Devil's Desire

Round the cauldron, cold as ice,

Requirements that are far from nice.

Wing of bat, toxin of frog,

Though first of all go tusks of hog.

Ink from the colossal squid,

Vital if you wish to rid,

The human race of all that's good,

Dishonesty, now understood.

The crimson velvet lies you hide,

Will make a most beloved prize.

Tortured screams of souls so anguished,

Humanity shall soon be languished.

Hurt and woe and pain not mild,

Trepidation of a child.

Death so near and life so far,

The dying lifeblood of a star.

Superstitions filled with fear,

The virtue of a mermaid's tear.

Blood long bled from land and sea,

They know not near how cruel we be.

Locket torn from dead man's chest,

No soul will ever be at rest.

For as the walking dead do thrive,

Tombs will fill with those alive.

Calligraphy of broken hand,

Lock of hair pulled strand by strand.

Lion's roar and scorpion's sting,

The pain and terror they both bring.

Love is lost whilst hate is found,

Upon this most unholy ground.

Blue so grey and mists so thick,

Raging war on realm of brick.

Confrontations left unplanned,

Close under the upper hand.

Philosophies, why do we hate?

Life's no fun beneath stone plate.

Loss that fills sepulcher deep,

Sounds of wails and widows weep.

Decaying carcass of a King,

And his blood-stained Queen's gilt ring.

Fair is taint and taint is fair,

Poison from the Earth's own air.

The headless horseman's pate once lost,

Telstars fading enclosed in frost.

Now the hex is done, begone,

Wrong is righteous, righteous wronged.

Spirits, Demons, the corporeal slayed,

Souls that be in crimson shade.

Their retribution, drawing near,

They don't know, so they don't fear.

Slay all you find, do not submit,

Exire et malum serpit.

(Go forth and spread the evil.)

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