Tumbling to the ground,

Left to drown in

Muddy puddles-

Little portals- where buildings are upside down,

Where most people frown

And secrets from the heavens

Go to hide.

My pages are all soggy,

My stories are going unread.

My feelings are bleeding out,

Joining the swirling

Pool of words

Already in this

Tiny lake.

No hands to hold me-

No warm, strong fingers

And pen marked palms.

Where's the mind,

I get to transport?

Where's the imagination,

I can push into my world

Of tragic heroes

With dimples and plastic shields,

And Princesses

With pixie cuts and

Rogue red lips?

I think I've lost

My human.

Or maybe, she's lost me?

I've got

My book mark crossed-

She'll find me.

I know it.