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Everyday, a term used to describe the repetitive or common nature nature of something. So I guess you could say, today, was definetly not, everyday.


A new dawn, signals the new day. A day that would in this case, begin like any other, but end, leaving one girl in doubt of who she was. That girl was Victoria Westwood. She had taken the name of the family who had adopted her near seventeen years ago. She knew nothing of her real family, as she was adopted almost immediatly after birth. It was now easier for her to call the Westwood's her family, as they treated her like family. The Westwood's resided in the sleepy town of Ahmia Falls. A town like any other. With it's dated corner shop's, it's small residential estate's and of course the local prison, otherwise known, as high school.

It was the first day of the final term of year twelve at Crescent High, more commonly know as Kres to the students that attend there. Victoria was going through her usual get-ready-for-school routine. The routine involved: curling her long black hair, applying her make-up so it was subtle but still apparent, and of course, doing that last minute homework you forgot to do over the school break, maths in this case.

When she was certain she was ready she slung her bag over her shoulder and got up from the wooden chair on which she was seated. She made her way down the large oak stairs, taking great care on the bottom one as it was weak and could easily break. The stairs looked quite out of place in the surburban house, but the Westwood's had insisted on keeping them.

She glanced at the clock hanging on one of the walls in the kitchen. The school bus would be there soon. She took her lunch money, which came to the grand total of three pounds and fifty pence, off the counter top and placed it carefully into the black pocket off her school bag. The sound of the horn alerted her to the presense of the bus.

"Luke, Loucie, the bus is here." She shouted. "Hurry up or we'll be late."

Almost immediatly after her warning, the sound of light footsteps running down the wooden stairs filled the house. The sound pause for a moment before resuming with a single thud as the person, from whom the noise had come, jumped over the weak link of the stair case.

A few seconds later the figure of a blonde haired girl appeared in the doorway. Her hair came all the way down to her waist. Her hair was perhaps her most prominent feature as it was unusual for a girl of her age, barely gone fifteen, to have hair of a such a length that moved with an admirable amount of elegance as she did.

She wore a light grey cardigan on top of a plain white blouse. A knee length grey skirt, black shoes, white socks and a tie made up of the colours white and grey, completed her outfit.

"Luke!" She shouted, noticing her brother had not bothered to acknowledge Victoria's warning.

Loucie was more of the hyped-up, living in the moment kind of girl whereas Luke was more of the quiet type who blast their music at full pelt in their room to drown out all the sounds of civilization.

As Luke came down the stairs, the sound of his footsteps almost exactly imitated those of Loucie's, although his were slower, sluggish, and deliberatly louder. He shoved past Loucie without saying a word. He wore a school uniform, sporting the same colours but in the male version. In one fluid motion he bent down, picked up his school bag, pulled it over his head until it rested comfortably on his shoulder, then began walking towards the front door. When he was a single step away from the door he slowly turned his head to face his siblings.

"Are we going or what?"

Victoria let out a small chuckle. Luke opened the door and walked through, followed by Loucie who was particularly bubbly. Victoria was but a few steps behind them as she took the keys off of the hook and locked the door on her way out, but not before saying goodbye to the family pet Bryan, Louice named him. Bryan was a grey Yorkshire Terrier. Bryan had grown particularly attached to Victoria, more than any other member of the Westood family.

Before getting in the bus Louice raised her hand and waved at her parents who were just getting into their cars to go to work. Elizabeth Westwood worked as a chiropractor at Ahmia Falls Infirmary whilst Ian worked as a police officer at AFPD. They both earned a reasonable amount, however still not enough to buy Victoria the car she'd always desired, not that she actually knows how to drive a car with more than two pedals and a steering wheel. Their parent could still manage to afford two separate cars however. Elizabeth's was a white Renualt Clio whereas Ian's was a black Honda Civic Sedan. Both cars were elegant and modern and blended in perfectly with the other vehicles on the estate.

All of the houses on the estate where built out of face brick and each house was three stories tall bar number 32 who had had their third floor removed as they never used it. The third floor was an open space unless it had been renovated like the Westwood's one had. The third floor was now Victoria bedroom and was made up of the main room, and ensuite bathroom and a walk-in-wardrobe. The wardrobe was filled with black and red dresses, and t-shirts, trouser, skirt etc. in one or both of the previous colours. Victoria's room was too made up of those two colours. She had a large canopy bed with red silk fabric draped over the top. The cover was too make of red silk whereas the pillows where black and made of the usual fabric. The rest of the furniture concluded of: a bedside table with all of the usual appliances, a chest of drawers on which the television stood, an elegant wooden deskon which rested a white laptop which looked rather out of place in a room of such sophistication and regality, her make-up was also on the desk along with a small mirror and the school books she had not needed to take with her, and in the cornor of the room stood a rather grand bookcase that towered over the rest of the room.

On the bus Loucie was seated at the front as she was amonst the youngest of the group. Luke sat by himself somewhere in the middle and Victoria sat on the back room with three of her best friends: Katie, Celeste, Diane and Ariana. Katie sported the same striking blonde hair as Loucie however hers was not as long. Celeste and Diane bothe had light brown hair but with different shades of brown highlights. Ariana probably stood out the most as her hair was as red as the blood that ran through her veins. The bus was particularly loud that day for it was the first time many of them had seen each other since the last term. Loucie's laughter was probably the loudest noise to be heard followed by Victoria's friends catching her up on all of the latest gossip. Luke had his earphones in listening to some form of loud music, probably to drown out the din his fellow classmates were making.

It seemed like an eternity had passed by the time the bus arrived outside the school gates. One by one the student made their descent down the metal steps and onto the cold stone floor. The bus sped away as soon as the last pair of feet touched the ground. A black sports car drove past and parked in one of three available empty parking spaces. As the engine stopped the driver side door swung open barely missing the car parked beside it. A girl around Victoria's age with brunette hair slowly stepped out, lifitng the sunglasses from her eys and resting them on her head. The passenger door too swung open barely hitting the brunnette girl this time. From this door stepped out a blonde girl who seemed to be obssesed with the colour white and a girl with hair perhaps the same red as Ariana's who seemed to wear alot of clothes to match the hue of her hair. It was obvious that the brunnette was the 'queen bee' whilst the other two where her 'wannabees'. These three demons carried the names Lana Cochman (Red), Regina Hook (Blonde) and Jenna Chamberlain (Brunnette). They walked over to Victoria and her friends, their heels of their platform's hitting the ground in perfect harmony.

"Look who it is." Jenna's may have looked like an angel but her voice was cold and twisted like the devils. "Depressed Celeste, Less Than Diane, Banana Ariana and Icky Vicky."

Victoria had a reputation for being the only person in the whole school to ever stand up to Jenna and her posse, otherwise known as the Devil's Daughters, or DD for short, and she wasn't going to ruin her reputation now.

"Ok, one, stop calling my friends names and two, it's Victoria, not Vicky not Tori, Vic-tor-ia. Find something to rhyme with that." And with that Victoria and her friends made their way into the school.

"Loser!" Regina shouted after them.

"That doesn't rhyme." Jenna almost shouted at her. "Idiot."

Victoria's first lesson of the day was Latin, a subject Victoria had insisted on taking with little retaltion from the Westwood's. She seemed to pick it up very quickly, which resulted in being top of the class. Unfortunatley the teacher she had was a bit on the strict side and allowed no room for error. Miss Finks, that was her name, insisted on keeping the old fashioned chalk and blackboard which resulted in a high pitched screeching everytime she wrote something on the board.

"Can anyone tell me what this means?" She glanced around the room to see that not a single hand was raised. "Miss Westwood."

Victoria glanced at the board to see but one short word. Euge. Miss Finks should've know that Victoria had seen this word enough during her Latin lessons to know what it meant.

"It means Well Done."

"Recte, recte."

The next half an hour passed by quite fast. It was but a few minutes to the bell when a loud commotion attracted the pupils attention. Miss Finks stood up and walked towards the door, poking her head round to see what all the fuss was about. All of sudden she dropped to the floor in what seemed like slow motion.

Before the student could see what had happened two men and one woman burst in wearing what looked like an army uniform, but in black rather than green. They each held some kind of electronic device in their hands, bar the woman who held some kind of wooden weapon.

The woman made sure everyone stayed in their seats as the man held the device's infront of them. Victoria found it starnge that after each student they would say 'human'. They reached her and the device was held infornt of her face. The man starting hitting it as hard as he could without breaking it.

"Stupid batteries." He almost screamed. "Right, get this lot in the hall with the others." He signalled to the woman who used her weapon to direct the students out of the room.

They were made to walk down the corridors in a single line. Many scared whispers and looks were exchanged between the students as they wondered who their captors were and what they wanted.

"What did you do to Miss Finks?" Victoria asked confidently, a trait that she could never seem to shake was never being afraid to stand up to people.

"We just sedated her, she'll be joining you soon." A slight chuckle slipped out of the womans lips.

As they walked through the art block, a corridor plastered with large windows on both sides, Victoria saw two familiar faces beckoning her to come to them, Elizabeth and Ian.

Victoria glanced at the woman who was the nearest captor to her and the one charged with the duty of keeping an eye on the back of the group. WHen she was sure she wasn't looking she ducked into the nearest alcove, a feature the school had wanted to keep. She waited for the line of students to pass by her and then sneaked out of the nearest door. She crouched down to meet their level so as to not be seen by anyone patrolling the corridors.

"What are you doing here? No scrap that, what the hell is going on?"

Ian was first to speak. "Those people they're called the Occisores."

"The killers, what you mean they're serial killers or something."

"Not particularly, they prefer the name slayers, and well they're here looking for something, someone even. You."

"Why would they be looking for me, beacuse i'm an Aries, because i'm a girl, why?"

Elizabeth chose this as her que to step in. "It's about your father, and his father, let's hust say they weren't exactly, normal for lack of a better word."

"What you mean they were mentally ill or something. Am I insane?"

"No, of course not no, your father he, he wasn't from around here."

"So he came from abroad, so what."

"Well yes he did come from abroad, he, he's what's know in his culture as, a Lamia."

"A vampire."

"Yes, but not just any vampire, he was the son of Count Dracula, which makes you the granddaughter of Count Dracula and the only known living heir to the Imperial Throne. That makes you extramely valuable to the slayers."

Victoria's face was frozen in an expression of shock. She had expected her parents to be from France or Spain or something, not Transylvania and she had certainly not expected them to be a completly different species.

"You're what's known as a 'ward'." Ian continued as Victoria began to move. "A Lamia under the protection of Anima's also known as breathers, humans. Your heritage makes you the second most powerful vampire in the world next to your father, that is why they want you, to destroy you."

"But, I, I, wha, I.." Victoria couldn't seem to make the words leave her lips, she once again resumed her state of shock as she processed the information she had just recieved. Her entire life had been changed in the space of ten long minutes. She knew who she was but at the same time she didn't.

She rose form her crouched down position and looked at her reflection in the window.

"Why can I still see myself?" She asked, still looking at the glass pane infront of her."

"Beacause you're blood mirror wouldn't have exepted you, it would have deemed you not ready for you didn't know enough about yourself. You can still eat garlic, go to the beach and lay in the sun. Until you're eighteenth birthday when you will face the mirror and fully transform."

Victoria stared at her reflection in the window. She used to see a confident, outspoken girl, but now all she saw, was a stranger.

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