If War Is A Game

Accursed be he that first designed war,

For war is just dread shrouded in mists of valour.

A sickness that plagues the world tenfold,

And takes with blast, the heroic and valiant

If war is a game, select a corrupt station.

War is a battle, performed by men,

Men who murder to tell us that murder is wrong.

Only the late see the end of war,

Yet war would discontinue if they could arise.

If war is game, the rubrics have been broken

When a man goes as far as he can,

Only then does he see how far he could have gone.

Truth, the first fatality of war

Benighted by lies, told from their leaders mouths.

If war is a game, who rolls demise's dark dice.

War's to bring peace but peace it loses.

It is not an improver but a worsening.

You are primal if you can recall

When 'igniting the world' was just an idiom.

If war is a game, it is a game grief will win.

War waits for no one, war feels nothing.

War cackles at fallen blood and screeches at peace.

War makes the devil chortle also.

War is a foolish fight that not a soul can win.

If war is a game, it's not ever archaic.

If war is game, you must perish to prevail.

But war is not a game, nevertheless we play.

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