The Forlorn Delphinidae

The silhouette of vessel form sailed softly and gently overhead

the exalted tursiop beneath whitecap placid and pacified.

Consign Sol to the heavens furthermore Luna the sable inverse.

Eclipsed and reposed be the dearth of ineffable, profligate err

till anodyne epoch be benighted

Hitherto this stage all stood tranquil, still in immobile amity.

Alas this sanctuary of contented peace was soon to adjourn.

The reveille thundered and disarray arose as webs were cast down.

Noises so nefarious and voices so vociferous are sure.

The elegant creature forsakes the din.

Shadowed by cord cages; stalked till the evanescence of timeless twilight.

The nets neared the vulnerable epitome of humanity.

Imprisoned in a foreign realm, bemused and timorous and feeble,

praying to obviate the abysmal fortune set to befall them.

Naive and inchoate be the young calf.

Like the vacant dusk her tribulation is unobstructed and staunch.

An immorality accompanied with cries of lamentation;

an infeasible sin that screams for contentment and calls for disdain.

Triumph of malicious men stands within perditions choleric grasp.

Perpetual loss has come to collect.

Distant from her family; no pod to unshackle her existence,

A briny pale nymph she perceives, a seraph who has risen to help her

to evade her pursuers and plunge back into perfect optimism.

Pure conviction floods her veins and the urge to be fortifies her soul,

To freedom she does swim.

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