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"Fling but a stone, the giant dies" - Matthew Green

"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them" - George Elliot

"To himself everyone is immortal; he may know that he is going to die, but he can never know that he is dead." - Samuel Butler

"While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die." - Leonardo da Vinci


Three days had transpired since the 'garden occurence'. Victoria was still in the dark from tip to toe about what had actually happened. One moment she was in the garden and the next she was laying in her bed encircled by the anxious visages of the Westwood's. Mortan, her new tutor, had decided to change the training from practical to theoretical until her metamorphosis - almost certainly to prevent any further injuries. Victoria's latest power display had left him with multiple contusions to the dexter bracchium - the right arm - from hitting the wall with brutal force due to his abrupt prevention of abysmal agony or even perhaps mortality - that's expiration not becoming mortal. Due to the enhanced healing abilities possessed by vampires the bruises faded a few hours later, but the phantom pain seemed to resurface when he stood in the vexatious location in addition to every occasion the term 'fire' was vocalized. However it did prove just how powerful and formidable Victoria actually was. Which clearly fightened her. Something about her paradoxical strength and frailty seemed to 'entice' him. He suppressed the feeling whenever he felt it. He was her tutor nothing more. He was here to do a job nothing more. It could never be anything more anyway even if he wanted it to be (which he didn't - obviously). Vampires Law stated that Victoria must espouse someone with a higher rank of nobility then he could ever have. His father was a soldier in the Great War but that didn't change his ranking in society. Especially since his father had died. To die in battle still had it's honours but for a vampire to be outwitted, outsmarted and outlived by a band of petty breathers was almost as much of a disgrace as marrying one - in his fathers time of course. The war ended once Victoria's parents came to power. It had gone on for four years which compared to some human wars wouldn't haved seemed to long if it wasn't for the countless numbers slain by both sides and constant looking over your shoulder to see if there was a slayer trying to stake you or a vampire about to drain you. Nobody really knows how the war started considering the fact there was a pro tempore ceasefire at the time of ignition. The ending however was quite a different and less violent story.

"Your father," Mortan began "was in power for approximately three of the four years of the Great War - the latter years of course. It was in those years he tried to lower the death rate on both sides by ordering his troops to not kill unless they had too, well of course they 'all had to'. However he did end the war with the one thing no other vampire had every shown before... love. After three years of putting it off because of the dangers surrounding his kind, he proposed to your mother. Of course she said yes an-"

"What was my mother like?" Victoria interrupted. She was barely three months old when she was forced into protection. She couldn't even remember her parents' faces, just indecipherable distortions, illegible blurs and a lullaby. She assumed it was a cradlesong her mother used to croon to her when she was a babe in arms. She remembered the first few lines after that her mind was blank. Albeit a vampire's memory is naturaly better than any other species of humanoids. Sometimes, she would sing it to herself, or hum it in her head: Cradle in the calm 'neath the winter's summer moon. And in the afternoon, when all is soft as snow, the soft still winds will blow from the angels holy palm. And the raging storm will still once more.

"I never met her; I'm not that old you know." Mortan tried to lighten the mood; it was true though, he was only eighteen despite the fact that when you come right down to it every vampire looks a great deal more infantile then they actually were - they acted it to, especially when it came to power and influence. "I've read stories." He said noticing it was a delicate situation. He hurridly walked over to the rotting oak cabinet and grasped the handle firmly in his hands taking care not to use too much force incase he broke the handle off. Reaching inside, he ran his fingers along the numerous book spines before stopping on the particular book her was searching for. Nyx had equipped the training room with everything Victoria would need in order to become fully erudite about vampire convention. He pulled the tome out and unsealed the clasp that held it barred. He seated himself on a nearby chair, opposite Victoria, and began to recite the content of the passage:

Significant Partakers In The Great War

Erin Ysabella Dracula née Noble (Regina Lamia - Tertia)

Erin Ysabella Dracula is the now 'late' wife of one Vladimir Dominus Imperator Electus Dracula. At the age of seventeen it is believed she left the family home accompanied by her brother, one Ryan Cameron Noble (also late. Husband of Leilah Aleksandrina Noble née Eliot). Born into a slayer family (parents Adam and Leticia Noble) Erin endured many sufferings during her stay with the Dracula family. In the period of time between her official decleration as the Chosen One's intended and her coronation Erin recieved a great deal of critique due to her breather, and slayer, origins. However she met the affronts head on and remained obstinate - a dertermination that functioned. She was eventually accepted into the Lamia community...

...of those lost in the war the Dracula family seemed to suffer the most with nearly every Dracula having fallen. Below is a list of those who fell from the Dracula lineage (during the Great War):

Ingrid Tarina de Fortunessa née Dracula and her husband Bertrand both perished along with their daughter Arabella.

Ryan Cameron Noble (sib of Erin Dracula) and his wife Leilah - nulliparous.

Barry 'Wolfie' Dracula - ateknia.

Count Dracula, ex-inamorata Magda Westenra and second inamorata Alexandra McCauley.

Ivan Dracula and daughter Olga Comitessa Dracula.

Atilla and Krone Westenra and their youngest daughter Lucy along with eldest daughter Magda's inamorato Patrick Zantorian.

Letitia and Adam Noble (paternal relations of Erin Dracula).

Many perished however the parts they played in the war for both the side of the Lamias' and the Animas' will always be remembered.

"Late? She's dead?"

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