Had to do this for a class about a week ago.


It was no big deal at the time and it probably never will be but it was an injustice either way. 11:43 am Thursday, High School, Physical Education field. Three of my friends: John, Cathy, Tony and I were sitting around next to a wall being bored. We were talking and doing nonsense. I had money in my pocket and none of us had our PE uniform on. My brain had an idea to end our boredom for a few hours.

"Hey guys you guys wanna move? It a little crowded up in this wall." I suggested.

My friends and I looked around. Kids were everywhere some were sitting some were standing. Its not that we hate them or anything we just think they are annoying.

"Yea lets go to the fence." Someone said.

The fence was not really a fence really. It was more like bars keeping us in the concrete area from the grassy area. After avoiding the game of catch and the aggressive game of basketball the other kids were playing we finally made it to the fence. We went to a shady spot where a tree blocked us from the sun. The ground was a bit trashy and filled with dirt so most of us just stood.

"Hey you guys wanna ditch?" I was sure at least one of my friends would do it. All of them did way worse stuff then walk out before the bell rang.

"Yea sure." Cathy agreed.

"Me too." John was the worst in the bunch.

They agreed without any information on what we were going to do at all.

"Eh. No thanks." Tony actually gave a crap about his education unlike us.

"So lets do it after attendance so we would not be absent."

"Ok." They happily complied

A few minutes passed and several whistle blew. That was the signal to get lined up to our respective teachers. Cathy went to the other side of the field because her teacher was over there. Luckily Tony, John, and I had the same class so we went our way. Half way through our attendance I saw Cathy waiting at the back our class for us. This class was always slow at doing attendance for an unknown reason. But it was something along the lines of "…if this class dress more I would not have turn the page and mark you all..." something, I forgot the rest of his speech.

We went back to the same spot and continued the same conversation.

"So you guys wanna do it now?"

"Yea." John said

"No thanks." Cathy unsurprisingly changed her mind.

"What? why not? You said you would." I made a face.

" I just don't feel like doing it anymore."

"Ok whatever."

"So I was thinking since two of our dearest friends don't wanna join us on our spectacular adventure wanna just go to the supermarket and get something and come back in time for lunch and share the food?" I asked John.


"I got money."


It always feels better when it isn't your money isn't it? We asked Cathy and Tony to look after our backpacks. Backpacks are a big give away you belong in school during school hours. Then off me and John went. We went to a grassy area with some tree. This was where some of the kids hung around. They would sit on the grass and just lay back and relax. When you get farther in there are some cigarette buds and melted pen caps. The back off all this stuff is an old gate the school doesn't use anymore. As we got near the gate I looked back to see if a teachers would notice us. Nope. They were at the concrete area looking after the other kids.

I let John climb the gate first seeing as how he was better at it and the gate looked like it was about to fall apart from rust. Then it was my turn. I put my foot on the old warned out lock smelted in to the chain linked fence. The locked held but the gate was wobbly. As I got on top I sat down on the gate and jumped down almost getting my pants caught the process.

"Well I guess this is why Cathy didn't want to come with us." I grumbled.

"Yeah, cause she got a fat ass." John semi-joked.

I laughed.

"And that time when we first met her."

I smiled. It was way back. Me John and Cathy were late to PE and were forced to climb the gate to get in. Cathy went first. She was half way down So I climbed up next. I was on top. John was on the other side being a look out and I was waiting for Cathy to climb down. Then I looked down what was taking her so long. Cathy got her shirt stuck on the gate hers legs are dangling like a mid-air run. So I just side stepped and went down the other way and watched and laughed my ass off. John gave her a hug but I saw him laugh too. She called me an asshole. The only thing left to remember that day was a hole in her shirt and fond memories.

"She looked retarded. Like one of those people who got pants on television."

We kept walking we were have way through the parking lot when a car drove up to the school gate. It passed us while we were walking out of the school.

"Hey wasn't that Mr. Smith?" I commented.

"I guess I didn't pay attention."

"Teachers at this school eh?"

"Yea they are so good." Sarcasm was our kind of humor.

"You realized if someone stops us I'm blaming you right?"

"Why?" He questioned.

"Because I don't want to get in trouble."

"Why would anyone believe you?"

I gave him the stupidest face I can ever make. I mean really why he asked that I don't understand. Then I remembered his classes and his well-deserved F in remedial algebra. So I explained it very slowly for him.

"Me Asian, You brown looking with a plaid jacket on. Does Mr. Sterling follow?"

"Alright asshole." He laughed and punched me in the arm.

Nothing worth mentioning happened on our walk to the store. When we got to the store we bought all kinds of random things you can imagine with twenty dollars. Chips, soda, candy, and one roll of toilet paper. When I asked John what it was for he said, "It is when Tony ask for something and I will give him this." Tony ate tons of stuff and we handsomely joked about it, but he goes to the gym regularly so he was not fat.

We were heading back to school with about 4 bags full of junk. John decided to go the same way we came from but I don't think it was a good idea.

"John let's just go through the front office they would let us in no questions asked."

"No just let me call Cathy to get our bags and we'll just climb back in."

"Fine." I didn't feel like arguing so I just dealt with it. I did not like the idea of just loitering around school parking lot either someone would eventually find us and question us.

"…yea were just outside the gate…" Tony hung up after that.

"See no problem." Tony annoyingly said. Then a car came up. It was the security of the school going for a lunch break they were not in their uninform. Damn we got caught.

"What you kids doing here?" one of them ordered. Almost.

John being the experienced one in these situations answered all the questions and the guy in the car ended up saying:

"Alright just go to the gate someone will open it for you."

"Thanks Sir." John said.

"That turned out well." I hoped.

"Let me just run up and give these bags to Cathy."

"Alright" I was not one for running. But it was too late. John didn't get to Cathy in time.

As it turned out they did open it for us. One of the person was a big guy who came with a snotty looking women they were the other securities. John came up with a lie along the lines of "…Oh we just woke up and we're barely coming to school.." It would of worked like a charm except they checked attendance and it said we showed up for PE. Then my dear old friend came out with another lie "..We had friends stand in our spot…." They didn't believe one word of my friend but I gave him an A for quick thinking. The big guy searched us. Thank our morals we didn't bring anything that day. We got in the back of the cart. As this happened Cathy and Tony were watching from a distance probably laughing their hearts out.

"Dumb shit drop out." I muttered

"Oh lets go the same way we came oh ho ho ho I' m so smart har hur hur."

"Shut up faggot." He was getting annoyed by my antics.

This went on for the next 5 minutes of the ride. We had to stay in detention for the rest for the day which sucked because I didn't eat yet. The scariest part was when they took our bags away and offered it to everyone who came in the room mostly teachers. But no one accepted I was relived because that was my whole week allowance right there. In the detention room there were some kids. Some for behavior, dress code, or in school suspension. It wasn't bad it just felt like another class room. Sit there and do nothing. I did get like a few comments like. "..what is he doing here he looks innocent..." I didn't say anything because it was sort of true no one expects an Asian person to just ditch school and end up in a place like this. Besides this place was not my element either. It was lunch time whoever had an ID can go out and get lunch. Sadly, my ID was in my backpack which was clearly out of my possession so I was cramped up in the room for 3 hours straight . But that was ok because the food was safe.

Finally 2:37 the bell rang that school was finally over. We got all of our stuff back. We shared it with all our other friends afterschool. Few of John's friends pestered him about sharing the food but no, I didn't allow it. When Tony asked what we got him with a hopeful look in his eye John just handed him the toilet paper. It was one of those 'you had to be there moment' to find it funny. In the end the roll of toilet paper ended up in a tree complimentary of one of our friend.

At the end of the day I thought about what I should of done or what should not of done. Do not ever listen to a friend who is in remedial algebra getting an F. Don't show up for PE. Make your friends run faster. And most importantly make them bring their own money. The injustice wasn't the fact I missed 4 classes during my day or how the tree with toilet paper made the school look trashier than it already was. It was how on our cart ride to detention was not free. At the end of the week the school decided to give us the bill to pay for the gas for the cart. A whole week of allowance down the tube. Live and learn I suppose, cart ride to detention is not free. And that is how we spent our Thursday together as friends.