and this is her twin brother, Ailen."

Princess Aine said excitedly, "Hi! It's great to meet you!" Princess Aine had shoulder length wavy violet hair and piercing silver eyes. I wouldn't say she is delicate because it seems like she can handle a lot. I am not saying she isn't feminine because she still is.

Her twin brother said quietly, "Hello. I am pleased to meet you." Prince Ailen had straight violet hair that went mid-back and it was pulled into a ponytail. Just like his twin sister, he had piercing silver eyes that seem to analyze your every movement. Unlike his sister, he was more of a quiet type. He didn't have any muscles, but at least you can tell he is male… Unlike me…

Then King Darin smiled proudly and gestured to the last person. He said, "This is my son, Cian. He is the crown prince of the kingdom."

Crown Prince Cian smiled which looked totally fake. He said, "Hello. Thank you for coming to our kingdom. I am pleased to meet you." Prince Cian had messy raven black hair and azure blue eyes. He was tall, maybe a little taller than Kale. He had a lean body with muscles that weren't bulky, just right I guess you could say… I really don't see why women want him… I don't see anything special. People say his eyes are mesmerizing, but I think it looks like any other pair of eyes just a different color. I can see his eyes glancing at all my family members, but lingering on me. He notices I am watching him, so he smirks seductively. Eww… I am repulsed by that look on his face.

After King Darin introduced everybody, it was our turn to introduce ourselves. My father starts off first. He says, "Thank you for inviting us to the wedding. We are the Arynne family. My name is Hael. I am the king of Eliseth."

Next was my mother. She held onto the sides of her skirt and curtsied. She said, "Hello. My name is Elissa and I am the queen of Eliseth."

Next was my brother. He said, "Thank you for invitation. I am Kale, the crown prince of Eliseth."

Next was my sister. She curtsied and said, "I am pleased to meet you. My name is Diane."

Next was Aleyn. He said, "Hello. I am Lord Aleyn Cyanth. I am Princess Diane's husband."

Last, but not least, me. Just like Mother and Diane, I held onto the sides of my skirt and curtsy. I say, "Hello. I am pleased to meet you. My name is Aurora."

Prince Cian glances at my body before approaching me. He leans down and grasps my left hand gently and kissed it. Eww… I can't believe he did that! How dare that no good prince kiss my hand! He looks up at me and says calmly, as if he wasn't eating my body with his eyes, "It is a pleasure to meet the famous princess of Eliseth. You are more beautiful than rumors describe you to be." He straightens his body and smiles seductively at me while still holding onto my hand. I give him my classic sweet and beautiful smile and respond politely, "The pleasure is all mine, Prince Cian. You are most kind."

He once again raises my hand to his lips and says, "Dear princess, I am saying nothing but the truth."

I really want to smack this guy in the head. I usually feel annoyed and disgusted, but now I feel… I feel… I can't even describe how I feel! I am beyond annoyed and revolted! I glance over to my family for help. Father, Mother, Diane, and Aleyn are trying not to laugh at my situation. Those traitors! How can they laugh at my misery? Kale is the only one seething in anger. Save me Kale!

Kale says calmly and respectfully, "Prince Cian, I believe you are making my sister uncomfortable with your affections." He may look calm, but his eyes are blazing with anger. My brother is terrifying when he is angry, especially if it concerns me.

Prince Cian pretends to gasp and then says apologetically, which really wasn't all that apologetic, "Princess Aurora, please excuse my rudeness. I assumed because of how beautiful you are you are accustomed to such words. Please accept my many apologies." He may look sorry, but you can tell he isn't and he is still holding my hand…

I try not to look sickened when I say, "You have nothing to apologize for. You were only expressing kind compliments to me."

King Darin laughed heartily at the scene Prince Cian and I were displaying. He said, "Now, now Cian. Don't make Princess Aurora anymore uncomfortable then she is." You can tell his eyes are filled with amusement.

Cian replied, "Of course, Father. I do not want cause any discomfort to Princess Aurora."

King Darin laughed again and asks, "Why don't we sit down for lunch?"

Everyone sat down at a seat, but unfortunately for me, I ended sitting in front of that Prince Cian. Why must the fates torture me? What have I done to serve this pain?

While eating lunch, Prince Cian would casually bump his foot against mine pretending it was an accident. He would smile seductively at me and ravish my body with his eyes during the meal. Why does it feel like I have been sitting here for hours, when it has been only five minutes?

Please save me from this horrible torture!

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