Dusk Is A Derivative Of Dawn

The foundation of cryptic futurities

Commences with the design of actuality

The creation of nothing and everything

The archetype of prejudice and chauvinism

The anthropoid consciousness

At our greatest we are most vulnerable

For the higher we go up, the deeper we fall down

When the sky is blue and the clouds are absent

The world is still a fractured, forsaken sepulchre

Where the breathing wait to die

To state the fact, no day is perpetual

No night or time or starless sky survives endlessly

Everything must end, whilst everything begins

Pursued by passing, our cradles stand still in our tombs

To linger eternally

Despite this there is light in every shadow

An angel who lives in the depths of the inferno

Blessed with contradictory abilities

To be a deity and a demon in all customs

To inflict pain and heal it

Without fair there can be no essence of foul

Without rationality there's no futility

Without paradise there can be no nightmares

Therefore dusk has to be a derivative of dawn

Or there ougth to be nothing

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