I feel so empty.

I miss his touch.

I miss the butterflies in my tummy whenever he said or did anything.

I miss holding his hand.

I miss his hugs.

I miss his laugh.

I miss his smile.

I miss getting to see his eyes up close.

I miss him.

I just miss everything.

I don't know what I did and the truth is I've never been in this situation before.

I've never been like this before.

I never just missed one guy and loved him so much.

After the "break up" I always walked away and never looked back.

Now I can't look forward and I can't take a single step.

This time I don't want to.

This time I actually can't let go.

This time, if I'm not mistaken, I'm in love.

I'm in love with him.

I don't think he'll ever know though because I never got the chance to tell him.

I try talking to him but anytime I get close he walks away.

If he continues walking toward me he just walks past like he never knew me.

He just walks by like we're complete strangers.

I'm convinced that's what we are now... just strangers with memories.

And this lonely stranger can't let go.

This lonely stranger loves the memories and is trying to fit herself back into the past.

Even though she knows that she can't possibly do that, she still tries.

She cries daily wishing things were the way she wanted, but they never turn around.

Each day that goes by is more painful.

Each day brings more loneliness.

Each day she gets stronger and weaker all at the same time.

This lonely stranger knows that there's someone out there for her.

But she wishes he would come sooner.

The loneliness is eating her away and if he doesn't come and save her soon, she will die of loneliness.