I used to sleep, laugh, cry and eat,

for that was the only thing I only knew and did,

I was a child back then

A cheeky ignorant child

living everyday in heaven, always being wild

But when I got older I was thrown off into heat,

A furnace where there will always be dues,

a job that needs not to miss a single beat,

suffering and draining the joy out of you,

"Man, life is such a jerk."

I would always say to myself

while I do my work

and worry about my health,

As I walked my chosen crooked path

I met strangers on the way

Most of them fought against me resulting into a blood bath

And after the conflict we would all be gray.

Some of the strangers were just plain queer,

And for me they'll remain like that forever,

Some of the strangers became my peer,

And we would always be together.

Some of them became my mentor,

wheter they recognize me or not,

Some became invetors,

That made this world rot or maybe not,

And I met other kinds of people too.

But the poem would be rather long for you.

So I'll skip that part and skip the blues,

And I'll tell you what I've been through.

After meeting all these strangers on the path,

that I once thought was awful was set aside.

Work and responsibilities I know it is tied

with all of us even before the first time we cried.

And now all the obstacles that I take in this path,

I once see as the cause of my misfortune,

Is actually a blessing in disguise.

This took almost a two years to finish. I had a hard time writing the last paragraph since I cant come to a conclusion on what my obstacles really are.

Review please. :)