The Cock And The Crown

There once was a pirate
(Who wasn't a pilot)
And he wore a very large hat

There was also another
(The first pirate's brother)
Who happened to be slightly fat

But while with a sword the first pirate was armed,
The second held a weapon that couldn't cause harm
The very strange fellow was not feared, but mocked
For he stormed into battle with a rubber cock

Yet none of these battles ever turned sour
For he could depend on his CHICKEN POWER
To send all his foes running scared

When the sword-bearing pirate saw the fun
He became very sad, for he had none
So he asked if his brother would share

"I will give you my cock," said the cocky young chap,
"If in return you will give me your cap"
So the pirate agreed, and the two swapped their tools
And the two brothers then were the happiest fools