I looked down on the city. My lip twitched into a smirk. The humans below didn't even see me standing on this building. Why would they bother to look up? They were all wrapped up in their own selfish lives, not even stopping to sleep. Even now, at night, the streets below were full of sounds of the city and it's people.

"Enough sight seeing." I whispered under my breath. Sliding the device back into my pocket, I turn back to the less beautiful scene on the dark moonlit roof. The scorch marks burned into the rooftop glared up at me in the dim light. I slide my foot over it and move the gravel under my feet over the marks, hiding them from view. I look around and get to work on repairing the roof, making it look like a life or death battle never happened here.

"How'd it go?"

"I don't want to talk about it." I don't even bother to turn and look at the bartender.

"That bad?"

"Suicide. Didn't even get a word out of it."

"Oh." I heard the pity in his voice and turned to see him looking down, slowly cleaning an empty glass. His light blond hair glowed in the flashing lights of the club, blue, green, yellow, purple, all dying his hair different colors.

"I'm okay, you know." I look back at the stage at the band playing. The lead singer screaming into the microphone, his whole body tensing with every word. The drummer looking like he was playing for his life, and the guitarist and base looking like they were going to pass out. The music they produced made my whole body pulse with every beat. "I'm okay, you know." I say a little louder when I realize Josh didn't hear me. This time, he looked up smiling.

"I know, I know." he took my cup and began to refill it with root beer even though it was hardly half empty. "I just hate your job."

"It's my life." I say without thinking. He looked pained again. His piercing green eyes pleading with me. "You're gunna have to except it sometime!" I yell over the music. Bad timing. The song just ended and was just going quiet with the lingering screeching of the guitar. A few people turned and looked at me, their piercing colorful eyes questioning me. I glare back with a look of 'I don't care'. I turn back and say more quietly, "I didn't tell you who I was just to have you guilt trip me into thinking I can change."

"No, you told me because you needed to tell someone." He began filling glasses of some green drinks and slid them to a group of people a ways from me. I fallowed them with my eyes. The two guys with their spiked hair and the girls who looked like twins with their long black hair tied up. Sweat glassed their skin shiny white as they danced in the flashing lights, glasses in hand. The two guys fallowed as a new up beat pop song came on. "You know I'm here for you, right? Me and Angie?"

"Yeah." I nod incase he didn't hear my reply. I turn back to him and smile. "Thanks, Josh." I sip my soda and tap my finger to the beat of the music. Much better than the blaring music a minute ago. I heard Josh walk away and head back to work. I took a deep breath of muggy air filled with the stench of sweat and cheap perfume.

"Hey, want some?" I look up at Angie as she held out a bottle of some kind of purple juice. Her red lips curled up smiling.

"No, Angie. I don't drink." I pulled my cup closer to me and lean back in my chair.

"Okay." she shrugged and placed a stray curly hair back into her blazing red bun. "You know it's not illegal to drink at eighteen. And kids your age are all about trying new things like drinking." she leaned closer to me and jabbed a finger in my face. "But if you are going to do anything bad, you can only do it with my permission or when I'm there."

I laughed. "Angie, I don't do anything like that or even want to." I moved her finger to the side and hesitate. Her bright yellow eyes smiled at me. "Thanks, though. For looking out for me. Josh is like my older brother and you know that little sisters usually like their brother's girlfriends." I swirl my soda in my cup and giver her an evil look. "Usually. If they're nice."

"Hey, brat!" she reached over the counter and shoved my shoulder. "I'm niceā€¦"

"You're cool. There's a difference." She straightened up and fixed her loose tie.

"You're a brat. There's a difference."

"Between what?"

"A brat And a bad kid." I was about to reply when a door slam turned most of the club's attention to the entrance. At the back of the room, I could see a small figure standing in the door way. The pounding rain outside hardly audible over the pounding music. "That was some entrance." Angie snickered. "Probably don't know their own strength or something."

I nod and turn back around and pull my hood on, making sure it's still covering me. Then Angie's smile disappears and she begins to walk away. I recognize the look on her face and allow myself a childish groan that fades into the music. I spin around on my chair and take my soda to the back room behind the bar.

"So you're Citlali, right? Citlali Nina?" I look up from the desk and watch the cloaked figure hesitate in the doorway of the small office. I nod and twist from side to side in my chair. Josh stood quietly in the doorframe, his face serious and eyes questioning the figure in between us. "Citlali Nina, by any chance, do you go by another name?" the voice wasn't what I would expect from a suspicious figure. It was moor soft and young sounding. Not exactly a man's deep voice but not a young boy's either.

"Yeah. It's a name from a dead language. Translated, I go by Starfire." The guy nodded and silence fell over us for a moment, the only thing audible was the pounding of the club on the other side of the door. I waved my hand at Josh and watched him leave reluctantly.

"I've been looking for you." he pulled his hood off, revealing saggy black hair and piercing green eyes. Human eyes.